Total Recall

Total Recall was a Hardcore Punk band from Daytona that formed in 2003. They released this 6 track demo & also a 2 song Demo, but they are just the last two songs on this demo. I never knew a real lot about Total Recall, but I guess after awhile of playing shows and some minor touring the lead singer matt left the band & for a very short time (1 show) Guitarist Tom took over vocal duties before they broke up on tour. Some might notice that the first track "The Tourist Agenda" & the fifth track "Shut Your Mouth and Sympathize" later became the Years From Now songs "Chad Is A Fun Hater" & "Snap Out Of It". For a full background on the band check out Member Mikey's blog Night On Earth. Members were in or went on to be in Axis, Every Waking Moment, Years From Now, Meantime, Excarnation, Other Side Of The Sky, Virginia Is For Lovers, & The Dead Shall Rise.

TR was:
Mikey - guitar
Bro Tom - guitar (vocals after matt left)
Derrick - bass
Justin - drums
Matt - vocals
Shane - bass (before demo)
Josh - guitar (after matt left)

Total Recall - SDC Demo

Horrid Cross

Horrid Cross is a Raw lo-fi black metal band from Florida featuring members of Divisions, Volcanic Slut and Nazi Dust. The band has released 3 demo tapes so far and a Rehearsal tape that came with a limited edition version of demo III (which i wish i could find a rip of). This is some really rough stuff.

HC is:
Evan - Vocals/Guitar
C.J. - Drums

demo I

demo II

demo III

Ink & Dagger

Ah yes my 3rd Ink & Dagger post, as some might know I love Ink & Dagger with a passion, I ripped the audio from the Hate5Six filmed recording so please check them & all their awesome videos out! HATE5SIX . This goes out to the fellow devil children who missed out on getting to see them at this is hardcore (such as myself due to being sketched out on). I have also included 3 songs from when they played the Party Expo in NY before TIH in Philly. As everyone has herd Geoff Rickly of Thursday fame is doing vocals for these reunion shows. I threw together something to make a cover for the Ipod/mp3 player Kids out there.

I&D 2010:
Don Devore - guitar
Josh Brown - bass
Terry Yerves - drums
Chris Tropea - lights
Geoff Rickly - vocals

Live At This Is Hardcore 2010

My Ink FanMyspace

Guilt Parade

Guilt Parade was an aggressive hardcore band from Orlando that formed in 2008.
I don't know anything about these guys, I think they were only around for a short while but this demo is pretty good & I'm always a sucker for Orlando Hardcore.


Demo 08


Hivesmasher is a heavy grind/death metalcore band from Massachusetts that formed in 2004. In 2008 they released a Demo (which I don't have) and their 1st LP called Ascension Into Dismal Stages, and as of now in 2010 are working on a new LP that is currently Untitled. I have listed the link to their Bandcamp site that has live recordings for download of the Untitled Album that they played on a metal radio show called The Stress Factor. Other bands current and ex-members have been a part of are Eviscerate, Los Bungalitos, Failed Science, Entropy, & Brutal No. 2

Hivesmasher is:
Aaron Heinold - Vocals
Justin Steele - Guitar
Tyler Kingsland - Bass
Tim Brault - Drums
Den Beltan - Keyboards

Matt Ponte - Drums
Joe Calabrese - Drums
Dan Bythewood - Vocals
Jason Gibbs - Guitar

Hivesmasher Ascension Into Dismal Stages

Untitled live album (lUMASS metal radio)
Bandcamp for Download


Low Places

Low Places - Violent Hunger Demo
Low Places are an aggressive hardcore band from Los Angeles that features a member from Duke Nukem Forever. Nothing is really known at this time as they haven't been a band for very long (only playing one show at the time of this writing) but don't let that turn you away, this is some awesome stuff.

Violent Hunger Demo
Bandcamp Site

Meddling Kids

Meddling Kids are a hardcore punk band from Miami, Florida. I was given a copy of their demo from Nevin of the band Merkit when I ordered some vinyl off of him, and he sent me a couple free CD's one of which was this. It was recorded In fall of 2009 and spring 2010 and released on march 19th. These guys play some really good fast stuff. they released a full length tape in 2011 and put out a split with the band Baker Acted on Pendejo Productions; Both of which they sent me the download links to, so have at it! come play out here in Daytona dudes.

