Change Of Ideas

Change Of Ideas are a fast melodic Hardcore/Punk band from Central Florida that formed in October 2007. I got this demo in 2008 from my friend Jesse when he went to one of their earlier shows. After this demo they released an EP called We're In This Together, A split Tape with Weight Of The World & an LP called Crossover. This demo has Charles Chaussinand playing guitar on the track "don't judge me", & also features ex-member John.

COI is:
Chris Carril
AJ Capriglione
Jonathan Rudd
Matt Kimball.

demo 08

Mach 1.67

MACH 1.67 is a industrial punk/noise band from Japan. The group was formed by actor Asano Tadanobu (known in America for his role as Kakihara in the movie Ichi the Killer) & director Ishii Sogo. They released an LP called Babylon Blood that was more atmospheric compared to the later stuff. Sogo directed a movie called Electric Dragon 80,000V (also staring Asano) that had It's soundtrack supplied by the band. The soundtrack was sold with special editions of the dvd & could be bought by itself on Japanese CD stores. Some time after the film they got back together to release a single called Star Burn, which included the much more aggressive song Shock DNA. (I've never been able to find the songs for Babylon Blood). Asano is also a member of the bands Peace Pill and Safari.

MACH 1.67 is:
Asano Tadanobu - vocals/guitar
Kujun - drums
Fujinoya Mai - bass
Ueno Takashi - guitar/sax
Onogawa Hiroyuki - music
Ishii Sogo - music

guest members:
Nagase Masatoshi - backup vocals
Iwaida Michimoto - bass
Mana - vocals (on babylon)
Mar - vocals (on babylon)

star burn



Exosus was a band from Washington DC that formed in august of 2002 that played fast, loud, and distorted Hardcore. These guys were pretty unknown to anyone outside the DC area but they became one of my favorite bands and their EP was one of the very 1st vinyl records i had ever bought. I got the pleasure to see them on their last tour In 2005 when Billy booked them to play in Daytona at Nicely's Tavern before they broke up. They were insane, loud, spazzy and the lead singer Allen was all over the place, including jumping on top of me during the last song causing us both to slam to the ground. For this download I have put together their EP Feed The Furnace 7" (which i recommend to anyone that can find it, it has an amazing die cut packaging) The Clancy Six Split 7", and the Fight Amputation Split CD. They Also Released a Summer Tour 2003 Demo and a Self Titled Demo (both were limited to only 100 each) but I've never been able to track either down. Members were in or went on to be in: Ochlochracy, Crispus Attucks, Apostate, Tradition Dies Here, The Prisoner's Dilemma, Left Unsaid, Flowers In The Attic, & Never Enough

exosus was at times:
Rebecca - guitar
Allen - vocals
Joshy - drums
Adam - guitar
Henry - bass
Pat - guitar
Zach - guitar
American Dave - guitar
Nathan - guitar
Sean - guitar

feed the furnace 7"

Exosus/Clancy Six 7" split

Exosus/Fight Amputation Split CD


Dear Diary I Seem To Be Dead

Dear Diary I Seem To Be Dead was a 90's Screamo inspired Hardcore band from New Orleans that lasted from 2002 til 2003. Not much to say, these guys were amazing. This download includes their EP, LP & a Live Set. Members of Dear Diary were in or went to be in: Chopsley (I & II), Thou, Path Of Daggers Crown Of Swords, Eat A Bag Of Dicks, Morality Dicatates, Hatchback, Head Pro, Red Beards, Promis & Not From China.

Dear Diary was:
Bryan, Chuck, Dave, Steve, & Eric.

EP/LP/Live Set.

Never Enough

Never Enough was a hardcore band from Baltimore that was known for their dislike of religion in hardcore. These guys have been one of my favorite bands for awhile, they play fast pissed off hardcore. Before breaking up the band released a discography from Organized Crime records called Dead Set on Destruction, that Includes: their 2003 Demo (which some songs were on the Solid Ground split 7" as well), Our will is done 7", an Unreleased EP called Give Me Oblivion & a live set at WMUC on may 10th 2004. interesting note here is that this Discography isn't technically complete as its missing their 1st demo that they didn't want to include and I've never been able to track down. Members were in or went on to be in: Pulling Teeth, Exosus, 25 Ta Life, Code Blue, Gamewinner, Looks Like Rain, The Rock Band, Liars Academy, The Pee Tanks, Springboard, Old Line Trio, Daybreak, Jon Falk!, Innerside Burning, Commin Correct, Caste, Deperate Measures, Crispus Atticts, Worn Thin, Drugs Of Faith, Flowers In The Attic, Och'loch'racy, Apostate, Ironboss, Mal Humour, Rancid Decay, Inspite, Cant'say, Suburban Vermin, Deep Sleep, The Oranges Band, Ratsize, Government Warning & Unrestrained.

