IJØME are a Hardcore punk band out of Roanoke, Va. formed in 2014. These dudes have released their demo of 4 aggressive as fuck jams via bandcamp for free download.

William - Bass
Rick - Guitar
Joshy Boy - Vox
Z Money - Drums

demo 14/15

Tarsius Tarsier

Tarsius Tarsier are a hardcore/crust band from Madrid, Spain. "The history of the band is the same as that of many others: All of us have played (or we’re playing) in bands as Knowledge is a Weapon, Trecedeluno, Muerdelágrimas, Lösung or Forzuda.  Two years ago, we gathered with the idea of play fast, dark and intense music… and Tarsius Tarsier was born.  Although we didn’t look for the sound of a particular band,  we love From Ashes Rise, Ekkaia, Disfear, Converge, Orchid or His Hero is Gone, to name just a few." the band have released thier album Ceremonia de Atadura de Manos on The Japanese label Longleslongarms

TT is:
Javier - vocals
Jesús - bass
Pedrosa - drums
Manuel - guitar

Ceremonia de Atadura de Manos



GAZER are a noise punk band from Cincinnati, Ohio formed in early 2013. Depending on where you are standing in the room, Gazer is either a rock band, a post-punk band, a hardcore band, or a noise band. They favor volume and the prickly and nimble stuff. People tend to take a few steps back when they start playing. With whiplash transitions, furious bass groans, and desperate needlepoint guitar pleas, Gazer is aggressive without the sacrifice of intelligence, unsettling without fishing for shocks. It's post-punk at a hardcore tempo; Devo meets Dropdead ."Fake Bulbs" is a new, previously unreleased EP for Gazer. In October 2013, the band self-released their first EP "Phone Commercial" bot digitally and as a short run of CDs. The "Fake Bulbs/Phone Commercial" 2X EP is the 46th release for Phratry Records since 2004 and combines both of these EPs onto one convenient 12" vinyl slab. members of Till Plains, Weakness, and White Walls

gazer is:
BJM - Drums
MS - Highs
EZDP - Lows

fake bulbs


-(nixon) aka negative nixon are a hardcore band from Boston. These guys play some asshole fucking hardcore punk. they released their first demo on cassette a couple of months ago and are working on a new EP.

kill your parents you scum


Counter are a Straightedge 90's style Metalcore band from Birmingham, Alabama. These dudes have just digitally released a new EP called "Shallow Words Crashing Down on Deaf Ears" and it's up for free download via bandcamp. This stuff rips! FFO: Snapcase, and Turmoil.

counter is:

shallow words crashing down on deaf ears

Women that Drake Has Complimented

Women that Drake Has Complimented are a hardcore/metalcore band from New York. The band have just released an EP appropriately titled “Not ‘Spit it Out’ By Slipknot” which, as you may have guessed, is not a cover of the song Spit it Out by Slipknot. It is, however, 6 original songs, none of which have even a slight connection to Slipknot.

Not "spit it out" by slipknot

Take This Town


Take This Town are a Hardcore band from the Bavarian Forest in Germany. The four-piece draws influences from black metal, sludge, doom and hardcore (think of Rorcal or Celeste) and have released their second EP and is up for free download via bandcamp.

waking dream EP



ColumnIII are a four piece experimental sludge metal band from Tempe, Arizona. These dudes have just released six new songs in a collection called 'Forrotian' which is available on bandcamp for free as well with their past releases.

ColumnIII are:
Ian Smith - Vocals
Alexander Helapitage - Guitar
Kazdin Ippolito - Bass Guitar
Josh Medina - Drums


Found Footage

Found Footage are a noise rock band from Oklahoma City. Hooky, slash-and-burn Midwestern dirge-rock with the textural subtlety of an inflamed skin rash. If you like guitar driven dissonance, but want something to hum along to, look no further. The bands physical album is currently sitting in purgatory at United Pressing, however they have decided to go ahead and have the album available online for download via bandcamp.

FF is:
Garrett Balch - Guitar/Vocals
Austin Tackett - Bass
Aaron Tackett - Drums

As Far As Far your way


Slur are a punk/hardcore band from Birmingham, AL. fast and angry with catchy fuzzy guitar
and pissed shouting vocals. punk as fuck, check it suckers.



