Cyrus Gold

Cyrus Gold is a heavy punk band from Pittsburgh. theband recently posted their demo on Bandcamp for free download. weird funky sorta stuff but really rad.

CG is:



Young Lizard

Young Lizard is as Hardcore band from Tokyo, Japan formed in 2010. The band are influenced by dark heavy hardcore bands such as Left for Dead, His Hero Is Gone, Cursed, and Unruh, sludge/doom metal, and traditional Japanese hardcore punk. Their demo was recorded by cheap 4 track multi-recorder in May 2013 and self released on cassette tape & for free download via bandcamp. Heavy, dark and lo-fi as fuck, so into it.

Demo 2013



Mothman are an Experimental metal/post-Hardcore band from New York. The bands EP "proboscis" is up for free download on bandcamp (name your price). "The sound is tightly orchestrated and tasteful, with a healthy dose of ambience to help the listener's wings unfurl. Post-rock sensibilities with catchy hooks, as well as a shake of black metal for added sex appeal." Features members of Black
Doctor Jr, & Basal Gang

Sam Mothman - Vocals/Guitar
Amir Toussi - Guitar
Adam Bauch - Drums/Bass




Incarceration are a Death Metal band from Brazil/Germnay formed in 2010. the band plays old school death metal inspired by the likes of Nihilist, Sadistic Intent, Repugnant, Sepultura and Slayer.
the bands EP "Sacrifice" was released on tape (FDA Rekotz-Germany), CD (Dawnbreed Records-Holland / Misanthropic Records-Brazil) and vinyl (Dawnbreed Records-Holland). awesome stuff

Daniel Silva 'Duracell' - Vocals/Guitar
Björn Freese - Bass
Michael Koch - Drums

Sacrifice EP



Almanac are a One man lo-fi black metal project from the New Jersey. They play raw noisy stuff with rough vocals & some punkish elements. The band has released a new split with Shitnoise Bastards of Malaysia, and it is available for free (name your price) on the label Deplorable Sounds bandcamp. It will also be available on cassette tape soon from Total Shit Productions. FFO: Ancestors, Bone Awl,

SB Split
deplorable sounds facebook


Bonestorm are a hardcore punk band from Tenerife, Canary Islands that formed in December of 2012. heavy hardcore jams for fans of Ceremony, Trash Talk, Punch, DNF, Mind Eraser, & Let It Die.

demo 2013



Flagpolers are a rough Hooky Punk Rock from Vancouver, Canada. Made up of 3/4 Irish
Immigrants and a Famine Dodger playing Punk in the same vein of Leatherface, Guns n Wankers and snuff. The band is set to release two splits some time soon, One with abolitionist from
Portland and another with Jerkstore from Cananda, so if your into the demo keep an eye out for those.

Gary Byrne - guitar/vocals
Moby Mick McCann - bass/vocals
Shane McCann - guitar
James McLaughlin - drums

Demo 2012


Hollow Truth

Hollow Truth are a thrash metal/hardcore crossover band from Dublin, Ireland. The band recently uploaded a new track for free download via bandcamp from their upcoming 7" entitled "A Glimpse Of Persephone", which is scheduled for release through Powertrip Records from Germany in early 2014. If you enjoy the single they have their EPs for free download as well. for fans of Cro-Mags, Leeway, D.R.I., Annihilator, Vio-Lence Suicidal Tendencies and The Icemen

Oisin - Guitar
Jake - Bass
Karl - Drums
Dean - Guitar
Ciarán - Vocals

A glimpse of persephone Single

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Swine are a hardcore punk band from Sydney, Australia formed in 2011. The band just released their self funeded debut self titled album for free download via bandcamp "name your price".

"With a "singer" set on sludge punk, a monstrous drummer pounding in some southern metal/hardcore elements, a guitarist who's musical advice is always "faster, with more shouting" and a Bass player caught in a strange Danzig/Hank III love triangle. Laden with feedback (to cover the fuck ups) and balls out intensity (at least one instrument unplugged per show, guaranteed.) Throw in the occasional groove for good measure and you've got and you've got yourself a hardcore punk band "too rowdy to play their instruments" with only the slightest chance of a half-time breakdown and no chance of any 808 drops." - swine

OLLY - Guitar/Vocals
NICK - Bass/Vocals
MAZ - Drums/Vocals
BURDT - Vocals



Paul Newman and the Ride Home

Paul Newman and the Ride Home are a pop punk band from Baltimore, MD. the band plays a very
folk & funk infused style of pop punk complete with ukulele. Their new release "(sic)" is up for free "name your price" download on bandcamp, and if you dig it grab their other album also on there

PN&TRH are:
Jacob Kiliszewski
Matt Diehl
Jake Green


Final Rites

Final Rites are a post-punk/goth band from Lancaster, Ohio. The band has just released their first demo called hell bent which includes two gloomy darkwave songs to dance in your bedroom too.

