Paul Newman and the Ride Home

are a 5-piece folky pop-punk band from baltimore. They consider themselves folk-funk pop-core but whatever you want to call them it's very fun and catchy. Some of their songs were written while member Jacob was homeless, and also while he was in rehab in orlando. Once he got out he formed the band. check it out.

Nico - drums
Jacob - ukelele/vocals
Stefano - guitar
Matt - guitar
Will - bass

The Importance of Being Earnest Hemingway

Night Sins

Night Sins is a Goth Rock/Punk band from Philadelphia. This stuff rules really dark and moody for fans of Christian Death & Bauhaus. They released a Demo tape on Dead Living and are working on a 12" EP on Evil Weevil Records. Members of Salvation, Mother of Mercy, and Nothing

NS is:
Kyle Kimball - Bass / Vocals
Drew Ferry - Guitar
Michael Bachich - Drums
Chris Betts - Guitar

Demo Tape


Trenchfoot are a hardcore band from Rockland County NY. they just released a self titled 7" this year that was recorded by Kurt Ballou of Converge. this bad boy is 10 songs of short and fast thrashy hardcore. Great stuff so check them out, their 7" is up for a "name your own price" download so either get it for free or donate and help them out. they also have their demo on there as well.

self-titled 7"
DOWNLOAD (from bandcamp)

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Bubonic Bear

Bubonic Bear are a two piece sludge punk band from Philadelphia. This is my second post, check the other one out for the rest of their stuff. This is their brand new full length called "fleshworld" that's set to be put on on vinyl and tape, it's just two dudes making some killer music, so check it out.

bb is:
Dustin Khebzou
Andrew North

fleshworld LP


Warm Hands

Warm Hands are a hardcore/punk band from Jacksonville Florida. This is my second post for them, check out the first one for the demo which rules too. last time I said they went on hiatus,but they now have a new upcoming split 7" being self-released in January on our their own label, Warhouse Records. It's with the band called Blackheath from Portland, Oregon. They are planing to start playing out again as soon as the record is put out, and maybe a small tour in March and are playing 'Hardcore 4 Hardcore' Fest this month. All 3 tracks from the 7" are up for free download at the bandcamp so check it out. *not to be confused with the goth band of the same name*

Split 7" with Blackheath

Brain Damage

Brain Damage(also known as The Damage) was a Hardcore Punk band from Jacksonville, formed in the winter of 2004. After a demo the band released a 7" in 2005 that was put out by Wake Up And Live Records, which was followed by a small tour with the band I Accuse!. Sometime later the guys were plagued by member changes, and had a name change from Brain Damage to "The Damage". Under the new name they took a more rougher hardcore sound than they previously had. In 2006 they signed to Cabal Records and were planing on releasing an EP called "Feed The Vultures" but they broke up before it was ever released or finished as far as I know. I got to see this band a few times, one of which was out here in Daytona with Kids Like Us and The Neon Hookers and I really got into these guys quick, they ruled live so I got pretty bummed once they disappeared. They had a reunion in 2011 for a big New Year's Eve event called "Hardcore 4 Hardcore" out in Jax under the Brain Damage name. This download includes the Demo, Ack! Ack! 7" and some songs from the unreleased EP.

BD was at times:
Christian - Vocals
Chris - Guitar
Justin - Guitar
Eric - Bass
Jesse - Drums
Brian - vocals
Quinn - drums
might be some others.

Demo/ack ack 7"/feed the vultures