Paul Newman and the Ride Home

are a 5-piece folky pop-punk band from baltimore. They consider themselves folk-funk pop-core but whatever you want to call them it's very fun and catchy. Some of their songs were written while member Jacob was homeless, and also while he was in rehab in orlando. Once he got out he formed the band. check it out.

Nico - drums
Jacob - ukelele/vocals
Stefano - guitar
Matt - guitar
Will - bass

The Importance of Being Earnest Hemingway

Night Sins

Night Sins is a Goth Rock/Punk band from Philadelphia. This stuff rules really dark and moody for fans of Christian Death & Bauhaus. They released a Demo tape on Dead Living and are working on a 12" EP on Evil Weevil Records. Members of Salvation, Mother of Mercy, and Nothing

NS is:
Kyle Kimball - Bass / Vocals
Drew Ferry - Guitar
Michael Bachich - Drums
Chris Betts - Guitar

Demo Tape


Trenchfoot are a hardcore band from Rockland County NY. they just released a self titled 7" this year that was recorded by Kurt Ballou of Converge. this bad boy is 10 songs of short and fast thrashy hardcore. Great stuff so check them out, their 7" is up for a "name your own price" download so either get it for free or donate and help them out. they also have their demo on there as well.

self-titled 7"
DOWNLOAD (from bandcamp)

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Bubonic Bear

Bubonic Bear are a two piece sludge punk band from Philadelphia. This is my second post, check the other one out for the rest of their stuff. This is their brand new full length called "fleshworld" that's set to be put on on vinyl and tape, it's just two dudes making some killer music, so check it out.

bb is:
Dustin Khebzou
Andrew North

fleshworld LP


Warm Hands

Warm Hands are a hardcore/punk band from Jacksonville Florida. This is my second post for them, check out the first one for the demo which rules too. last time I said they went on hiatus,but they now have a new upcoming split 7" being self-released in January on our their own label, Warhouse Records. It's with the band called Blackheath from Portland, Oregon. They are planing to start playing out again as soon as the record is put out, and maybe a small tour in March and are playing 'Hardcore 4 Hardcore' Fest this month. All 3 tracks from the 7" are up for free download at the bandcamp so check it out. *not to be confused with the goth band of the same name*

Split 7" with Blackheath

Brain Damage

Brain Damage(also known as The Damage) was a Hardcore Punk band from Jacksonville, formed in the winter of 2004. After a demo the band released a 7" in 2005 that was put out by Wake Up And Live Records, which was followed by a small tour with the band I Accuse!. Sometime later the guys were plagued by member changes, and had a name change from Brain Damage to "The Damage". Under the new name they took a more rougher hardcore sound than they previously had. In 2006 they signed to Cabal Records and were planing on releasing an EP called "Feed The Vultures" but they broke up before it was ever released or finished as far as I know. I got to see this band a few times, one of which was out here in Daytona with Kids Like Us and The Neon Hookers and I really got into these guys quick, they ruled live so I got pretty bummed once they disappeared. They had a reunion in 2011 for a big New Year's Eve event called "Hardcore 4 Hardcore" out in Jax under the Brain Damage name. This download includes the Demo, Ack! Ack! 7" and some songs from the unreleased EP.

BD was at times:
Christian - Vocals
Chris - Guitar
Justin - Guitar
Eric - Bass
Jesse - Drums
Brian - vocals
Quinn - drums
might be some others.

Demo/ack ack 7"/feed the vultures


Lower is a new hardcore band from Jacksonville Florida. So far they only have two songs recorded that can be downloaded on their bandcamp, I've been told that more songs are coming so I can't wait as these songs rip. Members of No Division

lower is:
Andrew White - Vocals
Justin Hawk - Guitars
Josh Hunter - Bass
Tyler Manny - Drums

download the songs here:

Flowers In The Attic

Flowers In The Attic were a Hardcore band from Baltimore Maryland (not to be confused with the band from Texas). Flowers has a very chaotic hardcore feel with screamed vocals that fit quite well with it. I've been meaning to post this stuff for sometime, but never got around to doing it until now. As a band they have released a self titled EP, a Self Titled 7", a split 7" with Roma Delenda Est & and EP called "Human". Members of: Exosus, Fight Amputation, Never Enough, Drugs Of Faith, Ochlocracy, Triac, Hollywood, Jesus Of Nazareth, The Index, Hissing Choir, Boyfriends And Girlfriends, & Koondawg.

