Years From Now

I really loved this band...Years From Now was a melodic punk/hardcore band from Daytona formed in 2005. I got this Demo from lead singer Mikey after their 1st show at Nicely's Tavern in Daytona, he was passing them out for free and ended up handing me 2 copies which I still have both of today. These guys were Daytona local Favorites, everyone loved them. They always played really fun shows filled with catchy sing-alongs and pile ups. As a band they released this 05 Demo, So Much Promise 7", We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat LP, & Enough Already EP. Also they were featured on the State of the Scene Comp, & got to play Significant Fest, The End of Summer Jam Fest, & This Is For You Fest. The band called it quits in 2008, but they played a reunion set at Meantime's last show on April 3rd 2010. Members of Axis, We're Not Dead, Meantime, Portals, Redemption, Night On Earth, The Other Side of The Sky, & Radio War.

YFN was:
mikey - vocals
alexx - guitar
mike - guitar
shane - bass
justin - drums

Demo 2005


*note: this is a joke release skip from downloading lol*
Exercist was a joke Gothic Electronic Work Out Music group formed in 2004. The group was started by Brian, Pat & Me one night when I was staying the night at Pat's house, we came up with the Idea that it would be funny to make Gothic workout music. So we recorded this nonsense and all went under fake names. We talked of making more stuff but after this song we never did and down the line we drifted apart. I went on to do a bunch of garbage "music" projects that I refuse to talk about. Brian was in Fate of the Sparrow, Epileptica, Khann & Thus a Tyrant. Pat is in Axis and was in Meantime, Fate of the Sparrow, Thus a Tyrant, & Khann. sorry if either of pat and brian ever stumble on this post or anyone for that matter.

Exercist was:
matt randall (Nikolai) - spooky vocals
brian berberich (Bosk) - pounding drums
pat chumley (Honz) - dark synth/beats

join us in dahkness single.


Moose-Jaw was a Hardcore Punk Band from Sebring Florida. This is my friend Chris Williams' old band that formed In 2003(i think) which also was when they released their 1st recording The ExPx. In 2005 they released their only LP Waiting For a Weapon, were featured on a Florida Street Punk Compilation & an Evil Dead Records Compilation I released.After the band broke up Chris went on to play guitar in Sincerity & bass for awhile in Battle! Also sometime after releasing the Waiting For A Weapon LP The band recorded another release that was lost (if I recall correctly a car wreck had something to do with it)

MJ was at times:
Chris - vocals
Josh - drums
Matt - guitar
Dustin - bass
Andy - bass/guitar
Krispy - guitar
Adam - bass

waiting for a weapon + the EP



Jawsome is a Hardcore band from Gainesville formed in 2006. Oh how I love these guys, they write songs about Spring Break (2006 in general), getting drunk, Jaws, beach life and other funny bro related things. Jawsome (formally known as "Jawsome!!") are some of the nicest dudes I have ever met. I first came across them in Gainesville when I played Bro-Stock 07 with them and a lot of other bands, they were sitting at the bar watching my stupid  E.B.2000 project loving every moment & then once they took to the stage it was instantly a mad house of mosh, pile ups and boogie boards. Afterward I was introduced to everyone by James of Battle! later on I booked them a show out here in Daytona as well. they would play random slew of shows before breaking up and having a last show and like two reunion shows. these downloads are everything they have put out: their Demo, the LP "the number of the beach" and the EP "life is beachy" which is on their bandcamp for name your price/free. features members of  Dikembe & Senders

Jawsome is:

endless spring break 06 fuck yeah!

number of the beach + demo

Life is Beachy


Finisher is a 3 piece heavy metal/hardcore "stoner metal" band from Massachusetts that formed in 2006. I got this demo from member Bill who also used to play bass in Battle! & was a one time drummer for my old shitty semi joke band Riley Mason. He sent it to me so i could put a song on this Compilation CD I released that was passed out at shows out here. They put out a new LP this year on Witch Trial Records called Socially Dead which everyone should check out.

