Jurassic Shark

Jurassic Shark were a hardcore band from Daytona Beach Florida formed in 2006. They were a short lived band that mainly played Daytona and a few times in Atlanta GA. They put out two demos: one was a self produced demo and the second one was recorded by Joe Rigano of Nightlights & Dancefloor Tragedy. They also had super limited hand made shirts for like the 1st two shows (I still have mine laying around somwhere). The flyer for their last show was a tasteful multicolored naked photo of me and long time friend Jesse Shelton. Featured members of Meantime, Know The Score, Dancefloor Tragedy, & Don't Scream Medic.

JS was:
Kyle - vocals
Julian - bass
Cali - guitar (formally drums)
Danny - drums
Josh - guitar

demo 2ksex & demo II

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