Missiles Of October

Missiles of October are a noise rock/punk rock band formed in 2011. These 3 there play a dirty rock,& heavy music with muffled lo-fi(ish) sounding vocals. FFO: Unsane, thugs, Mc Lusky, Unwound. features members of Rotyes, ex-Contingent, Walpurgis, Rotyes, Frau Blucher and the drunken horses, ex-galvanized, [P.U.T], ex-Monster Eaters, big Peter, & No Hope for All

mof is:
Lionel Beyet: bass/vocals
Bob Seytor: drums
Mathias Salas: guitar/vocals



Black Hole

Black Hole are a Hardcore band from Neosho, Mo. The band was formed november of 2010, & have since  been playing a bunch of shows, recorded, and released a demo in june of 2011. They are releasing a new 7" called Ledges coming out on Outblock Records, which is up for free download(name your price) on their bandcamp. FFO: Villain, Outbreak.

bh is:
Micah Rios - Drums
Brennden Keeter - Guitar
Hal Crossno - Vox
DJ Hamil - Bass

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Bare Your Teeth

Bare Your Teeth are a hardcore band from Crossvile, TN. The band formed from the remains of the band Give 'Em The Sleeper and the former guitarist from By Blood We Are Bonded. the band has released an EP "unscathed" a split with the band No Regrets, a demo and a new s/t 7".

Caleb - Vocals
Steve B. - Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Gary - Guitar/ Backing Vocals
Forest - Bass
Carl G. - Drums

S/T 7"

Big Cartel(buystuff)

Gak Attack!

Gak Attack were a Hardcore band from Burnt Hills, New York formed in 2005. The band played comical Nickelodeon & 90's television inspired hardcore that's alot of fun. These dudes played out here in Daytona a long ways back and I've always been bummed that I missed it due to work or something at the time. The band released a Demo and a Split 7" with the band Earthquake before breaking up.  for fans of Make Or Break, Youth of Today, Nerve Agents, East Bay Hardcore, & Nickelodeon

GA is:
Aaron Attack - Guitar
X K Krunk X - Bass
Cornchip - Drums
6 FT Moose - Occasional 5th Wheel

Demo '05 + split tracks



AUTISM is a Post-metal / Post-Rock band from Lithuania formed in 2012. They have just released their brand new album "The Crawling Chaos" and it's availabe for a free download from their bandcamp(name your price). Some awesome stuff to chill out too filled with great guitar riffs with spoken word vocals.

The Crawling Chaos


The Cloth

The Cloth are A heavy Punk/weirdo hardcore band from Philadelphia, PA. The band plays "Loud as fuck math-rock.. for fans of Unwound and KARP." Brought together by a mutual desire to play shows in dark, smoky places and sleep on their friends' couches and floors. Download their first EP off their bandcamp for free(name your price)

the cloth is:
nate - guitar
tom - bass
jake - drums



Anvileater Records


Anvileater Records out of Dallas have just released a compilation album featuring Metal and Hardcore bands from all over the country. a physical cassette tape release that also features a zine and a patch will be avaible for purchase at Anvileater Records website.
features the bands: End Times, Will To Die, Skinfather, Degenerate, Sex Chamber, Bad Omen, Black Mask, Wolfhammer, Seizures, The Great American Mischief, Beastplague, Boars, Downpour, Altered Minds, Mongrel, BarbarianTX, Plague Survivors, Blurry Vision, Pulled Under, Common Ignorance, & Die Ignorant.

Eaten Alive Comp
Bandcamp(check it)

Council Of Rats

Council Of Rats are a hardcore/punk band from in Milan, Italy. The band self produced their first ep, which they also printed small amount of CD copies. Some good solid hardcore punk jams. features members of La Crisi and Seesaw.

s/t EP



Counter are a Straightedge 90's style Metalcore band from Birmingham, Alabama. The band just put out their first EP called "perpetual white noise" FFO: Snapcase, and Turmoil.

counter is:

perpetual white noise


The Psyke Project

The Psyke Project are a Blackened Post Metal / Sludge Hardcore from Copenhagen, Denmark, Scandinavia. The music of The Psyke Project can best be described as massive, grim and disturbing - adjectives that just barely describe the dystopian and bonecrushing sounds from this Danish blackened post-hardcore / sludge metal outfit. In it's ten years of existence the band has always been an unique entity, which through artistic integrity, more-than-intense live shows and an strong DIY attitude, has shown the way for a wave of young, heavy bands, not at least in their native Denmark. The band displays this fully on their fifth effort "Guillotine" which will be released on May 6th. "Guillotine" is a non-comprimising monster of an metallic hardcore album on which the band unfolds their bleak musical vision on 11 bonecrushing tracks, produced by Jacob Bredahl (HateSphere, The Kandidate a.o.) and recorded live in only 7 days. The album can be streamed and downloaded from the band's bandcamp for free(name your price), & the physical album will be available as 12” 180g gatefold vinyl on  May 7th.

TPP is:
Martin Nielskov: vocals
Mikkel Vadstrup Schmidt: guitar
Rasmus Gajhede Sejersen: drums
Christian Bonnesen: guitar
Jeppe Skouv: bass


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