Finisher is:
Joe Streeter - Drums
Bill Kurtz - Bass/Vocals
Ryan Bowie - Guitar/Vocals

Demo 2008



XBRIGHTX is a Straightedge hardcore band from Nagoya Japan. They formed in 2008 when Have Heart & Shipwreck were on tour in Japan and the guys wanted to play the show, so they formed the band in order to get on and have been playing ever since. This is a Rehearsal Demo (a demo before a demo if you will) but it sounds really good. They made 450 of these (the first 50 copies all had custom made covers by each band member) and gave them all out for free at shows, record stores and by mail, so I was stoked when I got one in the mail today. Some of the members were also in the band Buraito.

xbrightx is:
xKennyx - vocals
xKantax - guitar
xLe Diablex - guitar
xBara SDx - drums
xHide Boyx - bass

autumn '09 sessions

Wrestling Shadows

Wrestling Shadows was an Indie influenced Hardcore band from Daytona. They only recorded this Demo, & there was one more song but it's long been lost. I don't Know a whole lot of the back story but pretty much there was a fight within the band causing a break up. Matt, Johnny & Daniel went on to be in psychedelic indie band Radon Moon and James & Ryan went on to be in the rock metalcore band Fate of The Sparrow & later Crimson Valkyrie.

WS was:
matthew wall - vocals
johnny sutliff - bass
james taylor - guitar
daniel wall - keyboard
ryan taylor - drums

3 song demo.

Radon Moon

Radon Moon is a Psychedelic Synth driven Indie rock band from the Daytona formed in 2004(?). Radon Moon was formed by members Matthew Wall, Daniel Wall & Johnny Stuliff after the collapse of their former band Wrestling Shadows. After some time they added two more members, Joshua Hartz who came up with the name Radon Moon: The name was conceived after a possible UFO sighting he and Matthew had & Later on came the addition of Shea Crawford. Radon Moon were known for always playing with any kind of band be it indie or hardcore. I've always had a lot of fun at their shows because they are really great guys and make good music. They used to always play an in-prov "hardcore" song for me and some of the other kids at the end of their set to have fun to, also sometimes they'd let me do vocals at the end of the song "for ten minutes" which is my favorite song by them. They haven't been playing out as much as they used to but I still try to catch them anytime I can. Also for a short time the band was a six piece but I don't recall the guys name, he was only in the band for like 2 shows.

RM is:
Matthew Wall - Lead Vocals/Guitars
Daniel Wall - Keyboards/Programming/Vocals
Shea Crawford - Guitars
Joshua Hartz - Bass Guitar
Johnny Sutliff - Drums/Percussion

She Was The Sun LP

I Have An Italian Past Demo & Black Magic Rainfall single


The Misfats

The Misfats are the self proclaimed fattest Misfits tribute band ever. They take Misfits songs and change them into being about Food. They never made real recordings of their songs, but there was a live released "misfits tribute EP" that was put out so I've put the EP & tracked down the other 4 live recorded songs (finally!) and put them together in this collection. I have also included a wordpad of the lyrics to the songs on here.

The Misfats were:
Foil Von FranksNBeans - guitar
Jerry Baloney - bass
Dr. C.H.O.A.D. - drums
Glen Hamzinger - vocals

waddle among us..2004-2008

live collection.


Riley Mason

*note: this post is more for personal friends, feel free to skip past this as its not very good.

