GRYSCL are an Emotional screamo band from Mephis, TN. The band formally spelled their name Greyscale but recently went with the name change to stop confusion.  their new release is a very limited Lathe square 7" called "heaven knows"  that is being put out by Zegema Beach Records and being limited to only 50 copies total.

Chance Clement - Vocals
Zohayr Shirazee - Guitar
Barrett Kutas - Bass
Sameer Shirazee - Drums/Vocals

Heaven Knows


Winona Forever

Winona Forever are a Powerviolence/Hardcore band. WF is a solo hardcore/punk project that is dedicated to the sole member's love of Johnny Depp so it was decided to name the project after his Winona Ryder tattoo. The debut Demo called  "wake up slow" is going to be self released on cassette tapes and is up for free download on here or via bandcamp

wake up slow


Go Deep

Go Deep are a hardcore band From Brooklyn New York formed in 2013. Awesome band featuring members of Undying & Outbreak. I got to see these dudes play out here in Florida just the other day and really dug what I herd, they love what they are doing and have a lot of positive stuff to say.
They have an EP called "Counseling" that is on their bandcamp for free download or on 7" from Mayfly Records.

GD is:
kris kneale - vocals
brian kemsley - guitar
chris walker - guitar
eric yevak - bass
danny rico - drums

Counseling EP


Without Waves

Without Waves are an experimental metal band  from Chicago, IL fromed in 2010.  The band has released a new EP entitled "The Entheogen" which includes two brand new original songs and a cover of the Ministry track “TV II.” the band blends influences from extreme metal to jazz fusion to electronic & atmospheric rock with unconventional rhythms, diverse melodies and expressive lyrcis. members of November's Doom, & Immortal Bird.

Without Waves is:
Anthony Cwan – Vocals/Guitar
Zac Lombardi – Guitar
Garry Naples – Drums
John Picillo – Bass

The Entheogen


Siberian Hell Sound

Siberian Hell Sound is a 3-piece Hardcore band from Brisbane, Australia. The band takes cues from powerviolence, doom metal, grindcore, black metal and are primary influences are Pig Destroyer, Slayer and Left for Dead.  The bands new EP "the pcpep" is up for free download via bandcamp or for sale on CD which is only limited to 30 copies and come with a poster. They are planing on touring soon for this new material. for fans of Mammoth Grinder and Seven Sisters of Sleep

Siberian Hell Sounds is:
Liam Barry
Daniel Young
Mitchell Louttit


Ravage Ritual

Ravage Ritual are a metallic Hardcore band from Seinäjoki, Finland formed in 2011. The band plays heavy metal influcend hardcore with esoteric and apocalyptic atmosphere with insperarion from bands Integrity, Rise And Fall, & Congress.  As a band they have released so far a demo, and EP 'Revival' and a Split 12" with Teething from Spain. They have played lots of shows in Finland and also toured Sweden with Teething. This year they will be releasing their our debut LP in late August and also tour Europe in fall. Their bandcamp has their 2011 demo up for free download and you can listen to the other two releases.

Demo '11


Crab Legs

Crab Legs are a pop-punk/hardcore band from Fargo, North Dakota formed in 2011. The band are heavily influenced by Kid Dynamite, Face To Face, Lawrence Arms, and Off With Their Heads. The band have two releases up an EP called "Where's My Money?" and split cassette release they did with the band Elder Abuse from Canada(ex-Daggermouth).

cl is:
Scott Heidinger - Guitar/Vocals
Mike Hansen - Bass/Vocals
BJ Moore - Drums/Vocals

where's my money EP



Chapter Books

Chapter Books are an Emo/Math Rock band from Yonkers, NY. The band have recently
recorded their first ep 'pep talk' with 6 songs of melodic sad chill tunes and is up for free download via bandcamp

Pep Talk EP



CVTTVNMVVTH are a space doom three piece from Youngstown, OH. formed in 2013. The band's debut release, 'Toughsnake' is on CD and/or cassette from Lions Care Recordings and is seven tracks of psilodelic space doom emanating from the darkest nether-realms of a universe in the terminal stages of the Kali Yuga death trip.

Jan Margetko - Bass
Ken Halbert - Drums, Vocals
S Bowlin - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards


Metal Archives

Street Sects

Street Sects is a sample/noise/hardcore based duo from Austin, Texas. These guys have really funky and spaced out electronic punk with harsh vocals with heavy lo-fi(ish) distortion and drum programing. the band have released their debut 7" which is part one of a larger collection called "GENTRIFICATION: A SERIAL ALBUM". the record is limited to 200 copies released by band and can be downloaded for free via bandcamp or bought. all you noise and sample fans will dig it.

the morning after the night we raped death


Morality Crisis

Morality Crisis are a progressive rock/punk "shit rock" band from Minneapolis.  The band have released two tracks that they recorded in August of 2006 under the name "Pharos Imperos". A youthful Adam Tucker (of Signaturetone recording) brought his mobile rig to a Wausau basement where the tracks were recorded in a few hours. The recordings are limited to a digital only release via free download on bandcamp.

MC is:

pharos imperos


Divers are a Post hardcore band From Sepang, Malaysia. Don't really know much of anything about these guys but they play some pretty awesome postcore jams that have bite to them check it out their EP is up for free download via bandcamp.

Faiz Harun - Vocals
Muhammad Fikri - Guitar
Faris Jaa - Bass
Azri Harun - Drums

s/t EP


I Want You Dead & Death Drive

This is a collaboration between Death Drive (drone artist) and I Want You Dead (hardcore/BM band). Both come from Greece and this release is a bunch of eerie drone remixes. Original tracks written and performed by I Want You Dead in 2012's ΑΩ 7inch. De-constructed and re-assembled by Death Drive during 2013. You can download it for free. Enjoy!

ΑΩ Remixes


Drifter is a Screamo/Post-Hardcore band from Albuquerque, NM.The band have released their new EP for free download via bandcamp, & on cassette tape from Driftwood Records filled with melodic, gloomy and dark jams from this three piece.

drifter is:
Blake, Dom, Nathan

Separate Graves