Youth Of Togay

Youth Of Togay are a "queercore" band or a joke hardcore band with gay topics. They formed in the Summer of 2005 in Boston, Massachusetts by the three original members. Patrick, Nic and Evan. Formed under the idea to have fun, parody current hardcore bands, and write uplifting and humorous original songs for vinyl release. This download was originally posted by the band and includes everything they ever recorded. These guys are really fun so check it out if for some reason you've never herd of them. for fans of: Gayrilla Biscuits, Pansy Division, Black Fag, Jewdriver, Transexpistols.

YOT is:
Pat - Drums/Vocals
Nic - Bass/Vocals
Evan - Guitar

other members:
Jesse - Drums
Ric - Drums
Troy - Vocals
Steve - Vocals



Hellhound are a hardcore/punk band from New Hampshire formed in 2009. These guys are influenced by crust, power violence, & black metal. This is my second post on these guys so be sure to check out the other one if you haven't. This is their second release, a 5 song ep called Black Cassette that they just recorded this year, and they have plans to release a full length at the end of August/early September so be on the look out.

hellhound is:

Black Cassette


Brain Slug

Brain Slug is a new NYHC band. I don't know much about the band but they are pretty awesome, so check it out. For fans of Youth of Today, Agnostic Front, SS Decontrol, and DYS.

demo 2011


Repeater are an Indie band from Argentina. This post was requested by the band & I don't really know anything about these guys, but they have that post-punk kinda vibe going on for them which isn't bad. Not to be confused with the five other bands sharing the name.

repeater is:
Leandro Bertoia - lead guitar/vocals
Luciana Paoloni - bass/vocals
Pablo Zibecchi - vocals/rhythmic guitar
Ivan Goldin - drums

The Pathos Of Things


Foot Clan

Foot Clan are a hardcore powerviolence band from Oregon. I fucking love this band and hopefully you will too. This is a 4 song "teaser" for their up coming 12 song cassette coming out this summer. Don't fucking sleep on these guys. for fans of: Crossed Out, Terrorizer, Despise You, Youth Of Today, Anti-Cimex, Neanderthal, & Disrupt.

FC is:

(you can download the whole tape for $2)

Foot Clan teaser


Stonewall are a Rock n' roll influenced hardcore band from Virginia Beach. Really good band with an awesome sounding demo. They just released this on Cassette in limited edition of only 50 copies (25 red,& 25 blue) so be sure to snag one before there all gone. Features Ex-members of Broken Bonds. for fans of bars, the suicide file, & the hope conspiracy

Ryan Hautau- Vocals
Raleigh Ogden - Guitar
Brian Pearce - Guitar
Donald Egley - Bass
Rodney Wood - Drums

2011 Demo

Buy Demo Tape

Lights Go Out!

Lights Go Out! was a pop/hardcore punk band from Orlando/Daytona formed and broken up in 2007. This band was fronted by my old friend Michal Mcgrath after he left Daytona for the ole Otown. He met some kids out there that wanted play stuff in the vain of lifetime, kid dynamite, the movielife. They only played a handful of shows if at that before some problems which led to them not doing anything before finally calling it quits. Gonzalo from the Peru band Metamorphosis also helped with some guitar work on the demo. Mikey was also a member of Savannah & My X The Slut.

LGO! was:

Demo 2007


Dance Or Die

Dance Or Die is a Fast aggressive Punk band from Hungary. This bands got a real 90's fast/screamo hardcore feel in the vain of charles bronson, spazz, the locust(old), & betercore.

DOD is:
Fater -guitar/vocals
Tomi - guitar/vocals
Döme - bass/vocals
Ócsi - drums

Laci - guitar
Donát - guitar
Lenny - guitar
Gábor - drums/vocals

PFA Split

The 7" can be orderd through:
Dzsukhell rekords
Chaos Is Ours
Destroy it Yourself

or at

DOD Bandcamp