KOMPRESSOR is a joke industrial hip hop act formed in Ohio. It started in 2000 when Drew Fairweather (author of Toothpaste For Dinner & Married to the Sea webcomics) began recording songs under the KOMPRESSOR name and putting songs, and videos of the songs, up for free download. The songs became popular over the ensuing years, leading to four albums. KOMPRESSOR is depicted in his albums & videos wearing an alien mask with a black leather jacket and black gloves. He proclaims his real name to be Andreas K. & to be from Bremen, Germany, to speak English as a second language (some of his songs are in German, or have some German lyrics). in 2006 Drew revealed himself to be the person playing KOMPRESSOR before ending the project to move on to projects Dog Traders and CRUDBUMP.

Drew Fairweather (as Andreas K.) - Vocals/Synth/Everything

World Domination

Crush Television

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