The Inequity

The Inequity are a metalcore/hardcore band from Tournai, Belgium formed in 2009. These dudes just released a new EP called "Sons Of Irony" this month so check it.

The Inequity are:
Tom Bornarel - Guitar
Baptiste Bourgeois - Guitar
Maxime  Huart - Vocals
Maxime Cambier - Bass
Gaëtan Marchand - Drums

Sons Of Irony


EROS are a hardcore band from the bay area, CA. These guys play a metallic sounding hardcore & they just released their EP "suns & concrete" a few weeks ago, so check it out.

eros is:

Sun & Concrete EP

Use Your Head

Use Your Head are a hardcore band from Massachusetts formed in 2007. As a band the guys released two demos in 2008. They went on a hiatus in 2009. “this band is not about a gimmick, or an image, you won’t hear about our video shoots, or see our promo pics, you wont hear us talking up our pre-release, or selling 15 dollar shirts at shows. this is an outlet for our anger and frustration with the world. its about going out, playing fast and doing sounding and feeling the way we want to. its about trying to make sense of things in a world of hypocrisy and self interest. its about friendship and the courage to let our voice be heard. use your head!. …Fast heavy hardcore punk from western mass, straightforward and to the point.”  not sure about the other members but Keith went on to be in the amazing hardcore band Alert and Soul Train. (much love keith)

UYH was:
Keith Freeman
Arno Noack
Katherine Hand
Will Hirst


Demo 2008

A Game Of You

A Game Of You was a Hardcore band with members hailing from Daytona Beach & Orlando Florida. These guys played some really fucking solid chaotic sounding stuff. I only got to see them live once or twice at Nicey's, but I was so stoked on what these dudes were doing.

AGOY was:


Pick Your Side

Pick Your Side is a crust/grind influenced HC band from Hamilton, Ont Canada. Really awesome fucking stuff from members of Haymaker, Chokehold, Left For Dead, Burst Of Silence & Fuck the Facts. They just released their LP "let me show you how democracy works" on A389 Records (also they have a 7" called "survival prayer" for sale). Pick up a copy & don't fucking sleep on these dudes, you'll regret it.

Beckman - Vox
Jibay -Guitar
Bauers - Drums
Hibbs - Bass
Ansley - Guitar

Let Me Show You How Democracy Works

Buy It!

We're Not Dead

This is my second post on We're Not Dead. They are a Hardcore Punk band from Daytona Beach, Florida. This new release is a revamped far superior version of their demo with some extra songs (one of which is a re-recorded version of my favorite Years From Now song), and this release is fucking rad to the max. members of: Axis, Years From Now, Night On Earth, Total Recall, Virginia Is For Lovers, Excarnation, Portals, Same Mistake, A Crown Disowned, Blood of A Tiger & No Harm Done.

wnd is:
Shane Spiker - bass
Tommy Cantwell - drums
Derrick James - guitar
Mike Andrews - guitar
Mikey Hawkins - vocals

Not Falling Apart Anymore


mnttaB is a synth-punk Oi experimental noise band from Melbourne Australia. Very interesting stuff, shouting distorted vocals that fit just right with the noisy yet catchy electro beats. download their new EP "Rocky 4,2, and 3" on their bandcamp for free.

"5 tracks that show the Melbourne outfit are intent on alienating as many
potential listeners as possible with a tsunami of Discordant samples, spastic-rhythms and LOTS of shouting: whats not to love?" -mnttaB

Rocky 4,2 and 3 EP
(free download)

Love Sex Machine

Love Sex Machine are a Sludge Metal band from France. Don't let the name fool you, this is some heavy low tuned stuff. "If you enjoy massive riffs that sound like the end of the world and ultra harsh vocals, France’s Love Sex Machine is for you. This three-piece (ex-In The Final Analysis) plays one of the most crushing and apocalyptic sludgecore out there these days, in the vein of Admiral Angry, The Body or Black Sheep Wall." -throatruiner records


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Ash Ketchum

Ash Ketchum also for a single show "romney youth" are a Hardcore band from Pallet Town (daytona beach) Florida formed in 2011. Originally formed as a Pokemon themed band, the guys later with some help from a thunder stone Evolved into a band more about the pains of growing up, losing friends, and sellouts amongst other topics. This band is composed of some of my personal good friends and nothing makes me happier then knowing my buds are doing something they enjoy doing, this might not be for everyone but give it a shot. Members of Harvest The Deceased, Ceruleus, Tourist Trap, Slurpee's Rule, Death Blow From A Rainbow, Rapscallion, Forseek, ALB & Ex-Knock Em Dead.

AK is:
Jesse Shelton - vocals
Max Solomon - guitar
Ricky Geary - drums
Keith Everett - bass

Jamie Quinteros - bass
Brandon Murphy - guitar
Dylan Blow - drums
Hunter Young - bass(fill in)
Zach Davis - drums
Erik Pierce - bass

DEMO 2012