heads up
I'm gearing up for the FEST 13 in Gainesville this weekend so I wont be able to do any band submissions but don't stop sending em in I'll be back on Monday or so. If anyone that vists here is going feel free to hangout with me!

Transient In Barcelona

Transient In Barcelona are an experimental project from Allendale, New Jersey. They are a two piece with the inclusion of friends at different times who play very weird simplistic electronic songs with loud spoken(ish) screams and noise elements. All of their stuff is up for free download via bandcamp.

TIB is:
Joe Satkowski: Vocals
Sean Rovito: Music

empathy simulator

Pretty Hurts

Pretty Hurts is a 3-piece band from Berlin/Germany, founded in early 2014. Felix-Florian Toedtloff of Sun Worship recorded the demo in August. Think of punk along the lines of Die!Die!Die!, Kurt, and Rites of Spring but with a darker edge to it. Lyrics ranging between spider nightmares & hypnagogic hallucinations, disappointment, and creating some sort of crude movement... everyday stuff. features members of BDYBLDNG & Single State of Man

make graves


Endless Swarm

Endless Swarm are a powerviolence/grindcore band from Edinburgh, UK. The band have just put out a new EP "lobotomy" which is up for free download via bandcamp & have tape and CD versions of it avalable at shows & will soon have them online to purchase on their bandcamp too. Influenced by a load of classic PV and grindcore bands such as Spazz, Infest, Napalm Death and Despise You aswell as some noise and power electronics.

ES is:
Graham Caldwell - Vocals
Ben Barrett - Guitar
Alex Sharp - Bass/Vocals
Alain Baron - Drums

lobotomy EP


Tramadol are are a hardcore punk with emotional flair band from Long Island, Ny. Don't know much about these dudes but I do know these songs fucking rule, so check it suckers free download via bandcamp.


Carl Lewis :Track and Field

Carl Lewis :Track and Field is a folkpunk band from Portsmouth UK. the group play folkpunk/punk/trashpunk music about zombie horror films, ex girlfriends, drugs and ex presidents.
The band's EP "whoever wins, we all lose" is available through CBRG records and for free via download bandcamp. awesome chill jams.

Whoever wins, we all lose EP

Lost Limbs

Lost Limbs are a DIY indie/ screamo band from Glasgow, Scotland. The band have released a 2 track demo for free "name your price" download via bandcamp & 100 x numbered CDRs in four colours available for free or donations at gigs or by getting in touch with them via email lostlimbsband@gmail.com. They are planing a album to follow late 2014/ early 2015 on vinyl and in digital format.

LL is:
Phil, Ewan, & Bobby

Demo 2014

Bronson A.D.

Bronson A.D. are a hardcore/thrashmetal-band from LImburg/germany, formed in December 2013. In June 2014 they released their self-titled demo ep & in fall/winter 2014 a 7'' split with three other bands from Europe will be released on totally freaked out records.

BA.D. is:
Guitar - Hendrik
Bass - Bonzo Khan
drums - Marc
vocals - Mucho

demo 2014