A Horror Story (king conquer)

A Horror Story were a Metalcore band formed in early 2002, in Naples FL. They went by the name A Horror Story from 2002-2006 and this is one of their 1st demos. I got my copy from when they used to be Daytona regulars all the time at the Metal Lounge, some of the times playing with the PA metalcore band The Storm. Down the line they changed their name to King Conquer, for awhile they kept the music style the same but these days they have adapted a more "deathcore" kinda sound & are signed to Mediaskare Records. Since the times I have seen them to now there's been tons of line-up changes (example: there's been like around 4 vocalists I believe) so I don't know the line-up of this Demo. This has my favorite song by them called "return of the cannonball" which they don't like playing live anymore.

KC is now:
james - vocals
adam - bass
chris - drums
tony - guitar
brodie - guitar
john - guitar

conquer demo



  1. maybe i got the video to "return of the cannonball" or "she never made it..." on my old hard disk^^ i'll have a look for it :)

  2. I played guitar for AHS from 2003-2005, I played guitar on the demo version of She Never Made it to the Altar. Nice to see someone post this up.