Dead Hours

Dead Hours is a hardcore band from New Mexico that play fast pissed off straight-edge stuff. They are Heavily influenced by Ringworm, Integrity, and old school death and black metal. Features members of Excruciation and West 44

DH is
Jake - vocals
Joaquin - guitar
Julian - bass
Tyrone - drums

2009 demo



Enforcers are a new Hardcore band from Montreal Canada. Being a new band I don't know much about the band other than they play aggressive Hardcore with anger filled lyrics. check these guys out.

Enforcers are:
Fred - Vocals
Simon - Guitar
Hugo - Guitar
Ben - Bass
Hogan - Drums

Demo MMX

The Pumpkin Patch #1

Yo one of the bands i posted previously Party Monster are trying to get rid of their demo tapes, they are only 5 dollars so check out the post i did on them and if you dig buy it up before they are all gone!



Duke Nukem Forever

Duke Nukem Forever (DNF) are a Thrash/Powerviolence Hardcore band from California that formed in 2006. They've put out a demo and a Split CD with the band WPI. They broke up for awhile, then got back together and then disappeared due to all the members moving away (100+ miles), and then got back together again. I really love this band, I'm stoked they got back together and released a new 7". I wish these dudes would play out here. Features members of Trash Talk, Touché Amoré, Skin Like Iron, Raw Nerves & Dad Punchers. This download is everything they put out before the 7" Hurt.

DNF is:
Kyle Takahashi - Vocals
Chad Kawashima - Guitar
Elliot Babin - Drums
Sam Bosson - Bass

Old Discography
Bandcamp (new songs posted!)

Ritual Form

Ritual Form is a new hardcore band from Milwaukee that features members of Rattletooth, Widower & Wholehearted, and that's all I know.. so check it out!

Ritual Form is:

Spit Tracks EP


As The Sun Sets

As The Sun Sets was a Mathcore/Grindcore band from Providence formed in 1998. ATSS was an awesome band and i'm sure most people that find this already know of them/might already have this stuff but oh well. They started out with a metallic mosh-heavy sound during the start of the band til the time of the 1st LP Each Individual Voice Is Dead In The Silence, but this was replaced by a noisier, more frenetic approach to songwriting soon after that. They released another LP called 7744 which introduced the new sound and sometime later they also put out a self made live EP for a summer tour that was only limited to 200 copies. In 2002 the band called it quits and released one final EP called 8949. I have read tales long ago that their were Demos before all the albums but I have never seen or herd anything more about them. Members went on to be in Daughters, Bury Your Dead, She Rides (formerly Playgirl), Umbrella, Suffering Bastard, and Zombifying Venom.

ATSS was:
Brendan MacDonald - guitar
Jay Crowe - guitar
Jon Syverson - drums
Samuel Walker - bass
Alexis Marshall - vocals
(i'm sure there was a few others)

Each Individual Voice Is Dead In The Silence LP

7744 LP

no art.
2001 Limited Summer Tour EP

8949 EP


Railsplitter was a southern heritage influenced Sludge Doom Metal band from Orlando Florida that formed in 2002 & broke up in 2006. I don't really known much about them, but they were an awesome band. I got into these dudes along time back when looking through the old Dead Tank Records website and they caught my eye(or ear) with the song Long Time Comin'. They only released two albums as a band and disappeared. Members went on or were in Dragbody, Rasquatch, Six Dead Horses and Snaggletooth.

for fans of Buzzoven, Eyehategod, Teeth of the Hydra, Noothgrush, & Art of Burning Water

railsplitter was:
Dan Oxford - drums
Mike Rosen - guitar
Phil The Bus - bass
Scott White - vocals