Demo 2009-10



band's blog


Judas is a hardcore/power violence band from southern California. They play short fast heavy songs, get into it. For fans of crossed out & eyehategod

Judas is:



Same Mistake

Same Mistake was a hardcore band from Daytona that started in late 2003 and played their last show in 2005. These guys played some really good solid stuff which sucks that all they have are these 4 songs, after Stevie left and Mike became the vocalist they made 2 more songs but they were never recorded outside of rough takes minus vocals. I think for their time as a band I unfortunately only got to see them like 2 or so times. For a less of a mess of a bio look them up on Mikey's blog in my blog list (night on earth). For fans of Verse, Turning Point, and Modern Life Is War. Members went on to be in Down To Nothing, R'n'R, Think I Care, Outbreak, Trapped Under Ice, Years From Now & Meantime.

SM was:
alexx - guitar
jared - bass
richie - guitar
colby - drums
stevie - vocals (1st/on demo)
michael - vocals
mikey - bass (fill in)



Nothing is a new Indie band from Philadelphia, that features Ex-members of Horror Show & Cold World. This is some good stuff, and I'm pretty happy that Domenic aka Nicky Money is doing something again.

Nothing is:
Michael Bachich - Drums
Joshua Jancewicz - Bass
Brandon Setta- Guitars
Ryan Grotz - Guitars
Domenic Palermo - Guitars, Vocals

Nothing - пошлость (poshlost)

Their bandcamp site has 2 extra remixes of the song Last Day In Bouville:
Edit by Julian Grefe
Remix track by Shadow Conspiracy


Beastie Boys

As some know before all the Hip-Hop, The Beastie Boys came together in 1981 as a hardcore punk band. In 1981 Adam Yauch (MCA) had the idea to start a hardcore punk band and approached John Berry, Kate Schellenbach and Michael Diamond and asked them to join him. The name Beastie Boys came from a suggestion from guitarist John Berry. The initials BB were used due to the bands love for the D.C hardcore band the Bad Brains. The name "Beastie" stands for "Boys Entering Anarchistic States Towards Internal Excellence," but this was an afterthought once the band's name was already Beastie Boys. In their time they played shows with bands such as Bad Brains, the Dead Kennedys, the Misfits and Reagan Youth. Sometime after the recording of Pollywog Stew member John left and was replaced by Adam (Ad-Rock) who had been to most of the guys practices and played in the band The Young & the Useless who did shows with them aswell. After all this everyone knows they turned into Hip-Hop and such, but in 1995 the guys went back to their punk roots and released a 2nd hardcore EP called Aglio E Olio, also after a year of touring for licensed to Ill, Adam Yauch got together with members of Bad Brains & Murphy's Law and made a short lived band called Brooklyn.

Kate Schellenbach - drums/b.vocals/washboard
Adam Yauch - bass/b.vocals/acoustic guitar
John Barry - guitar
Michael Diamond - lead vocals
Adam O'Keefe - guitar/b.vocals (after pollywog)

The Young & The Useless:
Art Africano - bass
Adam Trese - drums
David Scilken - vocals/acoustic guitar
Adam O'Keefe - guitar/vocals
Gabby Abularach - extra guitar

Adam Yauch - vocals
Tom Cushman - guitar
Darl Jennifer - bass
Doug E. Beans - drums

Beastie Boys - pollywog stew

Beastie Boys - aglio e olio

The Young & The Useless - real men don't floss

Brooklyn - 1987 Demos

Nazti Skinz

Nazti Skinz - sic semper tyrannis

Nazti skinz were a short lived punk band from california that only existed for 5 shows. They only put out this one EP On youth attack limited to 500 copies and then called it quits as to not end up like most bands that go on too long and suck. Yeah who ever sees this post i'm sure you got the songs already, but hey some of my friends that check this out might dig. If anyone out there has a real copy of this and wants to part with it hit me up! Features members of Le Shok, Fast Forward, The Locust, Wrangler Brutes & more

NS was:
Shann Obney
Joesph Karam
Cundo Si Murad
Andy Coronado

Sic semper tyrannis + live set.