Da Nest

Da Nest was a barbiran/magic/demons/dungeons & dragonish themed 2 piece electronic synthpop band from Pennsylvania formed in 2005. The band came together after both members were kicked out of the band Shark Shark! for making songs that were too weird. It's hard to write a bio on these guys so ill just use one they did before:

"We are the Army of Ramskull, but to you, you shriveled ox, we are DA NEST. We bring thee great warriors a choir to sing your praises the the great and powerful Aramis. Dare you wield the sword of Ramskull? Our sworn arch nemesis, Bulgezzorb, mocks us with landscapes of terrifying skulls, wizardry, and snakes for lords sakes! Lets begin our voyage lads of stone and awesome!".

I fucking loved these dudes when they formed and would jam out to these fun songs non stop during the heyday of the myspace craze. I also used to bug them from time to time and even got the nick-name "Lord Matticorn, Goblin Trench Warrior Level 1". I'm still bummed to this day that they couldn't make the show I set up on my birthday in 2006, they seemed pretty stoked to play but real life came up for them and the rest Is history. The Ninhalath Chronicles Is their Epic EP, Unholy Terror Union (Cactus Split) & some demo tracks.  The only thing missing is the "Misadventures" which is a collection of every demo and rough tracks they made. Features Ex-Horse The Band, Ex-Shark! Shark!, Set That Motherfucker on Fire, Raj! Against the Machine, & F1rst Act.

the army of ramskull smiles upon thee!

da nest was:
Okrakon (Andy) - vocals/voices/synth/defending
Gendrak (Rääj) - drum programming/synth/guitar/being brave

The Ninhalanth Chronicles

Live in Wilmington (10/21/06)



Discourse is a straightedge metallic hardcore band from Columbia, South Carolina. This is my second post on these rad dudes with two hard hitting songs from their upcomming split with Will To Die that was recorded at Ledbelly Sound Studios (Mastodon and Foundation recently recorded records there). They are about to head out on a 3 week east coast tour; which includes a date out here and I'm Stoked. for fans of 90's hardcore bands such as Earth Crisis, Hatebreed, Indecision, Turmoil, and One King Down. *update: the plans for the split fell threw and they these songs with the demo songs were merged together to be released on a 7" released in a joint venture from headfirst records & bitter melody records.

Discourse is:



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Heart Eyes

Heart Eyes Is a one woman project from Tacoma, Washington. I like many found out about this girl from her Stripped down Ukulele acoustic covers of American Nightmare's "Farewell" and Fugazi's "I'm So Tired" that got posted to the B9 message board. I had forgotten about it for some time and just remembered so I thought I'd post her Demo plus two other songs that came out after. Legit tunes + cute girl = best times.

h.e. is:
Trelayna Johnson - ukulele/vocals

Demo 2009 (+2 extra songs)



Axis is a 90's inspired heavy Hardcore band from Daytona Beach, Florida that formed in 2010. This brand new Split 7" (with Weight Of The World) which is going to be released late this month from On Point Records marks the last recording with vocalist Joshua. Josh Is one of the most genuine and upstanding people I've ever gotten the chance to meet in Hardcore and I wish him well on any future project. Fans of Axis should not be turned down by the Idea of a new vocalist, as Mike has been long time friends with the members and should fill out just nicely and I for one am looking forward to hearing new stuff with his contributions. check it out, get into it. also check out Weight Of The World as they are also an equally awesome band. Members of: Meantime, We're Not Dead, Years From Now, Harbinger, Portals, Bestiarii, Total Recall, No Harm Done.

Axis is:
Patrick Chumly - guitar
Tommy Cantwell - drums
Mikey Hawkins - bass
Dylan Downey- guitar
Emeila Andrews - vocals

Joshua Bunino - vocals
Shane Spiker - bass
Jesse Spiker - bass/drums
Sam Kooby - guitar (summer tour)

Axis/Weight Of The World Split


Sacrament Ov Impurity

Sacrament Ov Impurity are a black metal band formed in 2007 located in the outskirts of Mount Vernon, Washington. They began with a traditional black metal sound focusing on ancient mythology and winter and has since evolved into a raw and yet melodic direction combining a variety of sub genres, focusing on the cosmos and esoteric. These dudes got together after being tired of the influx of trendy hardcore and hipster screamo bands had dominated their scene. As a Band they have released a full length album "a World Beheld By Damnation", A live DVD "Blood Mass In Ballard" and have appeared on the Imperative Music Compilation Vol. IV & Into The Mouth Of Hell Compilation (all avalible to purchase on their facebook). Featuring members of Ozzmotiarr.

SOI is:
Samhain - Drums (2007 - present)
The Butcher -  Guitar (2007 - present)
Naphula -  Vocals (2012 - present)
Xephilax - Vocals/Bass

Raw Live Demo 2012



My second post on one of my favorite bands: DNF (also known as Duke Nukem Forever) are a Powerviolence-Hardcore band from California that formed in 2006. Under the name Duke Nukem Forever they released a Demo and a Split CD with the band WPI. They broke up/went on hiatus for a hot minute before returning with a far more heavy Powerviolence sound than previously and have released a brand new 7" this year called "Hurt". This vinyl is by far one of my top favorite release of 2012, It's 8 tracks of pure heavy fucking feedback PV that your going to love. Support these dudes and snag a copy before it's too late. Members of Trash Talk, Touché Amoré, Raw Nerves & Dad Punchers.

DNF is:
Kyle Takahashi - Vocals
Chad Kawashima - Guitar
Elliot Babin - Drums
Sam Bosson - Bass


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Retrace are a melodic youth crew band from Sacramento, California. Some fun stuff from this up and coming band, check it . For fans of Battery, Turning Point, & Go it Alone. I fucking really like this and hopefully you will too. I wish more youth crew bands submitted stuff.

Retrace are:

Demo 2012


Expectations are a Five-piece atmospheric Post-hardcore band from Bulgaria.These dudes just released their debut self titled album a month ago and have been promoting it with several shows some of which have been outside of their country. They've currently have a full EU tour in September booked. solid emotional stuff

expectations is:
Georgi - Vocals
Danail - Guitars
Mihail - Guitars
Angel - Bass
Dancho - Drums



Birds In Row

Birds In Row are a hardcore band from Laval, France. "Since its beginning in 2009, BIRDS IN ROW plays punk/hardcore in its purest form, visceral, uncompromising and emotional. "Collected" is, as its name suggests, the reunion of the "Rise Of The Phoenix" 7" and the "Cottbus" 12" EP, plus "Phoenix", the very first song ever written by the band. Three years, 250 shows, six European tours, a two-months US tour and a signing on Deathwish Inc later, the three-piece from Laval has gained a strong following, becoming one of the most intense and impressive live acts around these days." - throatruiner records. ex-members of Sling69

BIR is:
Timmy - drums
Ditow - vocals/bass
xBartx - vocals/guitar


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