 Creepozoidz are three piece post-hardcore band from Tulsa Oklahoma. This trio play a weird hybrid of post-hardcore, grunge, emo, and indie, & are heavily influenced and have been compared to bands like Brainworms, Small Brown Bike, Drive Like Jehu, Haram, Malady, Twelve Hour Turn, Archers Of Loaf, and Cloak/Dagger. There 6 song offering "mutant resources" is out on Horton Records and are discribed as songs you can wring your bloody sleeves out to, the soundtrack to skating the pain away, the voice of discontent by those not too distracted to do something about it, CREEPOZOIDZ wants to infect you with their virulent strain and mutate with you!

creepozoidz are:
Chris B./ Sam B./ Jeremie W.

mutant resources

buy it


Rouille are a Post-Punk/Emo band from France. These dudes have released a debut 7 song LP oscilating between Post-Rock-Hardcore and French Emo, mixing melancholy, passion and rage from Walking Is Still Honest Records. Its up for free download via bandcamp or for sale on the labels big cartel. Features members of  Interlude & Amanda Woodward.

rouille is:
Jerome, Samuel, Chabi, Jesús

on tue Ici
buy here

Amulets Churchdweller split

Social Cancer records is releasing a new split by Amulets and Churchdweller: Darkness + harmony through cassette samples, handmade instruments, & circuit bent electronics characturizes Amulets side of the split while Churchdweller's contribution can be described as blasphemous noise and the the destruction of personal faith assembled & deconstructed in a period of 6 hours.


Buy here
heads up
I'm gearing up for the FEST 13 in Gainesville this weekend so I wont be able to do any band submissions but don't stop sending em in I'll be back on Monday or so. If anyone that vists here is going feel free to hangout with me!

Transient In Barcelona

Transient In Barcelona are an experimental project from Allendale, New Jersey. They are a two piece with the inclusion of friends at different times who play very weird simplistic electronic songs with loud spoken(ish) screams and noise elements. All of their stuff is up for free download via bandcamp.

TIB is:
Joe Satkowski: Vocals
Sean Rovito: Music

empathy simulator

Pretty Hurts

Pretty Hurts is a 3-piece band from Berlin/Germany, founded in early 2014. Felix-Florian Toedtloff of Sun Worship recorded the demo in August. Think of punk along the lines of Die!Die!Die!, Kurt, and Rites of Spring but with a darker edge to it. Lyrics ranging between spider nightmares & hypnagogic hallucinations, disappointment, and creating some sort of crude movement... everyday stuff. features members of BDYBLDNG & Single State of Man

make graves


Endless Swarm

Endless Swarm are a powerviolence/grindcore band from Edinburgh, UK. The band have just put out a new EP "lobotomy" which is up for free download via bandcamp & have tape and CD versions of it avalable at shows & will soon have them online to purchase on their bandcamp too. Influenced by a load of classic PV and grindcore bands such as Spazz, Infest, Napalm Death and Despise You aswell as some noise and power electronics.

ES is:
Graham Caldwell - Vocals
Ben Barrett - Guitar
Alex Sharp - Bass/Vocals
Alain Baron - Drums

lobotomy EP


Tramadol are are a hardcore punk with emotional flair band from Long Island, Ny. Don't know much about these dudes but I do know these songs fucking rule, so check it suckers free download via bandcamp.


Carl Lewis :Track and Field

Carl Lewis :Track and Field is a folkpunk band from Portsmouth UK. the group play folkpunk/punk/trashpunk music about zombie horror films, ex girlfriends, drugs and ex presidents.
The band's EP "whoever wins, we all lose" is available through CBRG records and for free via download bandcamp. awesome chill jams.

Whoever wins, we all lose EP

Lost Limbs

Lost Limbs are a DIY indie/ screamo band from Glasgow, Scotland. The band have released a 2 track demo for free "name your price" download via bandcamp & 100 x numbered CDRs in four colours available for free or donations at gigs or by getting in touch with them via email lostlimbsband@gmail.com. They are planing a album to follow late 2014/ early 2015 on vinyl and in digital format.

LL is:
Phil, Ewan, & Bobby

Demo 2014

Bronson A.D.

Bronson A.D. are a hardcore/thrashmetal-band from LImburg/germany, formed in December 2013. In June 2014 they released their self-titled demo ep & in fall/winter 2014 a 7'' split with three other bands from Europe will be released on totally freaked out records.

BA.D. is:
Guitar - Hendrik
Bass - Bonzo Khan
drums - Marc
vocals - Mucho

demo 2014

The Life of Our Arrangement

The Life of Our Arrangement are a Post-Hardcore/Screamo band from Atlanta, GA. The band is a two person group, a drummer and a guitarist/vocalist & their lyrical content is meant to be fairly reflective of social concerns (marriage equality, etc), both in America and issues transcending political boundaries (classism).

The Lost + Everything They Bring



Cloudburst are a Hardcore band from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. These dudes play Metallic Hardcore / Punk with influences from Converge, Alpinist, Baptists, Botch and Cave In. Their demo is up for free download via bandcamp ( name your price); It's some dark, nasty and loud stuff so break some shit.

cloudburst are:
Mahreza E. - Guitar
Riddho N - Bass
J. Yudha - Drums
A. Okta - Vocals

