Pastel is a two piece postpunk band from Bari, Italy formed in 2013. originally as an instrumental duo; the band continued to evolve itself including vocals and lyrics strictly in Italian. Their album L'Acchiappanuvole (the cloudcatcher in english)  is a  concept about a "leap into the void of ourselves" which symbolizes the present's elusiveness and it comes out "double dressed" having both instrumental and vocal version. The full length is out on 12" vinyl, CD and cassette tapes from multiple record labels and can be downloaded for free via bandcamp and all 3 of the formats can be purchased

pastel is:
A. & V.



Attaktix is a -beat crust punk band from Vilnius, Lithuania. Attaktix were formed by guys who were all recently in hardcore, oi and metal bands and the result they got was a crust band with a twist of rock and roll. You can get their 2015 demo cassette from deadmikke records or download it for free via bandcamp. for fans of Victims and Scandinavian dbeat crust.

Demo Tape '15


Plattenbau is an industrial band from Oakland, CA. The dark brooding duo have just finished up a three song EP called "Body of Desire" and it's out now digitally for free download via bandcamp and will be on cassette next month via the label Glowing Dagger Records. These three songs are composed of repetitive gothy industrial electronic beats, fuzzy echo guitars, & gloomy mono vocals which make for some very awesome songs in the vein of Cocteau Twins, Godflesh, and Dead Can Dance. Featuring members of Bad Braids, Black Magic Family Band, Bubonic Bear, Kerosene,& Pale Shelter.

plattenbau is:
Megan Biscieglia
Dustin Khebzou

body of desire