Riley Mason

*note: this post is more for personal friends, feel free to skip past this as its not very good.

Riley Mason was a Hardcore/Metalcore/Experimental Band I used to have. We were mostly from the Daytona, Ormond & Port Orange areas. I listed all the genres for the fact that we changed our sound in almost every recording we did, but all sucked. We Formed in 2007 by me and John Daly after our old band Sevenbats broke up. We came up with the name from our shared love of the porn star Riley Mason. After forming and getting Ryan & Daniel interested in being involved we kind of just sat on it and nothing happened for awhile. Continuing on I got my friends Gary Shene & Kyle Valery to help me out and so our 1st Self Titled Demo was made followed by having a song on the Evil Dead Records comp CD "the summer never ends". Gary & Kyle both became busy with stuff (and Kyle already helped me out a lot on another project at the time called Eddie Brock), and they left the group. With their departure Ryan "snakebites" Maciog joined on guitar & we played our first show at Artistic Soul Tattoo in Ormond Beach with Billy Kurtz on drums. Shortly after Cody Giles joined and became the permanent drummer, which also led him to being the second longest lasting member after me. Also Stephen Richardo joined as Keyboards for a short time but sadly was never on any recordings. With this line up we recorded two demo CDs one called Shitty Demo & the other Team Toguro Demo. Around this time my friend in California, Mark who had a label he was doing called Shit Tapes put out all of our demo material (minus team toguro demo) we had recorded from 2007-2008 on a limited edition cassette tape. We later got Camden Cruz on guitar & Rudd Wellington on bass to join us and we recorded five new songs, three of which were used for our Winter EP. Ryan left the group after the EP and Kasey "HElium" Kasket joined as 2nd guitar, but never appeared on any recordings. Camden becoming more and more busy with his band Seven Kingdoms & left the group with Kasey following soon after as well. Chris Cowles & Nick Diloreto joined and we recorded two more sets of recordings. The first we put together with the two remaining recordings from the Winter EP sessions and for the new recording we went under a fake name "He Who Walks Behind The Rows" to make the release a split. The second was used for the Blood For the Corn Demo which had two different versions one a CD and the other a limited edition Floppy Disk. We broke up late 2009 and put out a Discography CD that contains everything recorded as Riley Mason & includes both demo songs recorded as Sevenbats. Some members were in or went on to be in: Eddie Brock (fl) , Seven Kingdoms, This Solemn Vow, The Arrows Block The Sun, My X The Slut, Over Population, Sevenbats, Uncle Buck, Table For One, Catalepsy, Face Down In Blood, Battle!, Finsher, Savannah, Disco Magician, Worlds Apart, The Surgery Circus, Sick To The Back Teeth, & Lets Take The Train,

RM was at different times:
Matt Randall - lead vocals
Cody Giles - drums
Chris Cowles - guitar
Nick Diloreto - bass
Camden Cruz - guitar
Kasey HElium - guitar
Rudd Wellington. - bass
Ryan Snakebites. - guitar
Bill Kurtz - drums
Stephen Ricardo - keyboards
Kyle Valery - guitar/drums/electronics
Gary Shene - guitar/drums
John Daly - guitar
Ryan - bass
Daniel - guitar

Sevenbats was a short lived hardcore band(We only lasted for a few months) formed in late 2006 that I had before Riley Mason started up. Formed by Mike Mcgrath, Jon Harris & Me we recorded our 1st demo song and soon got Tarik to join us, but due to his busy work life we replaced him with Paul J for a short time. Later John Daly joined and Conner took over for Paul. With this line up we recorded one more demo song (that I never got around to putting vocals on). We called it quits soon after and me and John went on to start Riley Mason.

Sevenbats was:
Matt Randall - vocals
Mike Mcgrath - guitar
John Daly - guitar
Jon Harris - drums
Conner - bass.
Tarik - bass
Paul J - bass


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  1. m@ its cowles hook meh up with a of a divergent blood cd yo i need that shit