Puerto Rico Flowers

Puerto Rico Flowers is a Post-Punk/Synth Pop/Dark Wave etc. band from America and Australia. These recordings are awesome if your into this kinda stuff which I of course am. Great vocals, nice minimal synth and droney bass. John was also in the Punk band Clockcleaner.

PRF is:
John Sharkey III - Bass/Drums/Synthesizer/Vocals

4 EP

2 Single


Strike A Match

Strike a Match is a punk band from Oslo, Norway formed in 2009. Really fun stuff, & I really like the vocals. Features members of Damage Control, Death Is Not Glamorous, Soulfire, Subject to Change, Ded Skølz, Le Pest and Black Mask.




Vices are a Hardcore band from Jacksonville formed in the summer of 2009. They play fast, have shredding guitar parts and angry shouting vocals. This four song demo is good times.

vices are:
Dan Strickland - Vocals
Shane Kelley - Guitars
Dylan Mikos - Guitars
Marc Laroche - Bass
Chris Williams - Drums

Demo 2010


Red And The Dumbasses

Red And The Dumbasses are a Melodic Death Metal/Hardcore band from Budapest,Hungary. The band was formed in 2009 by members PETI KULCSÁR and ZSOLT LÉDECZI as a 2-member side project. When the band originally started it was supposed to be a country-grindcore band but only one song fit under that genre, the rest became a fast, noisy and raw mess influenced by Sweden D-beat & shitloads of beer and whiskey. Their debut EP contains 6 original songs and a Lynyrd Skynyrd cover. Members of Dead Eternity, Soul Pilferage, Limb For A Limb, Dilemma Complex, Sore Faction, & Paediatrician

RATD are:
Peti Kulcsár - guitars
Zsolt Lédeczi - vocals
Miki Oravecz - guitars
Ági Biró - bass
András Szegvári - drums

Beijing Cocktail


In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood were a hardcore band formed in the late 1990’s in Cleveland Ohio. After releasing a self titled 7”, lead singer Jason Bourbon left the band and Jason Popson took over vocal duties. With Jason the Band released their debut full length titled “Hell on earth” on Victory records. Bourbon then rejoined the band and they would go on to tour europe. They record a demo called Suicide King, but the band would break up shortly after wards. A389 records later released the material that they recorded. members of: Integrity, One Life Crew, State Of Convictions, Unified Culture, Integrity 2000, Mushroomhead. This stuffs been around forever, but I love this band.

ICB was at times:
Blaze Tishko - guitar/vocals
Rich Ferjanic - drums
Lenny Melnick - bass
Aaron Melnick - guitar
Danny Lax - drums
Jason Bourbon - vocals
Jason Popson - vocals
Atlantis - vocals

Hell On Earth LP

Suicide King (SK Demo, s/t 7", & a live set)

Massachusetts Is A Coffin

Here's a free Hardcore Compilation I was sent in today, It features tracks from 37 different Massachusetts Hardcore bands. It was put together by Where It Ends Records.

Massachusetts Is A Coffin Compilation

the bands:
1. Abomination-Bringer Of Death
2. Alert-Be Heard
3. Beartrap-Nailed Shut
4. The Bonus Army-Negative Outlooks
5. The Carrier-Blind To What Is Right
6. Coke Fiend-Animal House
7. Colin Of Arabia-Amber Waves Of Pain
8. The Culture Sound-Wasteland
9. Darkwoods-Dread (ft.Pat Flynn)
10. Death Before Dishonor-Coffin Nail
11. Dirt Nap-Death March
12. Dirty Work-LS
13. Draize-Broken Teeth
14. Dry Heave-Union Street
15. For The Worse-Good Vs. Evil
16. Foxfires-Dead Weight
17. Fratricide-Nazi Smash
18. Immolate-No Way Out
19. Lifeloss-There Is No Bright Side
20. Los Bungolitos-On Top
21. Maniac-Reborn Heathen
22. Matahari-Never The Same
23. Mountain Man-Trends
24. New Lows-Raise The Curtain(Jerry's Kids)
25. New Reality-The Boy Who Didn't Matter
26. Outrage-Sold Souls
27. Poor Sport-Forging The Sword
28. Powerwolves-The Chaos You've Made
29. Reckless-Suicide King
30. Revenge-Manifest Destiny
31. Roadrunner-Valley Scum
32. Streetsweeper-White Hats (ft. Phillain)
33. Think Straight-Moloch (ft. Jordan of Reckless)
34. Think Again-The Feast
35. Villain-Noose Ends
36. Watchfire-Blood Money
37. Wolf Whistle-Shelf Dreams

where it ends blog


Harriers is a hardcore band from Montreal formed in 2010. This two song demo
rips and is really well recorded I have to say.