NE was at times:
Pat Martin - bass
Gus Bowman - guitar
Tony Pence - vocals
Alex Henderson - drums
Nick Vance - guitar
Alex D. - guitar
Evan Tanner - bass
Rebecca - guitar
Sean - guitar
Matt - guitar
Mitch - guitar?

dead set on destruction


Suspect were a hardcore band from Tallahassee formed in 2006. Don't know alot about the band, they only lasted roughly a years length of time, releasing only this one demo and played some shows before breaking up. Before Suspect formed Saad, Brandon and Esteban were in the band No Fucking Way & Member Jack went on to be in Dea, & Flame Still Burns after breaking up.

Suspect was:
Saad A - vocals
Jack V - bass
Brandon Q - guitar
Esteban F - drums

fill in live members:
David - Guitar
Mike C - Drums
Brian Ray - Drums
Jordan V - Drums
Nelson - Drums
Sebastian - Guitar/Drums

demo 06


Evil Wrath

Evil Wrath Is a Black Metal Band from Canada formed in early 2005. They have had many line up changes with only Nekros & Morbid being the only recurring members. Their lyrics mainly deal with Anti-Humanism, hatred against humanity, War & fighting. After forming they released the L'essence Du Mal Demo. In 2006 they released their 2nd demo A.M.S.G. followed by the full length Défaillance Monumentale. In February of 2008 they released a split 10” with the band Pagan Rites. 2009 saw the release of their 2nd full length Chaotical Invasion which featured a guest appearance on two songs by Amduscias from Temple of Baal. This year Evil Wrath have released a compilation release featuring all of their demo material called A pact with Satan... The fall of Man. Members were also in Nekros Pervertor, V.A.C.K., Sephyroth, & Nocturnal Blasphemy.

main members:
Nekros - vocals
Morbid - guitar, bass, b.vocals

session & ex-members:
Seb Cloutier - guitar
Dan liker - bass
Fredrik Widigs - drums
Zvord - drums
Damn - guitar
Dark Massacre - drums
J. Destruction - bass, b.vocals
Amduscias - guitar

Chaotical Invasion

Defaillance Monumentale


Crud Is A Cult

Crud Is A Cult was a hardcore straightedge band from Philadelphia that formed in the 90's. The band was fronted by Sean McCabe (before he broke edge) who sung in Flagman for a short time before crud formed. As a Band they put out 2 EP 7"s (the 2nd one i think was never officially released) and a demo Tape, also i read they regularly didn't appear for shows. Later on Sean went to be in Mandela Strike Force and Ink & Dagger before passing away. Some of the other members were in the bands Laurel, & Native Black. They tried reforming a few times in 08 & 09 and it seems that sometime in winter this year the remaining members are planing on releasing a new 3 song EP called "Unburied".

X'ed up Sean

crud was:
Sean(rip), Alec, Josh, Dave, & Ed.

1st EP & 2nd EP

Triple Corpse Horror Demo



Johnny The Homicidal Maniac - Radio Drama.
This is something a bit different up for download. I'm sure many people recall the violent comic book by Jhonen Vasquez who also made many other comics and the TV series Invader Zim. This Unofficial Radio Drama was made by the now defunct group/website "The Sacrifice Alter", they were planing on doing the full comic series of all 7 issues, but that never happened. The website has long been gone and this recording isn't up for download anywhere that I know of, so I thought I would share to any one that might like this sort of thing. Thanks to Vix for sharing part two with me!

