Harm's Way

Harm's Way are a straightedge hardcore band from Chicago. They play heavy/sludgy and violent hardcore, but their early material (demo & imprisoned) have an almost powerviolence sound. Their songs deal with straightedge, killing people and hating the world. This band is angry as hell, & I can never get enough of them. Features members of Plan of Attack, Few And The Proud, Weelend Nachos, Expired Youth, and Chronic Seizur.

HW is:
James - vocals
Chris - guitar
Bo - drums
Caution - bass
Hofacker - guitar


imprisoned 7"

s/t 7"

reality approaches

no gods, no masters 7"

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Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom - born II hate & demo
Rock Bottom are a hardcore band from DOYLESTOWN, Pennsylvania featuring members of War Pigs and Layin’ Waste.


born II hate


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Twin Crystals

Twin Crystals are a lo-fi punk "bedroom synth" band from Canada formed in 2006, they have a good amount of releases but like many of the bands of their style they tend to be rare and always sold out. Members were also in Live Girls, Passionss, Channels 3x4 , Arc, Reflektionss, Cheerleader Camp and Terrorbird.

TC is:
Jeremiah Hayward - guitar/keyboards
Jesse Taylor - vocals/guitar/keyboards
Jordan Alexander - drums

Kayla Guthrie - chants
Caroline D. - synth

self titled LP
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separate birth EP



Aaskereia - Mit Raben und Wölfen & Zwischen den welten
Aaskereia is a Pagan Melodic Black Metal band from Germany formed in 1997. Aaskereia focuses on the melodic sound of their guitars very much & the vocals range from clear singing passages to howling with the band’s lyrics mostly focusing on death, battles that are fought, dark and tragic romance, or the woods and everything that is inside them or happening inside them. Aaskereia is sometimes accused of being national socialistic, but their website states that they dissociate themselves from any political ideology. These guys are fantastic, & one of my favorite black metal bands today. Current & ex-members are or were also in Brocken Moon, Wolfsthron, Mähdrescher, Korakhtor, Geweih, Todesweihe, Irrlycht, Isenheim, Wolfsschrei, Odal, Erhabenheit, & Corporal Punishment

Grim - Vocals
Halvar Norgesverd - Guitar
Eihwaz - Acoustic Guitar
Yord - Acoustic Guitar
Morgoth - Bass
Fafnir - Drums

Former/past members:
Naudhiz - Bass, Lead Guitar (-2003)
Frank - Drums (-2002)
Fenrag - Guitar (-2004)
Sar - Bass (-2006)

Mit Raben und Wölfen

zwischen den welten


Held Under

Held Under are a hardcore band from Ventura County California who used to go by the name Suckerpunch. They play some good catchy hardcore that im sure one can get into fairly quick.

HU is:
Kyle G- vocals
Connor- guitar
Kyle L- guitar
Nick- bass

2010 Demo.

Anti Aquarian

Anti Aquarian is a noise side project by Wes Eisold. His debut tape Chrome Jesus is electronic filled stuff that fans of the beginning stages of Cold Cave (Coma Potion, Electronic Dreams, etc) & Ye Olde Maids will dig. The tape was put out on Hospital and only limited to 200 copies, which has already been sold out, I picked up my copy from discogs so if your looking for one you might try there before you see it on ebay for $60.

Chrome Jesus


Agitator are a straightedge hardcore band from Pennsylvania. They have released a 5 song demo and have a new 7” out on Harvcore records entitled Enter Vice Lords. Shits awesome download it/buy it now.

