Basalte are an 3-piece Atmospheric Black Metal band from Montreal. The instrumentation is drums, two guitars and three lead vocals shared by the members. The band started at the end of 2013. The band's album Vestige which was recorded and mixed mostly by the band, with help from one of their friend's is up for download via bandcamp & Cassette tapes available at  Productions Haineuses



Politess are an experimental hardcore band from Montreal, Quebec. The band have released their Self titled album via Beaver Club Records, GBS Records and Blind Eye Records. Crazy grind, hardcore punk & melodic intensity hits like a tidal wave smashing you in the face.

politess is:
Sim, Jess, Jerry, Kev, Dave




Prisons are alternative post-metal hardcore band from Sweden formed sometime during the winter of 2014/2015. The band have just released their first EP on bandcamp and soundcloud,(+ a video on youtube) for free download. Most of the band members used to play in hardcore/sludge-outfit ignominy releasing 3 "full length"-records between 2011-2013 and toured europe in 2012. That band eventually died and they started this project mostly as a reason to keep doing dark and noisedrenched postmetal-hybrid music. Like breach on heroine, or cult of luna on crack. Also features members of psychadelic doom band Phant

s/t EP


Dale Earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt is a grindcore/hardcore self dubbed "Nascore" band from Daytona Beach, Fl formed in 2007. The group formally known as 'dale earnhardt crash into the wall exploding extravaganza' was originally founding member matt (me the owner of this blog) handling drums, vocals and guitar himself and cody on back up vocals who together recorded the first demo "extravamaganzama!" which has since been lost to time. After a single practice at friend john daly's house they fell into a lengthy hiatus. In 2015 Matt reformed the band with Dillon to help make a new demo. We started working on it around January but got side tracked with other band projects until we finished it in march along side a second demo "it's wrong to be right" adding Kial and Jesse to the mix. We played our first show two days after and then lost our first bassist mark. The next month we wrote more jams for a split with our sister band Street Fighter II after acquiring new bassist Garrett who quit during the recording and we had Kial's brother finish the last song but he also quit because his dad would probably start a fight with him because he hated our band. After the split we gained Chris on bass to fill out our group of assholes and started work on our EP "nacore future forever". During the recording process we gained & quickly lost Rob on 2nd bass, Lance on 3rd bass. Chance & Jon both became our keyboardists but both left during recording due to heavy work & school loads. After them we gained David as our Keyboardist. we had also got Rush & Haley both together to add noise elements before they called it quits. Jordan also became our 3rd guitarist for a brief moment. During the EP recordings some of us got to catch Mick Foley (mankind/dude love/cactus jack) doing his stand up comedy in town and were given the honor to record & include him on the EP as backup vocals. In may we played Orlando we were joined by Bryan on bass (due to chris having some stuff he had to take care of) & Brenden on harmonica but he quit after the set due commitments with his other band. We recorded the live set & included 5 recorded songs that we did a few days before the show with David as a full time member & Daniel on the intro track. we are a joke loud blast cluster fuck of horrible sounds that leave people wondering why?  you can download everything we released for free if you dare via bandcamp.

DE is:
matt randall - vocals
dillon watson - guitar
jesse shelton - drums
kial jones - guitar
chris cowles - bass
david chamberlin - keyboards

mark joesph - bass
garrett gardner - bass
kial's brother - bass
bryan andes - bass
rob faris - bass
lance morris -bass
brianna holt - bass
jordan wieland - guitar
daniel vitnem - guitar
mick foley - b.vocals
chance morris - keyboards
jon freelin - keyboards
rush falknor - noise
haley mccormick - noise
brenden neville - harmonica
cody giles - b.vocals
kyle valery - beats
jared webb - beats

nascore future forever EP
DOWNLOAD (bandcamp)


BLANK are a Negative Hardcore band from Germany. They've just released a split LP with their friends in SANGHARSHA (four Nepali guys based in NYC playing dark, massive Hardcore) entitled 'Intermundia' on Alerta Antifascista Records and Holy Goat records.

blank is:
carsten, christian, daniel, florian, & martin

sangharsha split


pepi rössler

pepi rössler are a female fronted screamo/emoviolence band from hungary. the band has released a demo which is free for download via bandcamp check it out, awesome rough and raw skramz screamo jams

 PR is:
opi, andris, erik, bálint & dimbes