Fertility is a project three years in the making. Their songs have been structured and re-structured numerous times with various members added then dropped...and this meticulous yet chaotic nature will show in the final product. Fertility's debut "Wholly Holy" delivers you break neck tempo and time changes, ferocious riffs and dirty/raw hardcore not for the faint at heart. Featuring just two members of These Branches and Fashion. FFO: Converge, Bucket Full of Teeth, The Hope Conspiracy

Nicholas Edward Hertzberg - all instruments
Robert Forrest - vocals

Wholly Holy

Horrors That You've Seen

Horrors That You've Seen are a Stoner/Doom/Hardcore band from Edinburgh. They have recently released a new 4-track EP 'Smokin, Skatin, Satan' for free download on bandcamp.Great jams check it out and if you dig them grab a copy of it on limited to 100 green cassette tape warped in hemp rope ha

Graham Caldwell - Vocals
Kieran Higgins - Guitar
Niall Robb - Guitar
Spud Robertson - Bass
Alain Baron - Drums

Smokin,skatin,satan EP

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Sisilisko Is a Folk Rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. Their debut single Prepare to die / Under your skin was digitally released in may 2013 which is up for free download "name your price" on bandcamp. With one foot in american folk and the other in doom- and black metal, the dark elements of the genres gets combined, and recreates the barren fairytale landscape that Sisilisko once came from. The tracks where recorded in Stockholm in April 2013 with recording technician and producer Martin Nilsson & features Drums by Jakob Enlund. Sisilisko has created a musical expression for the dark and unexplored places in our minds; where the daylight never reaches. Where we all are equally small and insignificant. Where death always is present. Where nothing is what we assume it to be.

Sisilisko is:
Albin Boman.
Peter Engqvist.

Prepare to Die/Under your Skin



Deathsvn is an ambient drone post-metal solo project from Jacksonville, Florida formed in 2013. the Project features Justin from the band Lower. He's currently working on more songs and such that should come around soon, for now check out his debut track "glorified" on his bandcamp.

deathsvn is:
Justin Hawk - everything



Enlightenment are a modern hardcore punk band from Leipzig, Germany.
These dudes play some great jams with melodic flare to it, they are working on setting up an online store for those that want to buy a copy of their EP on cd or tape.

enlightenment is:
Richard - Guitar
Hannes - Guitar
Basti - Drums
Jonas - Vocals
Epi - Bass

Jan - Guitar
Felix - Drums

Propaganda Of Desires EP



Calloused are a hardcore band out of Roanoke Virginia. They have released their newest demo that was recorded in January of 2013 up for free download on bandcamp and also have an EP "southern hostility" & a 2012 demo up too. check it.

Jack Cooper- Vocals
Nathan Morrison- Drums
Alex Oliver- Guitar
Josh Sison- Guitar
Ben Teets- Bass

Demo 2013

Favorite Child

Favorite Child are a Screamo/Pop Punk band from California. they just released a new EP called collection A and it's up for free download on their  bandcamp (name your price). melodic & dancey pop punk with scratchy vocals. members of The Milford Higgins, Tiger Lily, Dependence, The Horse I Rode, & Le Wolves

FC is:
Nathan DeRaud - guitar
JC Swagyolobro - bass
Cameron Rutledge Mathis - drums/vocals
Collection A EP