Riley Mason was a Hardcore/Metalcore/Experimental Band I used to have. We were mostly from the Daytona, Ormond & Port Orange areas. I listed all the genres for the fact that we changed our sound in almost every recording we did, but all sucked. We Formed in 2007 by me and John Daly after our old band Sevenbats broke up. We came up with the name from our shared love of the porn star Riley Mason. After forming and getting Ryan & Daniel interested in being involved we kind of just sat on it and nothing happened for awhile. Continuing on I got my friends Gary Shene & Kyle Valery to help me out and so our 1st Self Titled Demo was made followed by having a song on the Evil Dead Records comp CD "the summer never ends". Gary & Kyle both became busy with stuff (and Kyle already helped me out a lot on another project at the time called Eddie Brock), and they left the group. With their departure Ryan "snakebites" Maciog joined on guitar & we played our first show at Artistic Soul Tattoo in Ormond Beach with Billy Kurtz on drums. Shortly after Cody Giles joined and became the permanent drummer, which also led him to being the second longest lasting member after me. Also Stephen Richardo joined as Keyboards for a short time but sadly was never on any recordings. With this line up we recorded two demo CDs one called Shitty Demo & the other Team Toguro Demo. Around this time my friend in California, Mark who had a label he was doing called Shit Tapes put out all of our demo material (minus team toguro demo) we had recorded from 2007-2008 on a limited edition cassette tape. We later got Camden Cruz on guitar & Rudd Wellington on bass to join us and we recorded five new songs, three of which were used for our Winter EP. Ryan left the group after the EP and Kasey "HElium" Kasket joined as 2nd guitar, but never appeared on any recordings. Camden becoming more and more busy with his band Seven Kingdoms & left the group with Kasey following soon after as well. Chris Cowles & Nick Diloreto joined and we recorded two more sets of recordings. The first we put together with the two remaining recordings from the Winter EP sessions and for the new recording we went under a fake name "He Who Walks Behind The Rows" to make the release a split. The second was used for the Blood For the Corn Demo which had two different versions one a CD and the other a limited edition Floppy Disk. We broke up late 2009 and put out a Discography CD that contains everything recorded as Riley Mason & includes both demo songs recorded as Sevenbats. Some members were in or went on to be in: Eddie Brock (fl) , Seven Kingdoms, This Solemn Vow, The Arrows Block The Sun, My X The Slut, Over Population, Sevenbats, Uncle Buck, Table For One, Catalepsy, Face Down In Blood, Battle!, Finsher, Savannah, Disco Magician, Worlds Apart, The Surgery Circus, Sick To The Back Teeth, & Lets Take The Train,

RM was at different times:
Matt Randall - lead vocals
Cody Giles - drums
Chris Cowles - guitar
Nick Diloreto - bass
Camden Cruz - guitar
Kasey HElium - guitar
Rudd Wellington. - bass
Ryan Snakebites. - guitar
Bill Kurtz - drums
Stephen Ricardo - keyboards
Kyle Valery - guitar/drums/electronics
Gary Shene - guitar/drums
John Daly - guitar
Ryan - bass
Daniel - guitar

Sevenbats was a short lived hardcore band(We only lasted for a few months) formed in late 2006 that I had before Riley Mason started up. Formed by Mike Mcgrath, Jon Harris & Me we recorded our 1st demo song and soon got Tarik to join us, but due to his busy work life we replaced him with Paul J for a short time. Later John Daly joined and Conner took over for Paul. With this line up we recorded one more demo song (that I never got around to putting vocals on). We called it quits soon after and me and John went on to start Riley Mason.

Sevenbats was:
Matt Randall - vocals
Mike Mcgrath - guitar
John Daly - guitar
Jon Harris - drums
Conner - bass.
Tarik - bass
Paul J - bass


Every Waking Moment

Every Waking Moment was a melodic hardcore band from Daytona that formed in 2002. Sadly the later Heavier stuff wasn't ever recorded. For the time they were around they played loads of local shows & toured (which included going to New Orleans & Baton Rouge). They would accept any show they could get on, some of which consisted of playing in a pawn shop/comic book/hardware store, a hotel lobby, at a skate park on a ramp, & in the middle of a park that no one got a permit for. Sometime after a tour with friends Virgina Is For Lovers the band began to drift away from drummer James, there had been some trouble with him before hand but it finally got to the point of no return after they were returning home from a show in Tampa that involved seeing a car wreck. The band decided against recording new material, and members mikey & matt began work on their new band Total Recall. Every Waking Moment had their final show in the summer of 2004. Members went on to be in Years From Now, Total Recall, Same Mistake, & DanceFloor Tragedy.