FITA was:
Kenny Harvery - guitar
Kevin Bernsten - bass
Rebecca Burchette - vocals
Jake Cregger - drums

Ryan Caske
Rick Weaver
Luke Gragg
Jason Donnells

ST 7"/ ST EP / Human EP /Split.



Submitted by the dudes from Throatruiner records:

Comity is an extreme rock'n roll band from Paris formed in 1996. "Fear of musical routine. Will of pushing back boundaries with a classical rock instrumentation. Astounding violence executed in one of the most distinguished ways. Incredibly meticulous attention to detail. With so much selection criteria, very few could pull this all off whilst harnessing a consistent sound. And if there’s one band that has always sweat blood and water to access there in the midst of bands like Starkweather, Breach, Today Is The Day, Neurosis, Oxbow and Converge, then it’s without a doubt COMITY. A more than deserved sacrament after fifteen years of a spanner thrown in the works, between disillusions, line-up & record label issues amongst many other aborted plans - going as far as making them momentarily give up in 2007. COMITY have behind them fifteen years of noise and incredible live performances (with The Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Cave In, Today Is The Day…) not to mention a discography with a fascinating progression which propel the band to the rank of one of France’s biggest glories at the release of their second album “As Everything Is A Tragedy” in 2006. “The Journey Is Over Now”, their first full-length in five years, shows a band more ruthless and musically ambitious than ever before. Four tracks delivering 52 minutes of an oppressive but finely worked chaos : a maze of winding riffs and unique melodies."

Nico: Drums / Backing Vocals
François: Guitars / Lap Steel / Sitar / Backing Vocals
Yann: Guitars / Saxophone / Backing Vocals
Thomas: Bass-guitars / Soundscapes / Lead vocals

The Journey Is Over Now

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Shed For You

Shed For You were a Melodic/Chaotic Grindcore band from Tarpon Springs Florida formed in 2002. I got to see these dudes and talk to them many times during their existance and they seemed to be really be into playing out here in Daytona. I still have good memories of talking about I Have Dreams with bassist Pat or trying to get them to play the song they always hated playing "Your Music Is Bad and You Should Feel Bad". They started out as a school project for vocalist Brett along with Roger, & shortly after Chris joined on guitar. This was when the Exhibit A demo was made but was never released. They played a few shows as a 3 peice until Pat asked them to play bass, he had never played before being in the band. They recorded their first full length Exhibit B in 2003, which was followed by more Shows. In 2004 They recorded their 2nd full length Exhibit C and did a short tour with Silence After Tragedy. From 2004 to 2005 they toured the east coast of the United States a few times playing shows with Me & Him Call it Us, and Mass Movementnt of the Moth. At this time they put out an "unofficial" 10 song version of the Exhibit D release. Later in 2005 they released Exhibit E on Cassette & Mini CDs. Shed For You then toured a few times in 2006 (which included a set they played at the Central Connecticut State University campus radio station, that was recorded & later released on the Discography, that I can't find), they also re-recorded 4 songs off the Unofficial Exhibit D and made it into a 7". They were going to Make an Exhibit F but It never came to be and the band played their final show in December 16, 2007 at the Skate-park of Tampa in Tampa. In June 2008 they got back together for one last time (minus brett) to play the last show of their long time friends Now Soldiers at the 688 Skate-park in Clearwater. The guys in Shed For You also ran Sherwood Records which released all their stuff. After breaking up Chris went on to be in the band Devout, & I recall Roger did some experimental solo project but the name escapes me. The Download includes Exhibits B,C,D,& E I'm still looking for A, & the unofficial D if anyone out there has it.

Shed for you was :
chris denny - guitar.
roger lanfranchi - drums.
brett wimberley - vocals.
pat new - bass.

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Exhibit E



12 Tone System

12 Tone System were a New-Wave Punk band from Philadelphia formed in 1996 I believe that mixed vintage synthesizers with fluid pop sounds. I'm pretty happy to be sharing this post, as that I've been trying to track this stuff down for a few years now. I found the demo tape being sold by the dudes from Deathwish Inc on an ebay auction and then months later I found the 7" as well. Eric Wareheim and Tim Heidecker (Tom goes to the mayor, Tim & Eric awesome show great job!) were both members of this band. Eric was one of the founding members and Tim joined up later on down the line. They released a self released demo tape and an EP called "Soundtrack to Synthetic Music" on Keystone and Ember Records in 1997. I don't think anything else was released. Members of Ink & Dagger, I Am Heaven, Elements Of Need, Sola, & The Tim Heidecker Masterpiece. This is most likely the first time this has been released online to my knowledge who knows.

