*note: this is a joke release skip from downloading lol*
Exercist was a joke Gothic Electronic Work Out Music group formed in 2004. The group was started by Brian, Pat & Me one night when I was staying the night at Pat's house, we came up with the Idea that it would be funny to make Gothic workout music. So we recorded this nonsense and all went under fake names. We talked of making more stuff but after this song we never did and down the line we drifted apart. I went on to do a bunch of garbage "music" projects that I refuse to talk about. Brian was in Fate of the Sparrow, Epileptica, Khann & Thus a Tyrant. Pat is in Axis and was in Meantime, Fate of the Sparrow, Thus a Tyrant, & Khann. sorry if either of pat and brian ever stumble on this post or anyone for that matter.

Exercist was:
matt randall (Nikolai) - spooky vocals
brian berberich (Bosk) - pounding drums
pat chumley (Honz) - dark synth/beats

join us in dahkness single.

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