Moose-Jaw was a Hardcore Punk Band from Sebring Florida. This is my friend Chris Williams' old band that formed In 2003(i think) which also was when they released their 1st recording The ExPx. In 2005 they released their only LP Waiting For a Weapon, were featured on a Florida Street Punk Compilation & an Evil Dead Records Compilation I released.After the band broke up Chris went on to play guitar in Sincerity & bass for awhile in Battle! Also sometime after releasing the Waiting For A Weapon LP The band recorded another release that was lost (if I recall correctly a car wreck had something to do with it)

MJ was at times:
Chris - vocals
Josh - drums
Matt - guitar
Dustin - bass
Andy - bass/guitar
Krispy - guitar
Adam - bass

waiting for a weapon + the EP


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  1. Holy shit, man. Thank you for posting this. Chris and the boys and I go way back. In fact, I remember recording our practices at Josh and Matt's house before we ever played a show. I was playing bass/guitar for these guys but i was at church camp so they kicked me out. We all make mistakes right?

    I want to say it all started in 2002 as well,. But time is funny, thanks for bringing back some great memories, man. Seriously.




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