Street Fighter II is a Hardcore band from Daytona Beach, FL formed in 2015. We write short jams about fighting everyone, taking it to the streets & a video game you probably grew up with. We originally formed just as a one off joke project to do a split with our sister joke band Dale Earnhardt, but then we got asked to play shows for some reason & the split songs later became a demo cassette that we gave out at the first show. Our recordings are awful so don't expect anything great and we're sort of just waiting for capcom (who I'm a big fan of their games) to give us a cease & desist letter currently. This download comes with our Demo 2k15, a new unreleased song and two live sets. do a split with us or put us out on something cool. featuring members of dale earnhardt, crustgirls, allfather, the wretched sea & close the casket

SFII is:
matt randall - vocals
dillon watson - drums
rob faris - guitar
chris cowles - bass

kial jones - bass

Demo 2k15 +more

Back of a Car

Back of a Car is a solo indie pop project Kelley Williams. He began playing his particular ilk of math-tinged indie/emo as Back of a Car 2014. Back of a Car has completed several diy tours and has played many notable shows, including one with the Mountain Goats. Back of a Car released its debut EP, Neverending, in June 2015.

Kelley Williams - vocals/guitar

Neverending EP


Baja And The Blasters

Baja and the Blasters are a hardcore punk band from Denton Texas formed in 2015. These dudes released a rehearsal demo limited to 14 copies for their first show and was then followed by a real deal demo on cassette from Left Hand Path tapes, and both are up on bandcamp for free download. This band has it all!  movies, anime and a taco bell beverage. Band plays rad blown out hardcore and I've been jamming this stuff non-stop and I wish I could get these guys to do a split with my shitty band. features members of H Cough Noise, Prowl, Mean & Ugly

Jacob Plunkett - guitar
Joey Mapula - bass
John Hodge - drums
Will Mecca - vocals

Pure fucking Blast demo

The Mount Doom

The Mount Doom was a doom metal band from Worcester, MA formed in 2007. This band featured Dominic Mallary of Last Lights, God and Country, Eva Braun, Haunted Like a House, & Art and Hunting fame. The band was made either before or during the early days of last lights and this dark and repetitive EP is essentially one giant song cut in two parts and I'm not sure if they ever made anything else.

Nemesis EP


Faithbloomer are a 3 piece Punk/Shoegaze from the New England area. After jamming for 2 months the band recorded their EP which was done on their own with home equipment, then had their good friend and engineer Rob Tipton master it. They are planing on a release for it on cassette sometime in the future, via their own means.  FFO: Brand New, Nothing, & Pity Sex.

Aaron - Vocals/Guitars
Dave - Bass/Vocals
Drew - Drums

Perennial EP


Bellyache are a grungy shoegaze band from Maine formed in 2015. These dudes have just released a split with band Terrarium & it features two slow churning jams from each band, which will be available on Tapes & Vinyl soon via Be Whole Records and Black Coffin

Seth Noyes - Bass
Mathias Hillborn - Guitar/Vocals
Justin Kovacs - Drums

terrarium split


xBulliesx are a hardcore band from Moscow, Russia. These guys play some mean and tough no nonsense straightedge jams.  you can download it here or on their bandcamp and they also have the original recording for the song "stop it" on there as well.

EP 2015