Tortured is a heavy pissed off band from Cape Coral Florida. Heavily influenced by crust, powerviolence, sludgy, and fast hardcore such as Infest, Discharge, Negative Approach, and Weekend Nachos. Tortured has made its mark on the world at the beginning of 2011 with their first Demo entitled Wasteland. Pissed off with no hope for change or progress, only to show this world and it's inhabitants how low they have regressed to. Fueled by hatred towards social norms, drugs, and religion.

Tortured is:
Patrick Cohen - Vocals
Mike Scott - Guitar
Alex Noviki -Drums
David Hutchinson - Bass

Wasteland Demo


Seven Sisters Of Sleep

Seven Sisters Of Sleep is an amazing sludge metal band from Orange County, California. Members of Tafkata, Spring Break!, and The Arm and Sword of a Bastard God

self titled

demo 2010


Graf Orlock

Graf Orlock is a grindcore band formed in 2003 from Los Angeles, California. They are named after Graf Orlock from the film Nosferatu. Graf Orlock commonly uses audio snippets and script dialogue from action movies like The Terminator, Aliens, Die Hard,  RoboCop & many others in all their songs; this mix has been jokingly called "cinema-grind." Love this band now and forever, I've only got to see them many moons ago at a very old Daytona Hardcore show. current & ex-members are also in or were in: As Hope Dies, Greyskull, Arctic Choke, Dangers, Children Of God and Ghostlimb. Some of the members also run Vitriol Records.

Gorlock is:
Karl Bournze - vocals
Jason Schmidt - guitar/vocals
Sven Calhoun - bass
Alan Hunter - drums

Kalvin Kristoff - vocals
Jeff Hermann
Ivan Somple

Graf Orlock ep
will fix

Corpserate Greed
will fix

Hurry Up And Kill Yourself Split
will fix

Greyskull Split
will fix

Destination Time Yesterday
will fix

Destination Time Tomorrow
will fix

Destination Time Today
will fix

Doombox ep

Double Barrel Apology

DBA was a short lived melodic hardcore/metalcore band from Gainesville.The band featured a buddy I used to hangout at shows with named Brandon Henry & Riley Kenney the guitarist from Battle! on duel vocals. I don't really know anything else about the band, my dear friend Chris gave me these tracks along with the rough demo I posted on my Battle! post. It has a rough kinda feel to it like a bunch of buddy's got together and just jammed out. Some one out there might appreciate this little lost gem.

DBA was:

3 Song Demo

Sinking Steps…Rising Eyes

Sinking Steps…Rising Eyes was a screamo band from South Dakota that started off as a seven piece band with 2 bass players, guitar, 2 vocalists, drums, and keyboards in September 2001. in 2002 They wrote five songs, recorded them and then released them themselves as a self titled ep. They then went on a summer tour across the east coast to promote their five song ep as a six piece band. After the tour they spent all winter writing a new full length. In March of ‘03 they recorded their full length entitled Majestic Blue. In the summer they went on a very short tour which took them through Iowa, to Cornerstone, and to Indianapolis. their original vocalist Brandon DeJong decided to part with the band in October ‘03 making them a single vocal fronted band for the remainder of the time. They recorded some unreleased stuff but I can't find it. Eli & Josh went on to be in the band Roman Ships.

SSRE was at times:
Brogan Costa - Bass
Eli DeGroff - Guitar
Mary Campbell - Keys/Flute
Brandon DeJong - Vocals/Melodica
Aaron Hagen - Vocals
Josh Boyd - Drums
Seth Dekkenga - Bass
Brandon Aegerter - Drums
Erin Toft - Vocals
Matt McFarland - Drums
Elizabeth Andrews - Violin
Andy Clark - Roadie

2002 ep

Majestic Blue

End Trails

End Trails is a Hardcore band from Michigan. I don't really know much about these dudes, but it's good and I'm sure most of you will like it. This download is of their up comming 7"

7" ep

End Trails Blog

Victory Strike

Victory Strike were a short lived hardcore band from Philly. For those who don't know this band features Josh (R.I.P.) of Horror Show. They only had this one demo tape before falling apart. The band was made either before or during the early days of Horror Show I'm not too sure. Also Joe Hardcore of Punishment & Shattered Realm does guest vocals on the song "table turned". I made a modified version of the cassette cover for the Ipod/MP3 fans.

VS was:
chris palmer - vocals
josh tshirlig - bass
nicky kane - guitar
photis patriotis - drums

Demo 2001

Gathered Here

Gathered Here was a short lived fast Hardcore band from New Orleans. After member Jonathan's preveous band broke up he got together with Greg Stein, Steven Roussell, and Darin Acosta to start Gathered Here. I think they only did local area shows and they never toured. They recorded these songs for a Dear Diary I Seem To Be Dead / Gathered Here split 7" that was supposed to come out on Deadtank but it ended up being scraped. Due to problems & such the group broke up before they were to go on Dear Diary's last tour. Features members of Structural Damage, Ghostwood, Hatchback, A Hunger Artist, & Sorority

gh was:
Jonathan West - vocals
Greg Stein - bass
Steven Roussell - drums
D. A. - guitar

Demo (aka: unreleased dear diary split)

Easy Way Out

Easy Way Out are hardcore band from Ontario. Good stuff get on this.

ewo is:
Will Foran - Vocals
Bo Donofrio - Guitar
Mike Agostino - Guitar
Josh Vance - Bass
Luc Phelps - Drums

6 Song EP

Mandela Strikeforce

Mandela Strikeforce was a hardcore punk band from Philadelphia formed in 1995. This band was formed by members of Frail, am/fm, The Jazz June, and Crud Is A Cult. After breaking up Sean & Don formed The Almighty Ink & Dagger. I love this band and so should you.

MS was:
Sean McCabe - vocals
Don Devore - guitar
Dan O'Neill - bass
Mike Parsell - drums

F80 Split 7"

The Sound Of The Revolution In Stereo



Pigeon is a "Funeral Hardcore" band from France. These 2 songs are loud pissed off sludge/hardcore kinda stuff. Hopefully these guys get new stuff at sometime because this rules.

pigeon is:
brtrnd - drums
gffr - bass
chrstph - guitars
mtths - vocals

2010 Demo


Fuckmorgue was a Lo-Fi Goth Crust band with elements of Black Metal, Death Rock, & Punk from Winnipeg Canada formed around 2004. Some members went on to be in Vernix, Boneblack, Witchking, & Kursk. This stuff rules found out about it some years back and just remembered about them, filled with keyboards and depression. Supposedly there was also an instrumental demo that featured a violin & flute player but I've never been able to find it. members of Scrapping the Genome, Kursk, Praetura, Boneblack, Vernix, Cop Guts, Threat, Dead Dogs, & ASRA

*update: record label mass deadening are putting everything including the lost demo on a limited vinyl release in oct of 2015*

FM was:
Nancy Lizuck - bass
Erica Neuman - keyboards
Sean Talarico - drums
Morgan Paradis - guitar
Morgan Peni - vocals
Pat Short - bass

Devon - violin
Suss - flute



Retox is a new noisy Hardcore Punk band from California featuring members of the locust, holy molar, head wound city, rats eyes, festival of dead deer, crimson curse, some girls, & swing kids. This stuff rules, check it out d00ders

retox is:
Thor Dickey
Gabriel Serbian
Justin Pearson
Michael Crain

Rotox EP