Years From Now

I really loved this band...Years From Now was a melodic punk/hardcore band from Daytona formed in 2005. I got this Demo from lead singer Mikey after their 1st show at Nicely's Tavern in Daytona, he was passing them out for free and ended up handing me 2 copies which I still have both of today. These guys were Daytona local Favorites, everyone loved them. They always played really fun shows filled with catchy sing-alongs and pile ups. As a band they released this 05 Demo, So Much Promise 7", We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat LP, & Enough Already EP. Also they were featured on the State of the Scene Comp, & got to play Significant Fest, The End of Summer Jam Fest, & This Is For You Fest. The band called it quits in 2008, but they played a reunion set at Meantime's last show on April 3rd 2010. Members of Axis, We're Not Dead, Meantime, Portals, Redemption, Night On Earth, The Other Side of The Sky, & Radio War.

YFN was:
mikey - vocals
alexx - guitar
mike - guitar
shane - bass
justin - drums

Demo 2005

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