Sadiya was a hardcore band from Sebring Florida formed in the early 2000's. They started out under the name Dieversion, they released one demo & played several local shows under the name before changing it to Sadiya. After the change for a short period the line-up included a turntablist that was quickly dropped in favor of a heavier sound & they released their 1st EP "as it get's forgotten". After more shows and line up additions they released their 2nd EP "A False Sense of Love and Hope". Sometime down the line they broke up when member Aldo went on to be in Remembering Never. In 2009 they stated on their myspace that they were making a come back but this has yet to be seen. I wish I had the Demo, and other EP but I've never found them or anyone with them so this is all I have to offer, but from what people that knew of the band or used to have the earlier stuff this EP is the best they have recorded.

Sadiya was:
& some other past members that i don't know the names of.

A False Sense of Love and Hope


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