Every Waking Moment

Every Waking Moment was a melodic hardcore band from Daytona that formed in 2002. Sadly the later Heavier stuff wasn't ever recorded. For the time they were around they played loads of local shows & toured (which included going to New Orleans & Baton Rouge). They would accept any show they could get on, some of which consisted of playing in a pawn shop/comic book/hardware store, a hotel lobby, at a skate park on a ramp, & in the middle of a park that no one got a permit for. Sometime after a tour with friends Virgina Is For Lovers the band began to drift away from drummer James, there had been some trouble with him before hand but it finally got to the point of no return after they were returning home from a show in Tampa that involved seeing a car wreck. The band decided against recording new material, and members mikey & matt began work on their new band Total Recall. Every Waking Moment had their final show in the summer of 2004. Members went on to be in Years From Now, Total Recall, Same Mistake, & DanceFloor Tragedy.

EWM was:
mikey hawkins - guitar
james hartsell - drums
mike andrews - vocals
matt fisher - bass
chris ladwig - bass(temp fill in)

the audition EP

For the full story on Every Waking Moment visit member Mikey's Blog:
the hard way

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