EWM was:
mikey hawkins - guitar
james hartsell - drums
mike andrews - vocals
matt fisher - bass
chris ladwig - bass(temp fill in)

the audition EP

For the full story on Every Waking Moment visit member Mikey's Blog:
the hard way

Loving Lady Death

Loving Lady Death was a Melodic Metalcore band from Daytona. Their lyrics mostly dealt with dark themes such as horror (vampires or monsters) or depression. They were one of my favorite local bands, but despite my love of this band and knowing the members/being good friends with Gino I really don't have a lot of info to share other than they played a lot of shows and had a pretty decent following out here. Sadly they only put out one EP as a band, but I have also included with this download 2 lost rough demo instrumental tracks that were made before the recording of the EP (one of the 2 songs was never re-recorded for the EP thanks for letting me get these Gino). Some members were in or went on to be in Of A Divergent Blood, Angels & Demons, The Autumn Offering, Severed Existence, Hearts Evolved & Allys.

LLD was at times:
brett bortle - vocals
gino marasco - guitar
mike bortle - drums
james monico - bass
sean boot - guitar/b.vocals
jon ponder - guitar
matt - guitar
robby - bass

Winter EP (+ 2 rough demos)

Catalepsy (old)

Catalepsy was originally a Death Metal influenced Metalcore band with members from New Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach & Titusville before they relocated to Orlando,FL. The band was formed in 2004 by members Rob, Ben & Justin. These recordings were during the early days of Catalepsy way before they turned into a "Nu-Metal" inspired Deathcore band, before stillborn records & way before all the other vocalists & 3 guitar players at once. At the time of these recordings they played every weekend out here in Daytona with Dying Memories (later changed to Dawn of Acadia), Face Down In Blood, Shaleah, & The Dead Shall Rise (ex-Catalepsy vocalist Robert's old band) at the Metal Lounge & the Coffee Connection sometimes. Everyone used to hate them like crazy at first mostly due to the lead singer Ben crawling on the floor shirtless grabbing kids legs, but after some time kids started to get more into them (the line-up with Nancy on vocals was a real big hit out here), I'm probably one of the only people that still have these CD's anymore so I'm sure someone out there will be happy to have these songs. This Catalepsy is definitely not the same Catalepsy that came to be, but It is the only way I will care to remember them. Former singer Nancy was also the ex-vocalist of the bands Awaiting Winter & Extinction. Matt S. & Pat C. went on to be in the heavy hitters Meantime together, Pat also went on to do Khann & the phenomenal Axis, Main member Rob would keep Catalepsy alive with many member changes until the transformed the band into the Dubstep Deathcore band Exotype.

-Hallow line-up was:
benjamin tucker - vocals
rob walden - guitar
justin grimes - drums
danny schwartz - bass

-Eros line-up was:
benjamin tucker - vocals
rob walden - guitar
matt selovers - guitar
justin grimes - drums
danny schwartz - bass

-Devices line-up was:
nancy michelle - vocals
rob walden - guitar
matt selovers - guitar
justin grimes - drums
pat chummly - bass

all 3 demos


Jurassic Shark

Jurassic Shark were a hardcore band from Daytona Beach Florida formed in 2006. They were a short lived band that mainly played Daytona and a few times in Atlanta GA. They put out two demos: one was a self produced demo and the second one was recorded by Joe Rigano of Nightlights & Dancefloor Tragedy. They also had super limited hand made shirts for like the 1st two shows (I still have mine laying around somwhere). The flyer for their last show was a tasteful multicolored naked photo of me and long time friend Jesse Shelton. Featured members of Meantime, Know The Score, Dancefloor Tragedy, & Don't Scream Medic.

