Sabrewulf are a Death-Doom band from El Paso,Texas formed in 2011. The band have a full length album that just came out on January 27, 2016 called "Sangre Y Alma" (Which means Blood & Soul in Spanish). This roughly 50 minutes long ten song LP is up for free download via bandcamp and sounds like if Cult of Luna & Neurosis met Ion Dissonance and Blood Has Been Shed. If you dig it they also have 2 other releases up for download as well.

Sabrewulf is:
Marco - Guitar
Yanez - Guitar
Nay - Bass
John - Drums
David - Vocals

Sangre Y Alma


Skinwalkers are 3 Piece Indie band from Reno, NV. After releasing their EP  invisible twin the band have put out a split with the band City Wolves and its up for free download via bandcamp (which includes City Wolves half).  Mellow out with these post-punk indie emo jams

skinwalkers are:
nate. nick. valentine.

city wolves split

Ghost Witch

Ghost Witch are a stoner/doom metal band from Santa Rosa, CA. The band formed in early January and recorded their demo live in one night in their cramped practice studio and it's up for free download via bandcamp, They have also begun writing for a proper release. This sounds incredible for being a self done demo and I can't wait to hear a full release.

GW is:

S/T demo

Waves Crashing Piano chords

Waves Crashing Piano Chords is a Juggalo Power Electronics or "Horrornoise" solo artist from Rochester, New York formed in 2005. Sean originally would do sporadically guerrilla styled unannounced performances in the middle of other band's sets much to their annoyances until he pushed his project to be vastly more serious. His live shows although minimalistic in nature are loud & violent with every appearance being a one man war against the crowd challenging any and all with fists, anger and faygo bottles flying in the air. This 7+ minute single is a brief glimpse into his harsh feedback riddled world and it's free via download on bandcamp (along with a bunch of other releases) and released on single sided 7"s. Sean Also runs the 8track record label H8-Track Stereo and has another noise project called Useless Prick

WCPC is:
Sean Beard - vocals/mic minpulations/violence

I can't get the taste off my tongue


CIORAN are a four piece hardcore band from Padua, Italy. The band's self titled LP which mixes some dark stuff into 90's style hardcore is up for free download via bandcamp. the vocals/lyrics are all in italian but there's translations on the bandcamp too

cioran is:
Giacomo- Drums


Brooks Was Here

Brooks Was Here are a Emo/Post-hardcore  formed in 2011 in Warsaw. The band play emotive post-hardcore with screamo and mathcore influences. The band name was derived  from  "The Shawshank Redemption". They has released two EP's - "S/T" in 2011 and "High Violence" in 2013. From the beginning the core of the band is Majkel (guitar) and Mateusz (vocals, bass). Over the years in the band played many musicians. New stuff was recorded as a trio with new drummer Mikolaj. New EP is harsh, melodic and mathy. New quality recording called "III", to be released in late 2015 via Jagged Kid label.

bwh is:
Majkel - guitar
Mateusz - vocals, bass
Mikolaj - drums


Crush Fish

Crush Fish are a grindcore band from San Bernardino, California. The band have just released their new 7” EP "i'll show you a 7 inch".It's free for download via bandcamp and the physical 7"s are only for sale at live shows. The EP features 8 tracks of sludgy metalic grindcore for the whole family!

CF is:

Ill show you a 7 inch EP


Exoskelett is a newborn blackened thrash metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. From the mud, from the dew, from the darkest lakes the band brings their first release which is two singles "Black dogs, black wolves, black hounds" and "Vykort från postapokalypsen" both up for download via bandcamp

exoskelett is:
Albin Boman
Göran Matsson
Johan Eriksson
Martin Stenberg
Patrik Boman.

both singles


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