Depravation are blackened hardcore band from Germany. the band have got a new split tape with Slowly We Rot from Belgium out now & it was released on tape by Dark Omen Records (GER) and Skin & Bones Records (UK). It’s available in three different colors and limited to 100 pieces in total. "Depravation was founded in December 2011. In March 2012 we’ve released our demo-tape “I:PRAEDICTVM”, followed by our first LP "II:MALEDICTVM" in July 2013. Since then we've played a bunch of shows. In April 2014 our drummer moved to Hamburg and had to leave the band. We've recorded the song "With Dead Eyes To See" with our new drummer in June. I guess it's fair to say that our new music has a different vibe, compared to our older tracks. But I'll let you be the judge of this..." Slowly We Rot is the follow up band for Niels after Worms Feed. Founded in late 2013, the 3-piece delivers evil and filth soaked sonic terror in the form of metallic hardcore. The two tracks on this split are their first recordings. Keep your eyes open for these young guns, as there is way more good stuff to be coming from them in the future.

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Mark Plasma

Mark Plasma are a Synth punk project from Baltimore. The debut EP Embrace Technology from Social Cancer Records contains six songs of distorted, dark synth rock. Disturbing, engrossing, and clandestine all at the same time. features member of Quitter, Barbelith & Gutterhooks

Embrace Technology

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Street Shark

Street Shark are a lo-fi punk rock band from Alabama. The band play a compelling mix of catchy post-punk and driving garage rock. Their new EP Heart Age from Social Cancer Records sways between frantic tension and dynamic mischief.

SS is:
john simmons - guitar/vocals
erek smith - bass/vocals
chris eagle - keys
josh jackson - drums

heart age ep

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WØRSEN are a D-Beat punk band from Jacksonville Florida. These dudes play raging  rough & raw metal as fuck D-beat Hardcore and their tape is coming out  soon on primal vomit records.


We Had A Deal

WE HAD A DEAL are a four-piece self discribed "whatevercore-band" from Stuttgart / Germany that combines Hardcore, 90ies Screamo and a bit Punk rock. Recently the band have released a Split 7inch with the group Coma Regalia via multiple labels Farblos Rec. (Germany),  Crapoulet Rec. (France), Middle-Man Rec. (US), Walking Is Still Honest Rec. (Spain), Skin And Bones Rec. (UK), & Pure Heart Rec. (Czech). The split can be download for free via their bandcamp.

WHAD is:
Micha - Vocals
Uli - Guitar/Vocals
Serkan - Bass/Vocals
Sascha - Drums

coma regalia split

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Coma Regalia

Coffin Birth

Coffin Birth are a three piece grindcore band from Brisbane, Australia. Their roots are firmly planted in early UK grindcore but also have a hint of early US death metal. Fantastic ripping grind jams, short & sweet.

Coffin Birth is
Josh - guitar
Alex - drums
Isaac - vocals

Necrotic Liquefaction


Locas is garage punk rock band from Los Angeles, CA. Their first EP "Demonstration" was released on June 1st 2014 & is up for free download via bandcamp full of 6 chill tracks. The band formed when Eddie and Andy had met through a mutual friend in high school and began playing together in a jazz band. After playing together for a few years casually, they had decided to go in a different direction musically. Though Eddie had moved to San Francisco for school, they kept contact through sending ideas to each other to create a new sound for the band. In January of 2014, Eddie moved back to LA and they began work on Demonstration. After only a few local shows, they decided to record at Lolipop Records in Echo Park. After recording the album, they decided they wanted a fuller sound, so Andy enlisted the help of his longtime friend Zak to play bass. In summer of 2014, they focused on playing shows in and around Los Angeles and writing their debut album, slated to be released fall of 2014.


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locas is:
Andy - Guitar / Vocals
Eddie  - Drums
Zak - bass

Cathedral Fever

Cathedral Fever are a Hardcore/Horror Punk band from St. Louis, MO. Even darker than before these dudes release a new EP for free download via bandcamp which tops their last release. Dark & Evil which is all you need.

CF is:
Jerry - vocals
David - Guitar
Derek  - Bass
Spencer - Drums/b.vocals

all pit, no pendulum EP