JS was:
Kyle - vocals
Julian - bass
Cali - guitar (formally drums)
Danny - drums
Josh - guitar

demo 2ksex & demo II

A Horror Story (king conquer)

A Horror Story were a Metalcore band formed in early 2002, in Naples FL. They went by the name A Horror Story from 2002-2006 and this is one of their 1st demos. I got my copy from when they used to be Daytona regulars all the time at the Metal Lounge, some of the times playing with the PA metalcore band The Storm. Down the line they changed their name to King Conquer, for awhile they kept the music style the same but these days they have adapted a more "deathcore" kinda sound & are signed to Mediaskare Records. Since the times I have seen them to now there's been tons of line-up changes (example: there's been like around 4 vocalists I believe) so I don't know the line-up of this Demo. This has my favorite song by them called "return of the cannonball" which they don't like playing live anymore.

KC is now:
james - vocals
adam - bass
chris - drums
tony - guitar
brodie - guitar
john - guitar

conquer demo



DVDA is a comedic punk rock band formed in 1996 that features South Park creators Trey Parker & Matt Stone. The name refers to a sexual position meaning "double vaginal, double anal". The band has opened for Ween and Primus and performed at the Lapdance film festival in 2000.

DVDA is:
Trey Parker - Keyboards/Lead Vocals
Matt Stone - Bass/Guitar/Vocals/Drums
Bruce Howell - Guitar
D.A. Young - Keyboards/Vocals
Nels Dielman - Drums (ex-member)


Horror Show

Horror Show was a hardcore band from Philadelphia. The band was very much in the vein of American Nightmare and many others, with lyrics dealing with loneliness and heartbreak. After the release of their self released demo tape Deathwish put out the debut CD/7"EP, "Our Design", which Horror Show toured the east coast U.S. in support of the release. They also played a number of memorable hometown shows and made an appearance at the Deathwish/Bridge 9 Festival in 2003. In late 2004, Horror Show released their "The Holiday" 7"EP on Deathwish, which came to be their final recording due to singer Nicky Money going to jail for stabbing someone when he was jumped at a show (from what I've herd) causing the band to break up, they had their last show on may 29th 2005. truly an amazing band. For those that don't know Nicky's real name is Domenic Palermo & since the break up he has made a new band called Nothing, he also did a guest part on Xo Skeletons of which Wes Eisold was a member & put out a photo/poetry zine with Matthew Gallagher called "You're Very Beautiful". He is also working on 2 other works one called "We Are Only Enemies my Friend' & the other a collective book with Justin Pearson, Jeremy Gaulke & others both being released by Calico Grounds.

HS was:
Jesse Dillon - guitar
Rick Hass - drums
Matthew Dempsey - bass
Josh Tshirlig - guitar
Domenic "nicky money" Palermo - vocals

"not another sad song, just words from my heart"

Our Design (includes the demo)

The Holiday EP

Live at NJ septford skating & fun center

Dom's Website


Sadiya was a hardcore band from Sebring Florida formed in the early 2000's. They started out under the name Dieversion, they released one demo & played several local shows under the name before changing it to Sadiya. After the change for a short period the line-up included a turntablist that was quickly dropped in favor of a heavier sound & they released their 1st EP "as it get's forgotten". After more shows and line up additions they released their 2nd EP "A False Sense of Love and Hope". Sometime down the line they broke up when member Aldo went on to be in Remembering Never. In 2009 they stated on their myspace that they were making a come back but this has yet to be seen. I wish I had the Demo, and other EP but I've never found them or anyone with them so this is all I have to offer, but from what people that knew of the band or used to have the earlier stuff this EP is the best they have recorded.

Sadiya was:
& some other past members that i don't know the names of.