860 Some Odd Lbs
DOWNLOAD (fix soon)

Sunday Morning at the Church of the Head Crushing Riff



Sargeist is a Finnish black metal band formed in 1999. Originally created as a solo project by Shatraug, he was joined by other members since 2000, who were subsequently released from the band. After the recording of Tyranny Returns the other members where replaced by Hoath Torog and Horns, both from the Finnish black metal band Behexen, both of which have remained to this day. Musically and lyrically, Sargeist stays close to the roots of Scandinavian "old school" black metal. Lyrical subjects often deal with Satanism, anti-Christian blasphemy, darkness, depression, misanthropy and nihilism. The band's name combines the two German words, "sarg" (coffin) and "geist" (spirit, ghost), and derives from the song "The Old Coffin Spirit" by the black metal band Rotting Christ. Other bands members are a part of include: Horna, Mirkhall, Ravening, Morbid Savouring, Blutschrei, Mortualia, Sinisterite, Kyprian's Circle, Hoath, Finnentum, Foudre Noire, Gandr, Necroslut, Black Stench, Battle (Fin), Behexen, Drowning the Light, Tyrannium, Skullkrusher (Fin), Bestial Devastation (Fin), & Uhraus.

Sargeist is:
Shatraug - Guitar, Bass, & backing Vocals
Hoath Torog - Vocals
Horns - Drums

Lord Volos - Drums
Gorsedd Marter - unknown
Makha Karn - unknown

Nockmaar/Heralding Breath Of The Pestilence Demos

Tyranny Returns Demo

Satanic Black Devotion LP

Disciple of the Heinous Path LP

The Dark Embarace EP

Merrimack Split

Temple of Ball Split

Horned Almighty Split

Funeral Elegy Split

Bahimiron Split

*sorry that these are all rapidshare downloads, but there's far too many files to upload myself on something easier.

At Half-Mast

At Half-Mast is a hardcore band from Myrtle Beach. In 2002 They came together after the collapse of the band The Genocide Approach that was formed by Nate, Caleb & Alfred, later they added Tim & Kenneth and in 2006 they recorded the 1st Album Alive Alone and Waiting. Some time later Tim left and was replaced by 2nd singer Justin (who is my favorite vocalist of the band) and in 2007 they recorded for 2 splits that were released in 2008 (Values Intact split & To The Embers Split). Also in 2008 Kenneth left the band to be replaced by Benjamin and the Group recorded their 2nd LP Fathers and sons. Afterword Justin left the band and was temporally replaced by Cason on vocals, who later left with Ben to form the band Legacies. Nate later took over for the vocals and Alex came into the band to play guitar & In 2010 the band released an EP called Flight Patterns. I got to see At Half-Mast Live twice during the time when Justin was the vocalist. The first time was a spur of the moment thing as I had decided to go with my friend Troy to a show he was playing (Halo For Hookers) with AHM and Battle! in Ocala, And then the 2nd time was in Daytona for a show I set up. Both times I was blown away from their set. I didn't really talk much to them minus Justin who was a really nice dude, but I can tell these guys really love what they do.

AHM is:
Nate Carney - vocals (formally guitar)
Addison Owens - guitar
Alex Angell - guitar
Alfred Magusson - bass
Caleb Carney - drums

Tim Carney - vocals
Justin Turner - vocals
Cason N. - vocals
Kenneth Faith - guitar
Benjamin - guitar

Alive Alone and Waiting LP

To The Embers Split

Fathers and Sons LP

Flight Patterns EP

*I own a copy of the Values Intact Split, but I can't find a rip anywhere.

Ink & Dagger

This is my 2nd Ink & Dagger post, check out my 1st post if you missed out or have never herd of them. I ripped This audio from live videos uploaded on youtube by user pillgrimsprogress. so check those out! It's not the best sounding stuff (vocals are kinda over powered by the music) but I figure some people might be happy having this. It's Ink & Daggers first show ever. I plan on hopefully doing one more I&D post sometime in August after their This Is Hardcore 2010 reunion if I can get the audio from the people filming it. I also made a nice cover to go with it for the Ipod fans out there.