*the complete Cast list is located here

Radio Drama


Carlisle was a Screamo band from Orlando. they combined melodic, and very catchy music with passionate almost banchee like screamed vocals (with some clean vocals on certain songs as well). In 1995 their prevous band Adversary broke up when bassist Jeff left to be in Reversal Of Man, leaving Ryan, Brain, & Zach to form Rosalind. In 1996 Rosalind broke up and later became the first incarnation of Carlisle. As a band Carlisle only released two 7"s and a few compilation appearances. A discography of all their material was released through IFB Records in 2006 which also saw their Reunion Show which i still kick myself to this day for missing. Carlisle is one of the few bands that makes me proud of being from Florida, they played really heart filled music and one can tell they were all the best of friends doing something they loved. I don't think i'll ever regret my Carlisle tattoo. Members went on to be in Madison, In Arcadia, Peterbuilt, As Friends Rust, Salem, Reversal of Man, How Dare You, This Destorys & some more. The Discography includes 8 new recorded songs, the self titled 7" , the Functions of Several Variables 7", all their Compilation tracks & some unreleased 4 track recordings.

Carlisle was:
Ryan Dahlberg - Vocals
Zach Swain - Drums
Roger Painter - Bass
Brian Hanson - Guitar
Joe Enos - Guitar (1st era)
Gregg Blachstein - Guitar (2nd era)
Andy Strickland - Guitar (3rd era)

this means everything to me

I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism In Your Yearbook

I Wrote Haikus About Cannibalism In Your Yearbook was a Screamo band from Antioch, California. Not alot to say other than these guys played some really fantastic stuff. For fans of 90's style screamo, Pg 99, Orchid and all that kinda jazz. Some members went on to be in Who Calls So Loud, Beau Navire and Punch.

iwhaciyy was:
freddie, trei, daniel, & steve



Daybreaker is an Indie band from Boston featuring ex-members of With Honor & Ambitions. They formed in the spring of 2009, which also saw the release of this 3 song Demo. They embarked on their first few tours in April which included a northeast run with Rust Belt Lights. Sometime this year they are suppose to be releasing both an EP and a full-length record.

daybreaker is:
Dan Rose -vocals/guitar
John Ross - drums
Jeffrey Aust - guitar
Ryan Storer - bass


You And I

You and I were a Chaotic Screamo/Hardcore band from New Jersey formed in 1997. They had a heavy sound interlaced with noisy mosh parts, high pitched screams, clean vocals, singalongs, non-standard song structures & lots of melodic rhythm sections. These guys were really awesome, definitely for anyone into 90's screamo. In 1997 the band released their 1st 7" Hearts on Paper on Sage Records (which was later reissued by Trackstar Records. Also during the same year they released their 1st LP Saturday's Cab Ride Home on Spiritfall Records, which later saw the leaving of their drummer Charles who was soon replaced by Chris. The next year saw an EP called Within the Frame on Your Best Guest & Spiritfall. In 1999 they released their last release and LP entitled The Curtain Falls on Level Plane Records. You And I played their last show on May 8th 1999 with Saetia, Carlisle, Cable Car Theory and Stormshadow. In 2003 Alone Records put out a Discogprahy CD which contained everything recorded minus The Curtain Falls LP. Members were in or went on to be in the bands: Instil, Sky Falls Down, This Ship Will Sink, Neil Perry, The Assistant, Welcome The Plague Year, In First Person, Track Of Monarchs, We Are Empire & Hot Cross.

YOU AND I was:
Justin Hock - Vocals / Bass
Thomas Schlatter - Guitar / Vocals
Casey Bill Boland - Guitar / Vocals
Chris Boland - Drums / Vocals
Jon Marinari - Bass / Vocals
Charles Butera - Drums / Vocals (1st 7" & 1st LP)

