Axis are a Hardcore band from Florida that formed in 2010. members have come & gone but this band is still always amazing; formally from  Daytona Beach and later claiming all of Florida for their own Axis are a force of unstoppable 90's inspired heavy hardcore that will leave you wanting to destroy everything in sight. These dudes a little while back put out a new split 7" with self defense family which is the frist release with new vocalist Rafael, & if you dig it you can also check out their new Unsane cover on their bandcamp. Members of: Meantime, We're Not Dead, Years From Now, Harbinger, No Harm Done, & Shovelhead

Axis is:
Patrick Chumly - guitar
Tommy Cantwell - drums
Dylan Downey - guitar
Rafael Morales - vocals
Jesse Spiker - bass

Mikey Hawkins - bass
Emeila Andrews - vocals
Joshua Bunino - vocals
Shane Spiker - bass
Sam Kooby - guitar (summer tour)

SDF split

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Allapartus are an Alternative Indie Rock band from New York formed in 2012. The band play a lot of distorted delayed kind of stuff in the vein of Explosions in the sky, Saosin, & Balance and Composure. They just released their debut Ep 'Fides//Fatum' and it's up for free download via bandcamp.

Adam Woodley - Vocals/Guitar
Ray Hernandez - Guitar/Vocals
Tom Van Scoyoc - Bass/Piano/Vocals
Kurt Liniger - Percussion/Keyboard/Vocals



Melmak are an Atmospheric doom/sludge/hardcore metal band from the Basque Country.
Formed in 2010 by the Etxebarria brothers, Melmak is a duo which combines the darkness of the doom metal with the madness of hardcore to explain the situation of the human being and what are the possible solutions not to extinguish as we know it. The bands new album "The Only Vision Of All Gods" was recorded and mixed by Ernesto Maestro and mastered by New Alliance East studio and It is available for free download on their Bandcamp.

The Only Vision Of All Gods



Rend are a alternative/emo punk band from Marlborough, Massachusetts. The band has released a demo called 'first contact' recently and can be downloaded for free via their bandcamp, & the tape can be bought from Prospect records. chill and emotionaly rocking songs get into it.

Paul- guitar and vocals
Alex - guitar
Jake - drums

First Contact


Fuming Mouth

Fuming Mouth are a Death Metal band from Massachusetts. The band are putting out a split
7" with the band Gatlin which is online for streaming and have their demo up for free download via their bandcamp. some dark shit this way comes.

FM is:
Mark - guitar/vocals
Rob - drums
Ethan - bass


Wasted Struggle

Wasted Struggle are a Hardcore band from Budapest, Hungary. These guys play dark and heavy Blackened hardcore with a splash of metalcore flair. These released a new EP 'Plaguebringer' and are heading back to the studio to record new songs for an upcoming split with GHOSTCHANT soon. features members of Motivation, Think Again, Hide And Seek & Another Way. for fans of Cursed, Rise and Fall, Converge & Pulling Teeth

Robert Adamek - vocals
Lajos Dobos - guitars
Mate Karsay - bass/vocals
Tamas Horvath - drums



Missiles of October

Missiles of October are a noise rock/punk rock band formed in 2012 from Belgium. 3 there play a dirty rock, heavy and powerful! sludge vs punk vs noise! for fans of Unsane, Les thugs, Mc Lusky, Unwound. these dudes have released their new full lenght 'Don't Panic' and have put it up on bandcamp for free download (name your price) and have also put it out on Limited LP (edition of 250) on Dingleberry Rds, POGO rds, Bonobo Stomp and At war with false noise rds, as well as on CD (edition of 100) from POGO rds.

MOO is:
Lionel Beyet: bass & scream
Bob Seytor: drums
Mathias Salas: guitar & scream

Don't Panic LP


Art and Hunting

Art and Hunting was a Noise band from Worcester, MA formed in 2005. This noise project was the solo offering of Dominic Mallary of Last Lights, God and Country, Eva Braun, Haunted Like a House, The Mount Doom fame. I don't really know the history but I believe he did this during the life time of Eva Braun(later Appraitions) and before the formation of God and Country & Last Lights. lo-fi noise,effects and such are always good times & this is defiantly something for fans of Dominic to check out. For those that don't know he was a very talented & loved person in the hardcore scene who passed away after a live last lights set . RIP

Dom - everything

Adam bombs burnt Eden into Earth


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