Winona Forever

Winona Forever is a one man project that started in 2012 from Los Angeles, California. The project has so far only released a demo (which I've posted in the past), a single and this EP "Heaven Above Heaven which is up for free download via bandcamp. The songs range from dark hardcore to shoegaze/grunge.

Heaven Above Heaven

Tarsius Tarsier

Tarsius Tarsier are a crust punk/hardcore band from Madrid, Spain. These guys have released their second record "La Boca del Culturista", which they recorded a few months ago in Kollapse studio (Madrid) with Iván (Khmer, Ictus) as producer. It's up for free download via bandcamp and availabe on cassette tape from the band

TT is:
Javier - vocals
Jesús - bass
Pedrosa - drums
Manuel - guitar

La Boca del Culturista



Autarch are a crust band from Asheville NC and they just put up the digital release for their new split LP with  friends Soothsayer from Pittsburgh, PA. The split LP was Self-released in collaboration with Replenish Records and Reality is a Cult Records and with help from Headfirst! Records and the Preorders for the vinyl are going on now.

Autarch is:
Collin - guitar/vocals
James - guitar/vocals
Chad - bass
Jason -drums/vocals

split LP


Exoskelett are a metal band from Sweden. Not long after their latest release – ”Buried upside down” – Exoskelett is back with three new tracks (third release in less than a year). ”Grind your bones to dust” is a hell-black thrash metal EP that wont leave anyone untouched. Brutal and harsh, with their feet in wicked mud – this is Exoskelett.

exoskelett is:
Albin Boman
Göran Matsson
Johan Eriksson
Martin Stenberg
Patrik Boman



NAILEATER are a four-piece HC/Crust-Whatsoever-Band from Austria. The band have just released their debut-EP "Chains" on tape via Sound Zero Records, It's also up on bandcamp for free "pay what you want" and you can order a copy of the cassette too. You can also download or buy a tape straight from the Sound Zero website 

Naileater is:
Nepomuk Tiefenbrunner - vocals
Amadeus Mader - guitar
Robi Lies - bass
Mathias Magerle - drums

Chains EP

Campaign Committee

Campaign Committee are a hardcore punk band Formed in late 2014  from Boston, Massachusetts.
Their EP "Let's Die?" is up for download for free via bandcamp, its For fans of converge, refused, blood brothers, & styles. The band features members of heel and arrow (boston) and das muerte (boston). 

Let's Die?

Ben Fusel

 Ben Fusel is a noise rock Solo artist who lives in Queens, NY. he started playing live in
2016 as a solo artist and he records, programs and mixes everything himself. His debut single "el santo" is up for free download on soundcloud and the song mixes Lightning Bolt's bombastic fuzz with Dan Deacon's pitch shifted vocals and exuberance. for fans of Lightning Bolt, Melt Banana, Marnie Stern, Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Ben Fusel - guitar/vocals/drum programming

El Santo Single
DOWNLOAD (soundcloud)


Cruel Bloom

Cruel Bloom from Owen Sound, Ontario. The bands EP "Ketamine" came out on Valentines day of this year 2016 and its up for free download via bandcamp. for fans of Retox, The Locust, and DSGNS.

cb is:
Matt Taylor - Vocals
Richard Engelhardt - Guitar/Vocals
Russ Walsh - Bass
Sean Noble - Drums

Ketamine EP


Forced are a blackened sludge/hardcore band out of Long Island NY. The band has drawn comparison and inspiration from bands like Coffinworm, Cursed, and Craft.  They have been self-releasing demos and cassettes for the past few years and have just put out their first full length album titled "The Vanishing Dark" which was recorded by Jay Newman (Unearthly Trance) at his home studio. the band describes the release as "In the record, we focus on the notion that in a world full of artifice, of living in cities, the very human experience of looking to the sky at night and seeing the stars is no longer possible, at least for the vast majority of humanity. We have flooded the world with light as a means to do a lot of things, not the least of which to, literally and figuratively, blind us to the dark of the unknown, to blind us from the reality of our fear. Yet, in doing so we create monsters and catastrophes of geologic proportions. The cruel irony of light is that it is not as a source of redemption or hope, but a visual representation of fear itself." Currently the record is available to stream or download for free via bandcamp. The track "Lung Float Test" features Will from Artificial Brain on vocals.

Scott Brown - Vocals/Guitar
Dave Friedrich - Bass/Vocals
Mike Hegarty - Drums

The Vanishing Dark

Walk Away

Walk Away are a four piece Straight Edge hardcore band from Berlin, Germany. Founded back in 2012 the band plays Youth Crew short yet packed with punch style songs. The band have a very strong DIY spirit and book all of their own tours and all of their records have been done in their own rehearsal room rather than pricey studios. Walk Away are especially proud of the quality their latest record ‘MMXVI’ has reached which is up for free download along with all their other recordings on Bandcamp.

WA is:
Joest - vocals
Basti - drums
Hagen - guitar
Daniel - bass

DOWNLOAD (bandcamp)


Vurdalak are a hardcore punk band from Moscow, Russia. The band have released their debut Demo for free download via bandcamp. They play raw & dirty hardcore-punk  in the vein of The flex, Freedom and Hard stripes but with fewer breakdowns and a far more punk sound. All of Vurdalak's lyrics are about tragic times with Russia's economic crisis, social hate and law injustice and all the lyrics are also in Russian. The Band's name comes from a form vampire/zombie that eats flesh and drinks the blood of their family. Ex-members of xBulliesx

demo 2016
DOWNLOAD (bandcamp)


Sabrewulf are a Death-Doom band from El Paso,Texas formed in 2011. The band have a full length album that just came out on January 27, 2016 called "Sangre Y Alma" (Which means Blood & Soul in Spanish). This roughly 50 minutes long ten song LP is up for free download via bandcamp and sounds like if Cult of Luna & Neurosis met Ion Dissonance and Blood Has Been Shed. If you dig it they also have 2 other releases up for download as well.

Sabrewulf is:
Marco - Guitar
Yanez - Guitar
Nay - Bass
John - Drums
David - Vocals

Sangre Y Alma


Skinwalkers are 3 Piece Indie band from Reno, NV. After releasing their EP  invisible twin the band have put out a split with the band City Wolves and its up for free download via bandcamp (which includes City Wolves half).  Mellow out with these post-punk indie emo jams

skinwalkers are:
nate. nick. valentine.

city wolves split

Ghost Witch

Ghost Witch are a stoner/doom metal band from Santa Rosa, CA. The band formed in early January and recorded their demo live in one night in their cramped practice studio and it's up for free download via bandcamp, They have also begun writing for a proper release. This sounds incredible for being a self done demo and I can't wait to hear a full release.

GW is:

S/T demo

Waves Crashing Piano chords

Waves Crashing Piano Chords is a Juggalo Power Electronics or "Horrornoise" solo artist from Rochester, New York formed in 2005. Sean originally would do sporadically guerrilla styled unannounced performances in the middle of other band's sets much to their annoyances until he pushed his project to be vastly more serious. His live shows although minimalistic in nature are loud & violent with every appearance being a one man war against the crowd challenging any and all with fists, anger and faygo bottles flying in the air. This 7+ minute single is a brief glimpse into his harsh feedback riddled world and it's free via download on bandcamp (along with a bunch of other releases) and released on single sided 7"s. Sean Also runs the 8track record label H8-Track Stereo and has another noise project called Useless Prick

WCPC is:
Sean Beard - vocals/mic minpulations/violence

I can't get the taste off my tongue