The Curtain Falls LP


DanceFloor Tragedy

Dancefloor Tragedy was a Rock influenced Hardcore band from Daytona formed January 1st 2004 by members Mike Wesley, Joe Rigano, Rusty Randall & James Hartsell. In this time frame they recorded a music video For the song "Guillotines Third Symphony" that appears in special features of the movie Automation Transfusion (also one of the main charters wears a DFT shirt & they are referenced to at times). They were also on the movie's soundtrack. Roughly a year later Troy Branham Joined the group as well. In 2006 Troy and James left and in May Danny Sanzhez & Carl Mastropolo joined taking over on drums & guitar. Shortly after this line up Carl left to pursue other projects (he does a pretty cool solo acoustic thing) and Josh Clark joined in his place. As a band DFT played all the southeast states from Mississippi to Virginia on multiple tours with a girl a gun a ghost, sleeping alone, in the ruins, the waking life, imperial and ambush. They recorded a 4 Song Demo (which no one has), a Self Released EP, and had worked on a 2nd EP that never got finished. The two songs that did get recorded "tip your bartender" and a cover of "take me home tonight" were both put on two limited comp CD's I made and gave out at shows to kids that came with a zine I used to make. They started to fall apart at the end of 2007 on tour that including the departure of Josh & Danny. Danny would still help out and fill in on drums the last few times they played shows in early 2008. They never had a real last show but the final ones they did play included Melody's birthday show in Palm Coast, at Island Oasis in Orlando & a Melbourne show. Featured members of: Halos For Hookers, Boy Meets Heart, Jurassic Shark, Every Waking Moment, Nightlights, Knife Your Neighbor, One X One, Pope Mobile, Grandview, & Clockwork Affiliate. Included with this download is the EP, both comp tracks, the original version of Guillotines 3rd symphony, & 2 live songs that were never recorded.

DFT was at different times:
Mike "Mikey Guns" Wesley - vocals
Joe Rigano - guitar
Rusty Randall - bass
James Hartsell - drums
Troy Branham - guitar
Josh Clark - guitar
Carl Mastropolo - guitar
Danny Sanchez - drums

Dancefloor Tragedy were always a local favorite and always put on fun memorable shows. The two I recall the most are one in 2006 on my birthday at the metal lounge (which was also Troy's last show) everyone was cram packed into that place jumping off the walls, and The 2nd one would be the Coffee Connection show that I'm sure everyone that was there can recall fondly, where they didn't even get half way through the 2nd song before the venue was torn apart and coffee connection refused putting on hardcore shows for almost a year. I also enjoyed when the guys would let me do vocals for Guillotines 3rd Symphony live sometimes.

DFT Collection.



Nightlights is an up and coming melodic punk band from Daytona/Orlando. The band features members of Dance Floor Tragedy, Nervous Breakdown, Meantime & No Harm Done, which some may be familiar with. They formed in 2009 and released this demo at that time. As of 2010 they are preparing to release a new EP. Nightlights is for fans of Latterman, Shorebirds, and Jawbreaker.

NL is:
Matt Messore- guitar, vocals
Joe Rigano- guitar
Alex Kelpper- bass
Jake Kneer- drums

Josh Call - bass
Daniel Sanchez - drums
Chris Catterson- bass


Breaker Breaker

Breaker Breaker - Collection.
Breaker Breaker was a straightedge hardcore band from California that formed in 2001. They played straight forward hardcore with depressing lyrics in the vein of American Nightmare & Horror Show. During the short time as a Band, Breaker Breaker put out a self released demo tape that was later repressed as a 7" on Bridge 9, followed by an EP called Out of Service on Martyr Records that was released after the band broke up. After the break up lead singer Mark Kelley went on to be in the even shorter lived band Treason in 2002. I've also included the Treason Demo in this download. Treason was a super short lived fast distorted hardcore band with depressing lyrics that Mark made after Breaker Breaker broke up. They released this one 10 song demo & played only a handful of shows before breaking up. Two of the members went on to be in the band Lights Out

bb was:
Chris Denoncourt
Jonah Nishihira
Rusty Munro
Mark Kelley
Chris Jones
Seth Hyman


Out Of Service EP.

Treason - demo.


I Am Heaven

I Am Heaven was a emo-hardcore band from Philadelphia formed in 1995. They came about after the break ups of the Philly bands Frail, Elements of Need, True Hi-Fidelity & The Gangplansisteele Quartet. They released a Demo tape, followed by the self titled 12" that was released In a very limited amount of only 450. Also 100 of the 450 vinyls made were set aside and re-released in 2008 with a new booklet. The band is noted for having member Eric Wareheim of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! fame. Some members went on to be in Mandela Strikeforce, The Science Of, AM/FM, & Ink & Dagger.

IAH was:
Mike Parcell - drums
Fred Coldwell - vocals
Eric Wareheim - guitar
Brian Hutchinson - bass

Self Titled LP + Demo