Warm Hands

Warm Hands are a hardcore/punk band from Jacksonville Florida. They put out their demo last summer but soon went on hiatus since September due to members other commitments at the time, but are planing on playing shows this spring/summer. This stuff is awesome I love the vocal presentation on this a lot, def get into this! Features ex/current members of Staring Daggers, Casey Jones, Skate Korpse and Gypsy Spit. For fans of: Los Crudos, Look Back and Laugh and DS-13

Demo 2010


The Ultimate Warriors

The Ultimate Warriors were a Power violence band from Nazareth, Pennsylvania. They started as nothing more than a one-off project while they were all underclassmen at Nazareth High, but then they turned into a full time band. I love everything about these guys. There's a ton more stuff by them but the stuff I got up should get you going. The Ultimate Warriors broke up in 2004 after releasing a bunch of 7" records, one full-length LP and being featured on many compilations. They never released anything on CD. Both Brad and Jonny wrestle professionally in the federation Chikara. Members other bands include: The Gatecrashers, Pissed Jeans, Pearls & Brass, and Torchbearer.

TUW was at times:
Brad Fry - vocals/bass
Randy Huth - guitars/programming
Matt Kosloff - vocals
Tim Wynarczuk - drums
Jonny the Catt - antics
Tom Patterson - drums
Pee-Wee - guitar
Paul Jerome Geissenger - bass
Josh Martin - drums

Power Violence Mayhem (two demos + live songs)

Wrestling Is Our Gimmick LP

1999 Demo Cassette

Nazo Wrestle-Violence EP

Kung Fu Rick split

Spring Break!

Spring Break! are a Thrash/Death/Grind band from Fontana California formed in 2003. They play songs about Beer, Babes, Metal and Poser Control.This band rules hard and I love them, if I wasn't straight edge i'd down a case of beer while raging in my bedroom. Big ups to the band themselves for hooking me up with their extended 2004 Demo, the original released version has only 4 songs but the guys have hooked me up with a 12 song version. Members of seven sisters of sleep, the arm and sword of a bastard god, street force, nuclear desecration, & colostomy bag.

SB! is:
The Fuckin’ Party Man - vocals
R.P. Faster - guitar
Offensor - guitar
B.T. - drums
Watt, Daniel James - bass

Gore-gensen - bass
Mad Scientist - drums
Brent Bang Hell - guitar
Buff Muffin - drums
Crappy Pete - bass
Hot Impact - ???

oldspringbreak (demo 2004)

altars of radness EP

zombie ritual split

cross examination split

Little Princess

Little Princess were an all girl Grindcore/Powerviolence band from San Francisco formed in 1997. The story of this band is they are Aliens from the planet Puchin Pring who look and sound like Japanese girls, they are trying to make enough money as a band to fix the engine on their mother ship and return to their home planet to save everyone from their arch nemesis Madam Cactus. But really It was some girls from Japan that made a short lived band on summer vacation in America. As a band they recorded a 7" called "Song Collection" limited to only 200-250 copies, and had two songs on two compilations called "BLLLEEEEAAAUUURRRRGGHHH! - A Music War" & "Cool Beans! #7 San Francisco And Bikes Issue". This band rules so hard and I've been trying to get a hold of the 7" forever, so someone hook me up with it. members of Better Than Your Hand & Geri Live. for fans of Spazz, Assuck, Napalm Death, and His Hero is Gone

LP was:
Princess #1Yuki - drums
Princess #2 Ayu - guitar
Princess #3 Kyo - guitar

song collection EP (+ comp tracks)

Weight Of The World

Weight Of The World is a hardcore band from Port St. Lucie Florida.The band was started by founding members Mitch Zientz and Dillon Dente, who both wrote and recorded the songs themselves. So far they only have a demo that was recorded between 2009 and 2010 that was released via 3-track cassette (limited to only 50). I just saw these guys play their first show last night (march 19th) and they ruled. no one would have known it was their first show if they didn't notify us. The band features ex-members of Barriers now Bridges, & Know the Score. One more Florida band to get stoked on, can't wait for these dudes to make more stuff.