A False Sense of Love and Hope


Eazy E

(yeah you can find Eazy E's stuff anywhere but I love it so whatever.)
Eazy-E was known by his youthful, high-pitched voice and his lyrics focusing on the elements of urban street life such as guns, drugs, relations between residents and the police, and sexual activity. He Started in 1985 but really got his career going in 1987 when he formed ruthless records and help found NWA with Dr.Dre & Ice Cube. After a few NWA release Eazy put out his first solo album "eazy-duz-it" in 1988 that went double platinum. in 1991 there was disputes about money causing NWA to break up with the departure of Dr. Dre & Ice Cube from Eazy's label, which lead to him having rap feuds with the two. this time also saw the release of 2 EPs "home 4 tha sick" & "It's on(dr. dre)187um killa". in 1995 Eazy was diagnosed with AIDS on march 16th and died soon after on march 26th (at age 31), during the time before he died he made amends with both Dre & Ice Cube. His last album "str8 off tha streetz of muthaphukkin compton" was released posthumously in the same year.

Eric Lynn Wright (Eazy E) - raps/lyrics/performer
*Ice-Cube & Mc Ren - early lyrics

Eazy duz it

Str8 off tha Streetz of Muthaphukkin Compton

Home 4 tha sick
(PW: Ghostfaize)

It's on (dr.dre) 187 um killa

Impact of a legend

Featuring... Eazy E

Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza

Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza is a Hardcore Metal Band from Philadelphia Formed in 1997, and composed of around 13 or more members at a time that are notorious in the world of Hardcore for their extreme onstage antics. which consisted of wrestling, property destruction, assaulting each other/the crowd with weapons (trash cans, ladders, fluorescent light bulbs, thumbtacks, & barbed wire baseball bats), firework lighting, and fire starting. Bad Luck 13 were banned from almost every place they played due to these hi-jinks and arsonist stunts. In 2001 they released their first video entitled “Let the Riot Begin” through their own production company Homicidal Productions, it was produced & directed by Joe Frantz whose credits include The CKY videos, Haggard and Viva La Bam. In 2004 Bad Luck 13 had Their "last show" at Hellfest 2004. After this last Show they Released a 2nd DVD "The Complete Collection" that featured the said last show, the entire "Let the Riot Begin" DVD feature, trailers for the band's tattoo shop and canceled full length feature film, exclusive interviews, 4 full sets, a photo gallery, & band commentary.On August 27th 2005 they had their 1st of many reunion shows, & as of 2008 they are now a band once again. Some members went on to be in the bands Necktie, Red Devil, Storm Watch, Eat The Turnbuckle & The Dead Meat.

BL13 (was/is) at times: Jag 13, Lordsett, Molequeen, Joey R. Africa, Laura Lee Lucas, Jamie, Joe Heinriches, Hoss, Dave Fox, Steele David, Meth, Seth Wild, El Duce Allin, Super Dr. Evil Balls, Psycho Mike, Decrapatater, Supermod, Two Street Scum(rip), King Lobster, Ralph of the Mob, Johnny Lockjaw, King of the White People, Gets Bloody, Gets No Sex, Dealer Steve, Crazy Rich, The Unibomber, Terrible Tim, Bob, Snakes, Cappy, Reverend Deficator & more I'm sure.

bats on the dance floor LP

we kill children EP


-live at the dungeon(split with all else failed)

-with friends like these who needs enemies EP

Necktie Split, Midnight & All compilation tracks
and 2 other Necktie songs



KOMPRESSOR is a joke industrial hip hop act formed in Ohio. It started in 2000 when Drew Fairweather (author of Toothpaste For Dinner & Married to the Sea webcomics) began recording songs under the KOMPRESSOR name and putting songs, and videos of the songs, up for free download. The songs became popular over the ensuing years, leading to four albums. KOMPRESSOR is depicted in his albums & videos wearing an alien mask with a black leather jacket and black gloves. He proclaims his real name to be Andreas K. & to be from Bremen, Germany, to speak English as a second language (some of his songs are in German, or have some German lyrics). in 2006 Drew revealed himself to be the person playing KOMPRESSOR before ending the project to move on to projects Dog Traders and CRUDBUMP.

Drew Fairweather (as Andreas K.) - Vocals/Synth/Everything

World Domination

Crush Television