Women that Drake Has Complimented

Women that Drake Has Complimented are a hardcore/metalcore band from New York. The band have just released an EP appropriately titled “Not ‘Spit it Out’ By Slipknot” which, as you may have guessed, is not a cover of the song Spit it Out by Slipknot. It is, however, 6 original songs, none of which have even a slight connection to Slipknot.

Not "spit it out" by slipknot

Take This Town


Take This Town are a Hardcore band from the Bavarian Forest in Germany. The four-piece draws influences from black metal, sludge, doom and hardcore (think of Rorcal or Celeste) and have released their second EP and is up for free download via bandcamp.

waking dream EP



ColumnIII are a four piece experimental sludge metal band from Tempe, Arizona. These dudes have just released six new songs in a collection called 'Forrotian' which is available on bandcamp for free as well with their past releases.

ColumnIII are:
Ian Smith - Vocals
Alexander Helapitage - Guitar
Kazdin Ippolito - Bass Guitar
Josh Medina - Drums


Found Footage

Found Footage are a noise rock band from Oklahoma City. Hooky, slash-and-burn Midwestern dirge-rock with the textural subtlety of an inflamed skin rash. If you like guitar driven dissonance, but want something to hum along to, look no further. The bands physical album is currently sitting in purgatory at United Pressing, however they have decided to go ahead and have the album available online for download via bandcamp.

FF is:
Garrett Balch - Guitar/Vocals
Austin Tackett - Bass
Aaron Tackett - Drums

As Far As Far your way


Slur are a punk/hardcore band from Birmingham, AL. fast and angry with catchy fuzzy guitar
and pissed shouting vocals. punk as fuck, check it suckers.



 Creepozoidz are three piece post-hardcore band from Tulsa Oklahoma. This trio play a weird hybrid of post-hardcore, grunge, emo, and indie, & are heavily influenced and have been compared to bands like Brainworms, Small Brown Bike, Drive Like Jehu, Haram, Malady, Twelve Hour Turn, Archers Of Loaf, and Cloak/Dagger. There 6 song offering "mutant resources" is out on Horton Records and are discribed as songs you can wring your bloody sleeves out to, the soundtrack to skating the pain away, the voice of discontent by those not too distracted to do something about it, CREEPOZOIDZ wants to infect you with their virulent strain and mutate with you!

creepozoidz are:
Chris B./ Sam B./ Jeremie W.

mutant resources

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Rouille are a Post-Punk/Emo band from France. These dudes have released a debut 7 song LP oscilating between Post-Rock-Hardcore and French Emo, mixing melancholy, passion and rage from Walking Is Still Honest Records. Its up for free download via bandcamp or for sale on the labels big cartel. Features members of  Interlude & Amanda Woodward.

rouille is:
Jerome, Samuel, Chabi, Jesús

on tue Ici
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Amulets Churchdweller split

Social Cancer records is releasing a new split by Amulets and Churchdweller: Darkness + harmony through cassette samples, handmade instruments, & circuit bent electronics characturizes Amulets side of the split while Churchdweller's contribution can be described as blasphemous noise and the the destruction of personal faith assembled & deconstructed in a period of 6 hours.


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