Motron are a 4-piece D-beat band from Varese (Northern Italy), formed in early 2012. A blasting mix of raw crust, d-beat and rock'n roll riffing in order to blow your ears and mind away. The band have put out a self-titled Demo Cd from 2013 that is up for free download & they have also recorded new songs this year that will be released. "Open your beer and get ready to enter an hellish world populated by zombies, despair, death, rage and booze!!!". featuring member of Kontatto, Campus Sterminii, Miseria, Pioggia Nera and Green River Killer.

Demo 2013

El Antagonista

El Antagonista are a hardcore punk band from Santiago, Chile.  Don't really know anything about these dudes, but they play some dark punkrock jams. their bandcamp states: Somos el soundtrack de las desventuras que todo antihéroe debería tener. or in English "We are the soundtrack of the misfortunes that everything antihero should have." Their Demo is up for free download via bandcamp and you can stream the EP (adelanto).

EA is:
Hombre Polilla
Tres Tristes Tigres
Pric Prack Prock


The New Enemy

The New Enemy are a hardcore punk band from Toronto, Canada. These dudes EP
Evolve To Destroy is released on 7" with hand pulled linoprint record jackets & limited to 200.
All of the bands money for digital downloads (name your price) goto "music 4 cancer".

TNE is:
Clint (vocals)
Luke (guitar)
Christian (bass)
Chris (drums)

Evolve To Destroy EP

Bandcamp (for donating)

Legalize Crime

Legalize Crime are a stoner metal band from Wroclaw, Poland. This is the band's first release titled "Blues of the Fallen World" an EP which is a prelude to their LP material that is currently in post-production and soon to be released. These dudes  have a very dark southern sludge sound going on.

LC is:
Chudy Byk - vocals
Kobi - bass
Jaskier - guitar
Berg - drums

Blues of the Fallen World EP