WOTW is:
Dillon Dente - Vocals
Eric Verporter - Guitar
Carl Penney - Bass
Jared Thomas - Drums

Mitch Zientz - guitar


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Quartier Rouge

Quartier Rouge is a noise/hardcore band from France. Really chaotic stuff with talking/slurish vocals that fits this kind of hardcore very well. For fans of daughters, an albatross, celeste, the jesus lizard, dazzing killmen

Les Années Lumières

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Hellhound are a hardcore/punk band from New Hampshire formed in 2009. These guys are influenced by crust, power violence, & black metal so they are winners in my book. They released their self titled 7" in April 2010 and are currently recording a cassette & their first full length called "I Am Alone". These guys rules.

hellhound is:


S/T 7"


The Phantom Carriage

The Phantom Carriage is a screamo/black metal/chaotic hardcore band with a splash of jazz from Poitiers, France. Really good stuff, has a little bit of everything. Throatruiner Records labels them as "Jazz for screamo kids wearing corpse paint". They were also formally known as A Mere Understatement. For fans of Deathpell, Omega, Orchid, & Comity.

TPC is:
Thieu - Vocals
Max - Guitar
Antoine - Guitar
Yann - Bass
Simon - Drums

New Thing

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These Branches

These Branches are a punk band from New Jersey formed in 2009. The group started as a two piece consisting of Nick and Ryan after playing in the bands Osterii, That Fellow & some others, they wanted to take the sound the previous bands worked on, but never quite fully accomplished. A quicker, catchier and more rock oriented sound was established by the band, playing their first gig on June 12th, 2009. Following countless shows and an EP release- “Blank Pages & Blank Faces”, Nick and Ryan got in touch with their friend Bryan, following his return home from school in NYC. He joined up as a third member in December of 2009. In 2010 they began writing for the new album "This One's On You" and they gained and lost members before becoming a two piece once again. Their song topics include loss, sexuality, friendship, love, social pressures, social expectations, home life, the seasons and how they all shape one’s existence. They also have a side project called Hitchhiker. For fans of lifetime, saves the day, & against me!

TB is:
Nick Hertz- Guitar/Vocals
Bryan Batiste- Drums/Vocals

Tony Jaber- Bass
Ryan Mortola- Drums
Paul Lewis- Bass/B. Vocals

This one's on you

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Hitchhiker bandcamp

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Table For One

Table For One was a one man Emo/Indie acoustic project from Ormond Beach. It was formed by my friend John Daly during some of his most troubled lady times. The short time of John's Project He released an EP "Thursday Nights", a Single "11:11", a split with my old lame project xEddie Brockx, was on some Compilations I put out & a final Discogrpahy CD which even included live tracks from his only live show called "Daly Moved Away". For this download I am puting up a 3 song EP which are his best songs, so it's time to cry about the girl that left you. John was also in Over Population, Riley Mason, XvoiceX & Sounds Amongst Silence.

TFO is:
John Daly - vocals/lyrics/guitar/keys/drums.

Table For One EP

The Dedication

The Dedication were a hardcore band from Boston. These guys were pretty short lived, They released their only EP in 2001 & After becoming one of the most popular up and coming Boston area bands, they disbanded in early 2003. I got into this band due to my love of Sex Positions, but this band really stands out for itself. Members went on to play in Sex Positions, The Cattle, Blonde Acid Cult, Calypso, Stop and Think, and Alpha Male.

TD was:
Rich Perusi - Vocals
Eric Marcelino - Guitar
Shaun Kilfoyle - Guitar
Mike Kilfoyle - Bass
Larry Anzuoni - Drums

Youth Murder Anthems EP & Demo

Path of Daggers, Crown of Swords

Path of Daggers, Crown of Swords was a short lived Hardcore band formed in 2005 after hurricane Katrina, when a bunch of folks moved to California for work and nicer weather. The band only lasted six practices with zero shows over the span of five or six months before the band fell apart. They only recorded five songs in member James' apartment. Pretty good stuff for a band that never got past the practice stage. Before falling apart the band were talking to Jose Paletox (Swing Kids & Struggle) to play drums but nothing came of it. Featured members of: Ghostwood, Gathered Here, Structural Damage, the Picts, Ginger Quail, Dear Diary I Seem To Be Dead, Chopsley, Eat a Bag of Dicks, Morality Dictates, The November Group, End on End, An Arrow in Flight, & Days to Streaks

podcos was:

5 song EP

Drop Out

Dropout was a fast paced hardcore band from Orlando. These guys & the fans always seemed to cause a ruckus whenever they played live from what I've herd tales of. They broke up some time back but got back together later for a real final show. Also included with this download is a rougher version of the song "Sink" that one of the members sent to me to use on a self released compilation CD I passed out at shows.

dropout was:

Theatre Demo 2008