Harrires is:
Bine Robusto / Vocals
Julian McNicoll / Bass
Yannick Therrien / Drums
Thomas Jans / Guitar
Eric Langlois-Gervais / Guitar




This is my second post on Axis, for those who haven't herd of them they are a 90's inspired heavy Hardcore band from Daytona. They made this sampler to give out at their shows to show case the LP they've been working on. Good stuff, if you ever get the chance to see them live don't sleep on it.

axis is:
Joshua Bunino - vocals
Patrick Chumly - guitar
Tommy Cantwell - drums
Mikey Hawkins - bass

Axis - Rites Of Passage Sampler

The Other Side Of The Sky

The Other Side Of The Sky was an Ambient Sludge Metal band from Daytona Beach formed in 2002. The band was formed by the members as a forum for their developing ideas and a desire to play music they wanted to hear. As a band they have played over 80 shows, toured the Eastern USA/Canada, self released their EP & first LP, and had one LP released by Retribute Records. Lots of droning riffs, wonderful haunting melodies, subtle effects-induced builds and harsh vocals that take a back seat to the music itself. The self titled EP is a bit different from the two albums as that the vocals are way more frequent. This is one of the bands from around here that I always tryed to never miss a show for, something you could definitely be proud of your music scene for. They were simply fantastic live, and made me so bummed when they went on "hiatus". Member Justin was also in the bands Years From Now, & Total Recall. this is easily one of my favorite posts I have done.

Paul Weeks - guitar/vocals
Mike Brown - guitar
Cory Stegall - six-string bass
Tommy Guilmette - bass/microkorg
Justin Lauer - drums

self titled EP

Heritage LP

Rorschach LP


Eat Shit!

Eat Shit! was a Jacksonville/Orlando based thrash/hardcore band that formed around 2006. Influenced by the likes of Minor Threat, D.R.I., and Black Flag. They were relatively short lived putting out only a demo CD and a limited Cassette Tape version of it as well. They pretty much just played local areas of Jax, Orlando & Daytona. I never got a chance to see them live but always dug this demo, my buddy Jesse told me the time he saw them the singer Matt M. broke a shit load of microphones during their short set. Later down the line Matt G went on to be in Learn Nothing and straight edge band Thin Line. The demo features 5 original songs and a The Descendants cover

ES! was:
Matt M. - vocals
Rhett - guitar
Matt G. - bass
Jake - drums



No Gods, No Girlfriends

No Gods, No Girlfriends is a lo-fi folk punk sing along one man band from Reno. The band consists of only Jawsh from bands Bafabegiya, Young Lions, Disconnect, Pink Black, This Computer Kills, The Rejected, The Shook-Ups, Dick Bob and The Nobs, Tate-LaBianca, The Scurvy Bastards, The Lords of Rad Success and The Spotlight Syndicate. I found out about NGNG back when spacement records was still around, and the name caught my eye. His pseudonym is a play on the popular phrase “no gods, no masters". Being a side project I don't think they (he) did much other than a tour with Bafabegiya, but I could be wrong. He released this LP (which was also counted as a demo) and did a split with Both Blind, which I can't find for the life of me. It's fun stuff check it out you might dig.

NGNG was:
Josh "Jawsh" Hageman - guitar/bass/drums/keyboards/vocals

Battle Songs LP

Big Kids

Big Kids are a Punk band from Oakland California. They released their first full-length, Hoop Dreams, in 2010. In less than a year, they have had 3 west coast tours, an east coast tour and a full US tour. Features members of Spires. They have a really up beat catchy sound that one can really get into fast. They are currently working on putting out a few splits and a new EP.

BK is:

Hoop Dreams LP

buy tape version

buy 12" version


2VM is a Minimal Synth-New Wave duo from NYC USA & Canada/Germany. As a band they've released a Demo LP (not sure if it was officially released), a 7" single and had 2 songs on the Wierd Compilation. Outside of the group Marc makes music under his own name, was apart of the groups Run Stop Restore, La Folie & Raid Over Moscow and has done alot of remixes for other groups. Veronica does a lot of mixing & mastering for many other synth bands & also runs the label Minimal Wave. It's been awhile since I've posted non-hardcore so I thought I'd share this stuff.

2VM is:
Marc Houle - synthesizer
Veronica Estela Vasicka - synthesizer/vocals

Demo Recordings LP, Placita 7", & Wierd Compilation