Blank Look

Blank Look are a hardcore/powerviolence/grindcore  band from Tempe, Arizona. The band released a demo which is available for free download via bandcamp. These guys play some really rad nasty jams for fans of DNF, Magrudergrind, Left For Dead, & Dead in the Dirt

BL is:
Tanner Conrad
Bryan Greenberg
Dillon Matola

Demo 2015

Black Hole Kids

Black Hole Kids are a DIY punk quartet Based out of Birmingham AL. The band will be releasing their ep "Easy Masks" on Social Cancer Records Sept 10. BHK draws influence from a variety of punk and metal sub-genres (hardcore, crust punk, post-hardcore, doom, black metal, etc). The forthcoming record Easy Masks deals with the search for catharsis in the wake of anger and grief and will have a press run of 300 12", with the first 100 on a variety of random colors. Plans are being put into motion to get BHK out on the road in November in support of the record.

Black Hole Kids is
Matt Tubbs
Wess Gregg
Keith Eggleston
Matt Whitson

Easy Masks
buy it


Pepi Rössler

Pepi Rössler are a screamo/emoviolence band from hungary. I did a post before on the band for their demo, but now they have new songs from their half off a split with their friends from Camp Koala which is also free for download via bandcamp. for skramz fans

PR is:
opi, andris, erik, bálint & dimbes

camp koala split


Shaleah was a Metalcore band from Deltona & Deland Florida. These guys were regulars around the 2005-2007 era of daytona shows with a handful of other bands that played almost every weekend out here at these sketchy places called Coffee Connection and The Metal Lounge which included Dying Memories(later Dawn Of Arcadia), The Dead Shall Rise, A Horror Story (later King Conquer), Catalepsy, Awaiting Winter, & Don't Scream Medic. The band was a Christian metalcore act which normally isn't my cup of tea but these dudes where some of the nicest guys I had met in a long time, and you could tell off the bat they really loved what they were doing. I felt that they should have their music shared somewhere. members of Xuna vez masX, Boxing Day & Hurricane Charley

Shaleah was at times:
Carlos Reyes - guitar
Tyler Legacy - vocals
Andrew Catron - guitar
Caleb Degroot - drums
Richard Butcher - guitar
Josh Porter  - bass/vocals


Church Girls

Church Girls are a rock & roll Hardcore band from Port St. Lucie. The band has a southern rock & roll punk sound with a fuck everything about you attitude. They've recently put their demo "suckin dick" up on bandcamp for free download. The band also features my old friend Harvey who used to be in the bands Baccolith & Deathkill.

CG is:
Natasha Shea - vocals
Pope Harvey - guitar
Jamie Lee - drums
Byron Davis- bass

Suckin Dick Demo


Dying Memories

Dying Memories were a Metalcore band from Deltona and later relocated to Orlando, FL. Formed by their first bassist Carlos the band was originally named Point Well Taken & they played mosh oriented metalcore with melodic elements. These guys were Daytona Beach regulars back in the hot days of 2005-2007 era shows as they would come out here almost every weekend to play shows with Shaleah, Catalepsy & The Dead Shall Rise at the local venues known as the Metal Lounge & the Coffee Connection. Later the band would change their name again to Dawn of Acadia and got signed to Hybrid Records in June of 2006. Some of the members would go on to be in Fear The Throne, Catalepsy, Face Down In Blood, Silence The Icon & Hurricane Charley

DM/DOA was:
Stephen - Vocals
Ricky - Drums
Dallon - Guitar
Glenn - Guitar
Sean - Bass
Carlos - Bass



Dowrr are a Hardcore/Punk band from Los Angeles & Torrance, CA. The band who take influences from Blacklisted, Integrity, & War Hungry just finished recording their demo at The Earth Capital with Alex Estrada (Nails, Touche Amore, Joyce Manor, Silver Snakes). The demo is up for free download via bandcamp and the cassette tape  is in the production process right now and should be available soon. members of Low Places and Child Brides.


Nothing To Hide

Nothing To Hide are a hardcore band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania formed in 2015.
The band's demo of 4 mean straightedge jams is up for free download via bandcamp. the group features members of Agitator and Crosscheck. I got into these guys due to being a fan of Agitator, and if you liked their early stuff before the LP then this is fore you, tough and to the point

NTH is
Marty - Vocals
Anthony - Guitar
Jake - Bass
Hayden - Drums
Zack - Hype man

Demo 2015

Cheap Disguise

Cheap Disguise are a hardcore/metalcore band from El Paso, Texas Formed December of 2012.
six hard hitting powerviolence inspired hardcore jams one of which is a Spazz cover on their Self titled ep that's free via bandcamp.

CD is:


Reigning Champion

Reigning Champion are a Screamo hardcore band from Vladimir, Russia formed in 2010. The band who play raging screamo with personal and heartfelt lyrics released two ep's in 2011 "Firstborn" and 2012 "Hollow Trees" through Driftwood Records, followed by their first full-length album "Disposer Poems" was released on august 3, 2015 and is up for free download via bandcamp

RC is:
Anton Zaitsev - vocals
Artem Prozorov - guitar
Igor Titov - guitar
Nikita Shabanov - bass
Alexei Chernov - drums

Disposer Poems
DOWNLOAD (bandcamp)

City Hunter

City Hunter are a Hardcore Punk band from Denver, Colorado. These guys play short blasts of blown out lo-fi songs with serial killer topics featuring the lead singer having this dark shadowy killer in the night motif complete with knife and as YA put it "Features vocals so fucked and riffs so violent that they must simply be heard to be believed. Not for the timid!". Their EP has been released 3 times so far; the first being in a 70's/80's looking vhs tribute packaging, a second normal press and a third blood bag press all from Blackout Rage Records & distributed by Youth Attack. The band has aso released a live recording cassette called Knife Protocol as well and are currently working on a LP release called "deep blood" (originally posted as being called "open season"). I personally fucking love this band so much and I jam them all the time.

s/t EP

Half Goon

Half Goon are a hardcore noise rock/post-punk band from Santa Ana, CA. formed in 2013. These guys return with a new EP called "homie lover" which is 4 rad jams up for free download via bandcamp.The last post I did of this band might be for fans of Pissed Jeans as these dudes got that weirdo rockin' vibe.

HG is:

Homie Lover