Hell Bent Demo



Funerals are a Hardcore/Metalcore band from Oregon. Dark moshy stuff from these dudes who have their EP up on bandcamp for free download(name your price) and are working on putting it out on a cassette release. features members of Cast Out

Human Ruin EP



Secoué are an Emo band from Long Island, NY. Formerly a solo effort by main member Christian, they try to rip off On the Might of Princes as much as they possibly can. They are currently working on a full EP that should be released sometime in the near future, but until then check out their single called "shaken" that is up for free download on their bandcamp.

Secoué is(on this recording):
Christian DiStasi - guitar/bass/vocals/programming/songwriting & lyrics
Jonathan Chun - production/guitar
Tyler Chatterton - Additional Vocals/lyrics

Shaken single


White Christ

White Christ is a hardcore punk band from San Antonio, TX. The band just released their debut EP "Season's Greetings from White Christ", which was recorded and mixed on a Tascam 8-track tape machine. features members of Iron Age, The Mites, PLUG, Gleeson, Drought, Antic Hay & The Remanders. for fans of: Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bad Brains, The Wipers, The Ramones, Husker Du, Cock Sparrer, Discharge, Turbonegro

WC is
Reed DeAngelis - bass
Raul Vela IV - guitar/drums
Tom Wilson - vocals

season's greetings from white christ


Brooks Was Here

Brooks Was Here are an Emo/Post-hardcore band from Warsaw, Poland formed in 2011.
info from the band: The first EP called Brooks Was Here S/T was inspired by bands like Fugazi, At The Drive In, Sunny Day Real Estate and other giants of 90's. The band played lots of gigs all over the Poland and abroad. Debut album was released in October 2012. Last February the new bassist joined the group. The previous one switched to the second guitar. Now Brooks Was Here consists of two guitars, bass and drums. They're starting to work on new songs. Last June they recorded second EP called High Violence. New songs are inspired by bands like Daitro, Touche Amore and Amanda Woodward. Band supports vegetarian lifestyle and antifascist attitude.

High Violence EP



Bouquet are a Hardcore Punk band from Los Angeles. Awesome punk fueled jams with some snottyish vocals that fit perfectly from these dudes. The band features members of Graf Orlock, Ghostlimb, Blighted and Judas, which is awesome as they are some of my favorite bands, but don't let that get in the way this band definitely stands on its own.

bouquet is:

S/T Demo


The Bats Pajamas

The Bats Pajamas are an indie band from Toronto. The band released their new EP called "Just Ripe" for free on their bandcamp. These dudes play some chill psychedelic lo-fi garage rock sounding jams to get spaced out to

TBP is:

just ripe EP


Spiderkids 3D

Spiderkids 3D are a Hardcore band from Boston, MA. The band released their first demo which is up for free download on their bandcamp. Don't let the fun name fool you these dudes play some heavy bass hardcore with some powerviolence & fastcore influences that should get you down

SK3D is:
Smellow - Bass
Beter - Vocals - Guitar
Sean Humanity - Drums

S/T Demo


In Tongues

In Tongues are a metallic Hardcore band  from Glasgow, Scotland. Negative Glaswegian jerks playing Swedish melo-death riffs and 90s influenced metallic hardcore influenced by bands like Undying, Disembodied and Integrity. More heavy mosh comes your way. The band has just released a new tape "nothern darkness" on Atonement Records which is two old tracks re-recorded and two brand new ones. The new tracks come from an up coming EP "entombed by existence" that they have coming out soon.

IT is:

nothern darkness

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Kapytaen are a blackened hardcore band from Bavaria, Germany. These dudes are planing to release a split-10" vinyl with the band "Belladone" (from Lyon in France), which has already been uploaded on bandcamp. the record is going to be released completly DIY with no label support, so keep checking their facebook to see when it will drop.

