Jawsome is a Hardcore band from Gainesville formed in 2006. Oh how I love these guys, they write songs about Spring Break (2006 in general), getting drunk, Jaws, beach life and other funny bro related things. Jawsome (formally known as "Jawsome!!") are some of the nicest dudes I have ever met. I first came across them in Gainesville when I played Bro-Stock 07 with them and a lot of other bands, they were sitting at the bar watching my stupid  E.B.2000 project loving every moment & then once they took to the stage it was instantly a mad house of mosh, pile ups and boogie boards. Afterward I was introduced to everyone by James of Battle! later on I booked them a show out here in Daytona as well. they would play random slew of shows before breaking up and having a last show and like two reunion shows. these downloads are everything they have put out: their Demo, the LP "the number of the beach" and the EP "life is beachy" which is on their bandcamp for name your price/free. features members of  Dikembe & Senders

Jawsome is:

endless spring break 06 fuck yeah!

number of the beach + demo

Life is Beachy