12TS was:
Eric Wareheim
Brandon Vallo
John Ziemba
Tim Heidecker
Andy Johnson (demo & ep)
Mike Parcell (after ep)

eric on guitar, tim on keys.

Demo & Soundtrack to Synthetic Music

Nepenthe (cali)

Nepenthe is a noisy black metal side project of certain bands from California formed in 2011. Rough blown out lo-fi black metal mixed with synth interludes. This is not to be confused with the band from the 90's that later changed their name to Ligeia. They disappeared as soon as they had arrived with only a self-released 8 song demo tape limited to a mere 30 copies that quickly sold out. There was suppose to be a 2nd tape called "turn to dust" but so far a psychical copy has yet to see the light of day minus a few songs from the bandcamp page that is included in the download.

Nepenthe - vocals/guitar/synth/drum programming

self titled

turn to dust songs

Weigh Anchor

Weigh Anchor are a Hardcore band from Plant City Florida formed in 2009. Angry jams, pissed off vocals just how I like it. So far these dudes have released one LP, one EP and are planning on releasing a cassette and 7" record.

WA is:
Derek Nam - bass
Garrett Strobel - vocals
Joshua Harrelson - guitar
Tyler Milnes - drums

S/T LP +Pallet Town EP

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Japanese Women

Japanese Women are a noise Hardcore band from Montgomery, AL. Great pissed off vocals and a very rough blown out sound, which I quickly fell in love with. So far they've only released this 9 song cassette tape on the label Tapes of a Neon God and a split with Kamikaze Pilots which may or may not be released yet, not so sure.

JW are:
Austin - guitar
Weston - vocals
Jordan - drums
adam - bass
Van Hunnik - guitar

Anderson - guitar/artwork
Bane - drums

Order CS +Live

bandcamp (hit them up to buy a tape)


1905 was a Politacal Screamo band from Washington D.C. that formed in 2000. Their lyrics address the politics of everyday lives and how the individual plays an important part in the greater scheme of things. These lyrics are conveyed through both female and male vocals. The vocals change between singing and screaming. The music has a distinct feel to it and there is definitely a great deal of emotion poured into it. They toured the United States three times: for six weeks in 2002, five weeks in 2003, and seven and a half weeks in 2004. After the last tour problems with personal issues in the band took their tole, but they held together for two more years before breaking up in 2006. 1905 released a 4 song demo CD, a full length CD/LP called "Voice" on Exotic Fever Records & Amor y Lucha Records and a Split seven inch with Amanda Woodward on Stonehenge Records. They wrote another albums worth of songs but never recorded them and also have 3 more recorded songs but they have never seen the light of day. members of Birds and Wires, Fighting Dogs, Non Grata, & The Scram.

1905 was:
Brian Lombardozzi - bass
Jess Kamen - vocals
Marshall Hart - drums
Nick Kirby - vocals/guitar

Chris Wood - bass

Voice LP/Demo/Split

Weed Steeler

Weed Steeler (also known as one word: Weedsteeler) were a fastcore band from ohio. Short and fast songs filled with samples and high pitched shrieked vocals. I found out about these dudes when I was picking up some vinyl online and the name definitely stuck out. They put out a split 7" with Nautical Hyperblast on Give Praise Records. for fans of Hatemail Killerz and Charles Bronson.

weesteeler was:
Platinum Plus - vocals
Air Bud - guitar
Big Shows aka Car Shows - drums

The Mo' Fiyah EP aka The Baller Block'n EP

As We Draw, Euglena, Hexis Split

New release from the label Throatruiner Records, these guys submit some good stuff to me. This time we have a three way split between As We Draw, Euglena, and Hexis. Descriptions straight from Throatruiner:

AS WE DRAW: Nearly one year after their first album "Lines Breaking Circles" which propel them into the rank of the biggest european outsiders of their style, the young princes of french post-metal are back to punish everybody once again with these two tracks, more muscular and tighter than never before. Five-stars songwriting, outrageous emotional power and contagious anxiety, this is caviar filled with cyanide. For fans of : Breach, Ken Mode, Old Man Gloom

AWD is:
Amaury - Drums/Backing Vocals/Artworks
Pierre - Bass/Backing Vocals/Lyrics
Quentin - Guitar/Vocals/lyrics

EUGLENA: They are coming from the red nation but could have come from the pink city; the hardcore from russians Euglena is as dissonant as buzzing, not so far from the know-how of toulousians I Pilot Daemon & Plebeian Grandstand. These three tracks are a good session of revigorating apnea, slower and dirtier continuation of their previous EP "An Anxious Surface". For fans of : Buried Inside, Plebeian Grandstand, Botch

