The Hoax Program

The Hoax Program is a rock'n'roll styled Hardcore meets Stoner Rock band from Ajdovscina, Slovenia. Formed in 1997 under the name Low Punch they sported a more Old School Hardcore sound til' the name and style change in 2007. The band has put out two releases: one called "Lost Songs, Forgotten Melodies" in 2008 and "II" in December of 2011. Pretty good stuff from these dudes, It has a really jaming out kind of vibe. Check out their bandcamp for the first album too. Members of Elodea, Iamdisease and Real Life Version. FFO: Annihilation Time, Saviours, & Black Cross.

THP is:
Dean Gnezda - vocals
David Stibilj - drums
Ivo Lozej - bass
Radovan Lozej - guitar
Jani Jez - guitar




Portals are a Post-Hardcore/Post-Metal band from Orlando Florida. I got to see them out here in Daytona Beach when they played the Lion's Den a few times and was very taken away by this very powerful sounding two sometimes three piece. Member Emelia is also no stranger to Daytona and I've done posts of her older bands on here too. This is very awesome stuff so if given the chance download this demo. members of Years From Now, Same Mistake, Every Waking Moment, Bestiarii, The Lovely Parade, Snails in Folklore, System2600, Secret Service,& Disney Violence.

portals is:
Ben Petersen - Drums
Emelia Andrews - Guitar/vocals

Shane Spiker - Bass
Mike Perez - Bass


i guess megaupload was shut down so I apologize if some of my download links are now down for a bit.

The Emotron

The Emotron is a one-man synth band from Georgia (sometimes Philly) formed in 2004. Sole member Kyle started the project after leaving his previous band when he wanted to pursue a solo career making music influenced by Atom & his Package and GG Allin. Live he performs original material in a karaoke-esque style, using a Yamaha QY700 sequencer among other instruments. If you have an open mind, then you will find this stuff to be pretty fun. His live shows have consisted of full outfits that as the songs went by became less and less til he was left in his underwear, his penis being set on fire, to using TV's and other knick-knacks while he wears a suit that looks like a collection of tumors & other stuff as well. The Emotron has had a soft spot in a good number of friends and my heart for a long time now. For download is everything he has released including his super short lived side project Nightmare Pizza which was songs by Lee Satterfield and Kyle on a demo keyboard during their time in his old band Treephort. Kyle was also a part of the other bands: Treephort, Nightmare Pizza, Mose Giganticus(live), & Math The Band(live).

"I'm an artist and musician and I have been pro-piracy all of my internet life.
I hope my discography will always be able to be downloaded for free & shit."

the emotron is:
Jason Kyle Knight - vocals/all music

Vampire Lunch Lady Tits

Re Inventing Axel Foley

The Decemberwrist

Teenage Jesus

-Extra Emotron Releases:
B Sides and Rarities (2004 - 2010)

Vampire Lunch Lady Tits (Midi version)

Live At Fest 10

Live on So Simple.Com

Live at One Member Band Fest

-Nightmare Pizza:
Songs About Baseball and Jesus
Live In Philly On The 4th Of July
& A Very Eric Levin Christmas

I Want You Dead

I Want You Dead are a Hardcore band from Patras, Greece formed in 2008. These guys sound in their own words are "negative soundscapes through hardcore music". Dark & heavy hardcore with a slight metallic crust sound to it. check it out.

AΩ 7inch

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Inflesh are a Hardcore band from Bandung, Indonesia formed in 2009. With the initial formation of members Iqbal, Dedi, Yunus, Yadi & Iksan , the band released a demo and then members Yunus and Iqbal decided to resign for various reasons and a new formation followed. The new line up didn't last long with only Dedi remaining, he also invited one of his closest friends at the time Catur to fill in on vocals. As a two piece they released a demo titled "amorfati" with midi technology to fill the missing drums. After that, drummer Iksan decided rejoin the band and for various reasons Catur left, his replacement came from Egy of the band Modlestone. This new version of the band released a single in 2012 which is re-mix of the song amorfati with vocals redone by Egy. for fans of Everytime I Die & Converge

Inflesh is:
Dedi - guitar
Egy - vokal
Iksan - drum

Iqbal - vocals
Yunus - guitar
Yadi - bass
Aidit - vocals
Uwonk - guitar
Catur - vocals

Amorfati Single
Listen (soundcloud)


Rituals were a two piece Black Metal band from Tucson AZ. They released this self titled demo tape in 2006 and only roughly 10 physical copies exist. The demo Is 2 songs of rough produced nihilist black metal at it's finest. No idea how long they were around or if they ever made anything else.

2006 Demo


Discourse are a straight edge hardcore band from Columbia, South Carolina that draws influence from 90's hardcore bands such as Indecision, Turmoil, Earth Crisis, and One King Down. They are releasing a tape soon through Bitter Melody Records. solid sounding stuff, & I really dig it.

Discourse is:

Demo 2011


Equal Minds Theory

Equal Minds Theory are a Mathcore/Chaotic Hardcore band Formed in September 2005 in Norilsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory Russia. Originally a side project formed by members Anton, Roman, Vlad, Vova and Dima, these guys play some Intense, chaotic and all over the place stuff. By the summer of 2006, after years of hard rehearsals, two solo concerts and many appearances at local fests, they decided to relocate the band to Moscow. So far they have put out two EPs and one LP: In March 2007 the band recorded their first EP titled "Hell is Other People" & In January 2009 they released their second EP called "UN EP". Their Self Titled LP was released in September of 2011 and is on their bandcamp for a Name Your Price download (so get it for free or donate if you are feeling generous).

EMT is:
Acne - Vocals
Anton - Guitar
Astro - Guitar
Vlad - Bass
Jack - Drums

Evgeny - Drums
Vova - Drums
Roman - Guitar
Vitaly - Vocals
Dima - Vocals
Sasha - Vocals

Self Titled LP
DOWNLOAD (bandcamp: name your price)


We're Not Dead

We're Not Dead are a Hardcore Punk band from Daytona Beach. They are a part time band due to to all of the members full time activities in bands or personal lives. Awesome stuff from everyone involved as always. members of: Axis, Years From Now, Night On Earth, Total Recall, Virginia Is For Lovers, Excarnation, A Crown Disowned & No Harm Done.

wnd are:

Is Not Dead Demo


Dislexia is a hardcore-punk band from Argentina. The band was orginally fromed in mid 2002 under the name Realidad Evasiva by the founding members Leandro, Juan Ignacio and Rodrigo. In 2003 the band recorded their first and only CD under the old name called "reconstruir". In early 2007 the band changed their name to Dislexia. influenced by such bands as Conflict, Driller Killer, Disfear, Discharge, Wolfbrigade, Soziedad Alkoholika,& Ratos de Porao.

Dislexia is:
Leandro - vocals
Juan Manuel - guitar/vocals
Juan Ignacio - guitar/vocals
Kabuto - Bass
Rodri - drums

Jorge - drums
Martin - drums

self titled LP