Kapytaen is:
T. - Vocals
P. - Bass
M. - Guitar
G. - Drums

belladone split


lowlife are a Hardcore Punk band from Providence, Rhode Island formed in 2011. The band has released their new cassette of trashy punk rock enriched jams on Major Destroyer Records. It's up for free download/name your price on their bandcamp so check it, and if your into it grab a copy it's only limited to a 100 copies online.

lowlife is:
Brandon - Vocals
Joey - Guitar
Mike - Bass
Dewey - Drums

Stranded on retard island

buy it

Gator King

Gator King are a Hardcore band from central Massachusetts formed in 2010. Some mean hard stuff from these dudes who've just released this new demo after dropping  a split cassette with Wasted Blood and a split 7" with Hard Road in the last six months on top of having done a northeastern US tour. If you dig the demo their other stuff is up for free download on their bandcamp as well.

GK is:
Stephan Zeveska- vocals
Joshua White- guitar
Tim Lomme- guitar
Bob Orasz- bass
Sam Macero- drums

DEMO 2013

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Cathedral Fever

Cathedral Fever are a Hardcore/Horror Punk band from St. Louis, MO. fast thrash horror themed hardcore jams with a light splash of speed metal(at least i think so ha) from these wild dudes. Their EP is up for free download via bandcamp (which also has their other release for download).

CF is:
Jerry - vocals
David - Guitar
Derek  - Bass
Spencer - Drums/b.vocals

Returnless EP



Braille are a Melodic Hardcore/Punk band from Philadelphia. This is their new self titled cassette that was released in october 2013 and will be their last release. Features members of Bubonic Bear, Pyramids, Ape! & Holy Dirt

braille is:
Dustin Khebzou - drums
Andrew North - guitar
Sean Connolly - guitar
John Pyle - bass

Self Titled

Pattern Against User

Pattern Against User are a Melodic Screamo band from Daytona Beach, Florida formed in 2013. They  were formally called "Thrill Chills" at their first show before the name change. This band consists of personal friends making gloomy jams with depressed unchill lyrical content. Features members of Mutant, Attention Seeker, Fit For A Funeral, & A Decent Into The Maelstrom.

pau is:
Brett - vocals
Connor - bass
Rush - drums
Aaron - guitar
kitty manor demo

Kitty Manor Demo


Desert Afternoon

Desert Afternoon is a solo screamo influenced mathrock project band from Milan, Italy. It features Edwin from the bands Seesaw and Asclepio. he recorded a two track ep last month and it's up for free download on their bandcamp.

DA is:
Edwin - everything


Half Goon

Half Goon are a weirdo hardcore sludgy dark post-punk band from Santa Ana, CA.
They are strange when compared to most stuff I post but these funky jams are fun times give it a try, might be for fans of Pissed Jeans.

HG is:



Force Quit

Force Quit are a political diy hardcore band from Toronto, Canada that formed in 2011. The band released a split demo tape in 2012 and found themselves split between Toronto, Montreal, and Philadelphia soon after. They just released a self-titled 7" so check it out. They play some awesome stuff and if you want to buy a copy of  the record email them at it runs $5-$7 depending on where you live.

S/T 7"



ON X POINT was a joke Youth Crew straightedge band from Philly featuring members of Ink & Dagger. The demo wasn't recorded in 87 but around 98/99 and was released on C.I. Records. For a joke project it's done very well and sean mccabe's vocals were a perfect fit in this youth crew style.

their fake bio: "It was 1987 when I caught the first XOn PointX show. It took place at the legendary Philadelphia space The Garage. The Crowd of 40 or so could not possibly have been prepared for the onslaught of goodwill they were about to witness that night. I stood, jaw gaping wide open, as XOn PointX lay waste the musical stylings of headliners Chain of Strength and Uniform Choice. In a Philly scene still plagued by the "live fast, die young" attitudes of late '70's punk rock, XOn PointX set an entire movement in motion towards positive commitment and the path to righteousness. It would be nearly 2 years before the release of a classic demo. With giant labels such as Revelation and Dischord moving towards indie-rock obscurity, XOn PointX found themselves without a home to release an EP and eventually called it quits. I can still recall the scent of the beer, from the smashed bottles, at the last show in 1989, the final show at The Garage. How would four 10-12 year-old kids affect Philly HXC so deeply?! It seems unbelievable!!!"

the 1987 Demo


M.O.R.A. are a  five piece metal oriented Hardcore band from Hellsinki, Finland. The band has been playing with the existing line-up since 2008 with angry hardcore with two female vocalists, & a mixture of old and newschool. features current/ex-members of Black Betsy, Spoiled Betty, Confusa and Aurinkokerho

Mora is:
Piia - Vocals
Suvi - Vocals
Rurik - Guitar
Katja - Bass
Yaki - Drums