Euglena is:
Noek - vocals & lyrics
Sanya - guitar
Ilyas - bass
Iga - drums

HEXIS: A Danish butchery - hardcore, black metal, sludge and blast beats thrown in the most epic and brutal way. If their first eponymous EP has already teared a strip off some people, "Crux" and "Nex" are following the going-over by stepping up their urgency and helped by a nauseous as-fuck sound. For fans of : Celeste, Crowpath, Blut Aus Nord

Hexis is:
Filip - Vocals
Christian - Guitar
Tobias - Bass
Simon - Drums

3way split

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Animal Skins

Animal Skins are a Hardcore band from Boise, Idaho. They've released two EP so far as a band and I gotta say it's pretty good. Don't know much about these dudes, but I know I dig what I hear.

AS is:


bandcamp (jam and donate)
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Weight Of The World

My second post on this band. Weight Of The World is a hardcore band from Port St. Lucie Florida. I've got to see these dudes play a few times and they are fantastic, lots of energy and just a great stage presence. They just released their new EP "no promised land" which is for free so check it out. ex-members of Barriers now Bridges, & Know the Score. Check out my other post on them for the demo.

WOTW is:
Dillon Dente - Vocals
Eric Verporter - Guitar
Carl Penney - Bass
Jared Thomas - Drums

No Promised Land



Ultra//Negative are a fast hardcore influenced power violence band from New Hampshire. After being a band for about 6 months they have released their first release intitled "Finally, I'm at peace". The band is influenced and styled by bands like Low Threat Profile, The Endless Blockade, and Extortion. Features members of Hellhound and Ramlor

u//n is:

Finally, I'm At Peace EP


To An End

This is my 2nd post for To An End. They are a hardcore band from Lethbridge Canada, that formed in September of 2009. Since the last post they have released this Second EP and have been doing short tours and playing shows with bands sush as withdrawal, xibalba, trapped under ice, and others.

TAE is:
Jon E - Vocals
Keenan H - Vocals
Rob F - Guitar
Caden B - Guitar
Rob L - Bass
Nic B - Drums

Victims EP


3rd post on Axis, a 90's inspired heavy Hardcore band from Daytona Beach. For those that downloaded the sampler I posted up before this is their full version of the EP Rites of Passage. If you ever get the chance to see these guys live DO NOT pass it up, they always put on an awesome show. For fans of Arkangel, Chokehold, Earthmover and many other awesome 90's hardcore & metalcore bands. features members of other great bands: Meantime, Years From Now, Night On Earth, Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatus, Harbinger & No Harm Done. The opening riff for "for the coward" will have you fucking moving.

axis is:
Joshua Bunino - vocals
Patrick Chumly - guitar
Tommy Cantwell - drums
Mikey Hawkins - bass
Dylan Downey- guitar

Shane Spiker - bass
Jesse Spiker - bass/drums
Sam Kooby(hivemind/one to blame) - guitar (summer tour)

rites of passage
or download it at the bandcamp and make a donation.

This Computer Kills

This Computer Kills was a screamo/hardcore/punk three-piece band based in Reno, Nevada. Their sound is driven by strong, complex basslines, accompanied by experimental, yet melodic guitar arrangements. The tempo is at punk rock pace, and led by dueling hardcore vocals from the band’s two singers. The band made it’s debut in the early 2000s during high school. They released a self titled 13 track LP, followed by a self titled 7" which I can't find a rip of before breaking up. members of Disconnect, The Spotlight Syndicate, Bafabegiya, Young Lions, Pink Black, Children, Rad Times, War Against, No Gods No Girlfriends

TCK is:
Josh - vocals/guitar
Nick - vocals/bass
Jeff - drums

self titled lp


Seesaw are a hardcore/punk band from Milan, Italy. They've been together since may of 2010 and last june released e 10-song cd called Things Are Bad. These dudes have a slightly chaotic 90's screamo kinda sound to to their music.

Seesaw are:

Things Are Bad



Steamroller are a Trash Hardcore/Powerviolence band from Flint MI. This is some dark great sounding stuff, so you need this in your life.

steamroller is:

Steamroller EP

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Meatdown are a Hardcore/Queercore band from Roanoke, VA. They play angry, fast hardcore with a pro-gay message. Check these dudes out, It's pretty good stuff. members of Tiebreaker.

meatdown is:
Josh Dickerson - Vocals
Matt Crittenden - Guitar
Zack Lombart - Drums
Henry Wozniak - Bass

Demo 2011