Ink & Dagger 96:
Sean McCabe - vocals
Don Devore - guitar
Eric Wareheim - bass
Jorge Gonzalez - guitar
David Wagenschutz - drums

Live At 314 House (Philadelphia,Pa 1996)
My Fan Myspace


Legacies was a hardcore band from Georgia & Florida. Cason & Ben both used to be in the band At Half-Mast but quit to start this band. Dispite knowing Cason I don't know alot about the band due to them not being around for super long. I only got to see them once live when they played out here in Daytona but I really dug it, They played some good heavy hardcore.

Legacies is:




X-Wing was a hardcore band from Kings Beach California that formed in November of 2004.The members Said and Rudi were in a band together called Secret Weapon Eight and when they broke up they got together with the rest of the guys and started X-Wing. Despite what some people thought they were not a straightedge band as they have stated that "X-Wings are just the coolest type of vehicle." (they started out as one but they coulden't get enough sXe members). As a band they released 2 demos and a split 7" with the band Prey on Spacement Records before breaking up. I gave this band a chance years ago when I was buying some vinyl from a online vinyl distro and their name caught my attention due to my love of Star Wars, so I bought It and I of course have loved the band ever since and have been trying to track down their Demos forever with no luck until recently I have gotten a hold of their 2005 Demo which I'm very happy to be sharing with anyone that would be interested. I also have a few other songs that I ripped from the myspace long ago with File2HD when that still worked. Other bands some of the members have been in are Secret Weapon Eight, Fatality, xCrucial Attackx, Kamikaze Attitude, Optimus Crime, Become, & Lumber Lung.

X-Wing was:

Demo 2005 (+ Other Songs)


Soul Train

Soul Train is a hardcore band with some hip-hop influences from Massachusetts that formed in 2009. The bands name is suppose to poke fun at the fact all members are African American. The band also features my buddy Keith who some might know from the bands Alert & Use Your Head.

Trey - drums
Jon - vocals
Keith - bass
Dre - guitar

2k10 EP Smoke Kush

Demo '09


A New Kind Of American Saint

A New Kind Of American Saint were a Straightedge band from Tallahassee that formed sometime after the break up of I Have Dreams & New Ethic. ANKOAS are a band that I do enjoy quite a bit, not just because most of the members were in one of my all time favorite bands, but also due to their angry straightedge style. These guys used to play shows with xone fifthx in their time of being active.

*I also have a rough version of the song Jesus wasn't Straightedge but I am that i might upload sometime later.


Take A Shit

Unreleased split

live set + 2 more live songs


Strateia was a Christian Metalcore from Tallahassee Florida that formed in 2000. Now I'm not really into Christian anything, but these guys are pretty good heavy mosh kinda hardcore with melodic influence. They only released a Demo and an EP called "A Treasure From Ruin" on Indianola records before breaking up in 2003. The guitarist and the drummer, along with Scott Baker from xOne-Fifthx went on to play in the Indie-rock band Slowdance.Their sound has been described as a mixture of 18 Visions and Strongarm.

A Treasure From Ruin


XBRIGHTX is a Straightedge hardcore band from Nagoya Japan. Alright I have already done a post on xBrightx before this for their 2009 rehearsal demo so be sure to check that out if you haven't already! Anyway this is their 2nd rehearsal demo (a pre-demo) much like the last one the recording is pretty good for not being a "real" demo. It has 3 songs: a re-recording of the song Beki (my fave song), a new song and a Ten Yard Fight cover. It was only limited to 50 copies and is already long gone, so I would love to thank the band for sending me one of the last copies in the mail (also thanks again for the 1st CD as well!). I can't wait for these guys to make their real demo or anything else in the future. As stated in the last post They formed in 2008 when Have Heart & Shipwreck were on tour in Japan and the guys wanted to play the show, so they formed the band in order to get on and have been playing ever since. Some of the members were also in the band Buraito.

xbrightx is:
Rinsuke - vocals(not on demo)
xKantax - guitar
xLe Diablex - guitar
xBara SDx - drums
xHide Boyx - bass

xKennyx - vocals

Spring '10 Sessions rehearsal demo