I, Apparatus

I, Apparatus is a four piece hardcore band from Minot, North Dakota, USA. They formed in 2008 as a five piece playing shows in the North and South Dakota area before losing their vocalist and one of the guirarists. They contuined shortly on as a three piece before they found a new singer, but lost her aswell after a tour. They gained a new guitarist and together they deciced to share vocal duties. As a band they have released three EP's (Self Titled, This is Your Derailment, and Iscariot), a 7" vinyl record and In 2011 they recorded their first full length, "Ebola and the Botanist." for fans of Shai Hulud, Defeater, Killing the Dream, Norma Jean, and Fear Before.

I,A is:
Cody Hamm - bass/vocals
Dennis Mikula - guitar/vocals
Patrick Finnicum - guitar/vocals
Bj Moore - drums

Jon - vocals
Tom - guitar
Colee - vocals

Iscariot EP


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The Rodeo Idiot Engine

The Rodeo Idiot Engine are a french blackened mathcore band. After few shows, they recorded their first EP which was released during April of 2010 and then made a European Tour through France, Spain, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium. They have recorded Their first full length "floods will crush the crown" which was mastered by Alan Douches (Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon…) which will be released on 12" with a CD version included exclusively with pre-order. For fans of Celeste, Converge, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Shora, The Secret, The Chariot.

TRIE is:
Alan - Guitar
Txomin - Guitar
Mikel - Drums
Thomas - Bass
Jerome - Vocals

Fools WIll Crush The Crown
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This is my second post on this amazing band, they just released their new EP "suns and lovers" which features a recording of the song "last day in bouville" which was made with the help of Wes Eisold and Kris Lapke. For those just hearing of Nothing they are an Indie band from Philadelphia, that features Ex-members of Horror Show & Cold World.

Nothing is:
Michael Bachich - Drums
Joshua Jancewicz - Bass
Brandon Setta- Guitars
Ryan Grotz - Guitars
Domenic Palermo - Guitars/Vocals/Keys

suns and lovers ep
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Strengthen What Remains

Strengthen What Remains are a hardcore band from Tampa. Now these guys are a Christian Hardcore or what some call "Spirit-filled hardcore" band which I don't really post too much of, but these guys are some really hardworking dudes and they aren't the kind of band to shove what they believe down your throat. I've got to see them play around 3 or 4 times out here and the singer Josh happens to be one of the nicest dudes I've met in a long while, so give it a chance and check them out.

swr is:
Josh White - vocals
Stefan Selochan - guitar
Blake Carter - guitar
Paul Russert - drums
Devin "Grizz" Stroud - bass

humanity LP

Restoration Demo

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Uzbeks are a punk (punk'n'roll as they call it) band from Israel. They started playing in January 2009, and released their first demo both on CD-rs and tapes in June 09’. Their LP Goggles And Flipflops was released in September 2010, which was co-released between 4 German and 2 Israeli labels.

Uzbeks is:
Nadav - Vocals
Assaf - Guitar
David - Guitar
Gad - Bass
Ben - Drums

Goggles And Flipflops


Bare Bones

Bare Bones are a Hardcore band from Lubbock, Texas. I don't know much about these dudes but I like what I hear so check em out fun times ahead. They are currently writing a full length album.

bb is:
Dillan - Vocals
Kevin - Guitar
Billy- Drums
Lex - Bass




Bestiarii are an instrumental post-rock band from Orlando. I got to see these dudes play out here once, I dug it they place some good mellow but powerful stuff. Whats cool about this band is that they will play with any kind of band. Member Michael was also in the bands Every Waking Moment, Same Mistake & Years From Now.

bestiarii is:
Danny, Dan, Ben, and Michael

singalong EP

youtube channel

Night On Earth

Night On Earth was a very short lived melodic hardcore/punk band from Daytona Beach. After writing songs and all that band type stuff they played 3 live shows and called it quits as to not get too hyped up and sell out like most bands, they got back together for Nightlights record release show and then played once more sometime after that. They were going to play at a battle of the bands but before that took place they called it quits a second time. This band ruled and I was very upset at the short life span they had. These jams right here are def winners and lets us hear what could have been the next big thing coming out of this town. If your a fan of Nightlights (also from daytona) then this is right up your alley. Features members of Axis, Meantime, Years From Now, Every Waking Moment, A Game Of You & Virginia Is For Lovers.

NOE was:
michael hawkins - vocals/guitar
shane spiker - bass/vocals
jesse spiker - drums
robert hughes - guitar

futures demo

The Creepy Creeps

The Creepy Creeps are a garage surf-punk band from San Diego. For live shows they dress up in a range of costumes including Frankenstein monsters, spacemen, skeletons, aliens, cavemen, dia de los muertos mariachis, Devo knock offs & other stuff. These guys are a lot of fun, they have that funky ghoulish horror kinda thing going on for them. The vocals take a more secondary role in the music (some songs are totally instrumental) and the main focus of their songs are surfy guitar riffs, & synth supplied by a coffin shaped keyboard. The main core of the band are the four members that play & record all the songs but for live shows they are accompanied by two go-go dancers & two gentlemen in luchador masks. This download includes their albums Fink About It & the self titled. Features ex-members of The Locust, Tarantula Hawk, & Struggle.

TCC is:
Dr. Creepenstein - keys/guitar/vocals
Creepture - guitar/vocals
Dia De Los Creep - bass
Creepula - drums
Creep O Hauntus - go-go dancer
She Creep - go-go dancer
Sir Gravis - dancer/hypeman
Mikey Ratt - dancer/hypeman

fink about it/the creepy creeps