Loving Lady Death

Loving Lady Death was a Melodic Metalcore band from Daytona. Their lyrics mostly dealt with dark themes such as horror (vampires or monsters) or depression. They were one of my favorite local bands, but despite my love of this band and knowing the members/being good friends with Gino I really don't have a lot of info to share other than they played a lot of shows and had a pretty decent following out here. Sadly they only put out one EP as a band, but I have also included with this download 2 lost rough demo instrumental tracks that were made before the recording of the EP (one of the 2 songs was never re-recorded for the EP thanks for letting me get these Gino). Some members were in or went on to be in Of A Divergent Blood, Angels & Demons, The Autumn Offering, Severed Existence, Hearts Evolved & Allys.

LLD was at times:
brett bortle - vocals
gino marasco - guitar
mike bortle - drums
james monico - bass
sean boot - guitar/b.vocals
jon ponder - guitar
matt - guitar
robby - bass

Winter EP (+ 2 rough demos)

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