Dead Demo 2014


The Shanks

THE SHANKS Founded in 2005 on a farm in Mono, Ontario, Canada. The Shanks are a
blistering rock duo comprised of bass and drums. A combination of 1970s album-oriented rock and protopunk, the Shanks belt-out melodic chordal arrangements amidst a sea of low end and pounding rhythms. It’s haunting, tribal arena-rock played on a basement floor. The Shanks have been touring steadily across much of Canada and the U.S. performing at multiple festivals including NXNE. In 2012 and 2013, the band embarked on European tours, first in support of their 3-song 7” EP "Feel The Holes", released Fall 2012 on Mono Butcherboys Records/Fading Ways Music (UK) and distributed by Broken Silence Records (Hamburg), and again this past Fall, 2013. The Shanks will be on tour in the U.S. and Canada in continued support of "Surfing The Lexicon" as the album becomes available through wider distribution this Fall. RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: The Dead Boys, Alice Cooper, Big Business

the shanks are:
Ian Donald Starkey - vocals/bassist
John David Brumell - drums

surfing the lexicon



Depravation are blackened hardcore band from Germany. the band have got a new split tape with Slowly We Rot from Belgium out now & it was released on tape by Dark Omen Records (GER) and Skin & Bones Records (UK). It’s available in three different colors and limited to 100 pieces in total. "Depravation was founded in December 2011. In March 2012 we’ve released our demo-tape “I:PRAEDICTVM”, followed by our first LP "II:MALEDICTVM" in July 2013. Since then we've played a bunch of shows. In April 2014 our drummer moved to Hamburg and had to leave the band. We've recorded the song "With Dead Eyes To See" with our new drummer in June. I guess it's fair to say that our new music has a different vibe, compared to our older tracks. But I'll let you be the judge of this..." Slowly We Rot is the follow up band for Niels after Worms Feed. Founded in late 2013, the 3-piece delivers evil and filth soaked sonic terror in the form of metallic hardcore. The two tracks on this split are their first recordings. Keep your eyes open for these young guns, as there is way more good stuff to be coming from them in the future.

buy it


Mark Plasma

Mark Plasma are a Synth punk project from Baltimore. The debut EP Embrace Technology from Social Cancer Records contains six songs of distorted, dark synth rock. Disturbing, engrossing, and clandestine all at the same time. features member of Quitter, Barbelith & Gutterhooks

Embrace Technology

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Street Shark

Street Shark are a lo-fi punk rock band from Alabama. The band play a compelling mix of catchy post-punk and driving garage rock. Their new EP Heart Age from Social Cancer Records sways between frantic tension and dynamic mischief.

SS is:
john simmons - guitar/vocals
erek smith - bass/vocals
chris eagle - keys
josh jackson - drums

heart age ep

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WØRSEN are a D-Beat punk band from Jacksonville Florida. These dudes play raging  rough & raw metal as fuck D-beat Hardcore and their tape is coming out  soon on primal vomit records.


We Had A Deal

WE HAD A DEAL are a four-piece self discribed "whatevercore-band" from Stuttgart / Germany that combines Hardcore, 90ies Screamo and a bit Punk rock. Recently the band have released a Split 7inch with the group Coma Regalia via multiple labels Farblos Rec. (Germany),  Crapoulet Rec. (France), Middle-Man Rec. (US), Walking Is Still Honest Rec. (Spain), Skin And Bones Rec. (UK), & Pure Heart Rec. (Czech). The split can be download for free via their bandcamp.

WHAD is:
Micha - Vocals
Uli - Guitar/Vocals
Serkan - Bass/Vocals
Sascha - Drums

coma regalia split

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Coma Regalia

Coffin Birth

Coffin Birth are a three piece grindcore band from Brisbane, Australia. Their roots are firmly planted in early UK grindcore but also have a hint of early US death metal. Fantastic ripping grind jams, short & sweet.

Coffin Birth is
Josh - guitar
Alex - drums
Isaac - vocals

Necrotic Liquefaction


Locas is garage punk rock band from Los Angeles, CA. Their first EP "Demonstration" was released on June 1st 2014 & is up for free download via bandcamp full of 6 chill tracks. The band formed when Eddie and Andy had met through a mutual friend in high school and began playing together in a jazz band. After playing together for a few years casually, they had decided to go in a different direction musically. Though Eddie had moved to San Francisco for school, they kept contact through sending ideas to each other to create a new sound for the band. In January of 2014, Eddie moved back to LA and they began work on Demonstration. After only a few local shows, they decided to record at Lolipop Records in Echo Park. After recording the album, they decided they wanted a fuller sound, so Andy enlisted the help of his longtime friend Zak to play bass. In summer of 2014, they focused on playing shows in and around Los Angeles and writing their debut album, slated to be released fall of 2014.


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locas is:
Andy - Guitar / Vocals
Eddie  - Drums
Zak - bass

Cathedral Fever

Cathedral Fever are a Hardcore/Horror Punk band from St. Louis, MO. Even darker than before these dudes release a new EP for free download via bandcamp which tops their last release. Dark & Evil which is all you need.

CF is:
Jerry - vocals
David - Guitar
Derek  - Bass
Spencer - Drums/b.vocals

all pit, no pendulum EP