Agitator is:

enter the vice lords + demo

To An End

To An End is a hardcore band from Canada, that formed in September of 09 by members Keenan & Jon after a few hours talking about what they felt was missing in their local scene. They wanted to offer something back to hardcore & their local scene, so they quickly got in touch with some mutual friends in their brother band Crossings and started rehearsing. with no true boundaries other than to be something different they came up with a handful of songs and played their first show by the end of October. Since then they have recorded this Demo EP and played a number of shows including opening for Trapped Under Ice and Lionheart. Currently they are gearing up to record a 7 inch and to re-record the demo for a formal EP release. I told the guys I was going to post this for them like a few months ago but of course my ass lost the recordings, so finally I got them back to post this now. Sadly i had to upload this with rapidshare due to whatever reasons megaupload & mediafire haven't been working for me.

t.a.n. is:
John E - Vocals
Keenan H - Vocals
Rob F - Guitar
Caden B - Guitar
Rob L - Bass
Nic B - Drums

demo ep.


Arguably the most notorious, violent, and hilarious hardcore band to ever come out of Richmond, VA, Barfight boasted over 17 members in their brief existence. Almost all of them sang. They only released one Demo which was later released as a 7" on Malfunction Records & as a limited (only 105 copies) 12" on six feet under records. I know this download is all over the blog hardcore world but i love this band so yeah.

barfight was:
Linas, Colin, Tru, Mazolla, Skinny Benny, J Orr, Dobber,
Jesse Hate, Dave Brown, Dave Byrd, Rick, Eddie, Stanky,
Thomas04, Black Anthony, Standhard, Mike McCann, and others...


Teenage Panzerkorps

Teenage Panzerkorps - games for slaves LP & knut hamsun EP
Teenage Panzerkorps also known as Der TPK is a lo-fi post-punk noise band from San Francisco, Berlin, & Aachen Germany formed in 2001. They gather semi-annually to record their music of blown-out guitars and bass, fuzz organ & vocalist Bunker Wolf's ranting in German. They also all go by fake names. Members other bands are Social Unrest, Grim Reality, Ribzy, The Nazi Dogs, Thuja, Franciscan Hobbies, TOMES, The Knit Separates, Horrid Red, Mirza, Blithe Sons, Skygreen Leopards, Dead Raven Choir, & Jewelled Antler.. for fans of Blank Dogs & other lo-fi bands.

Der TPK is:
Bunker Wolf - vocals
Boy True - bass
Edmund Xavier - guitar & electronic devices
Catholic pat - drums

Games For Slaves LP


Knut Hamsun 7"



Some Mistakes

Some Mistakes are a melodic hardcore band from Atlanta Georgia formed in 2010. Normally i like to write up my own description of every band or at least put something they have in my own words but I'm letting member Will's description he sent me of his band to be the bio.

"We are a melodic hardcore band from the Atlanta, GA area(we all live in different parts) and we are a band made up of bestfriends who have known each other since middle school and highschool. Our music is an outlet for us and we write the most passionate music that we can. We are influenced by all of our favorite bands like American Nightmare, Modern Life Is War, Suicide File(hence the name), Unbroken, Life Long Tragedy, You And I, Funeral Diner, Portrait, The Smiths, Shai Hulud, Strongarm, Neurosis, Isis all kinds of stuff. We might not sound like all those bands but we try to throw in all of our influences as much as possible, our lyrics are about things that have happened to me and things that I hope other people relate to. Aspirations is about my family's problems that have been around before I was even born and it's dedicated to my deceased older brother who committed suicide when I was eleven. Our lyrics range from relationships, family, life, love, death, politics and everything that affects us, we write music so that we can inspire people like bands like AN and so many great bands did for us." - Will

SM is:
Will, Nick, Timmy, Tom, & Patrick



Deathbeds are a doom/sludge/hardcore hybrid band from Philadelphia, PA formed in 2007. In 2008 they released a self titled EP digitally on a "pay what you want" basis Through Communitas Media. In 2009 the follow up "No Funeral" was released also as a digi download and as a 7" from Young Lungs Ltd. The Record is limited to 300 copies on green vinyl, with hand stamped center labels, and comes with a free digital download. Their music can be described as combining sludge-fueled metal and riff-oriented hardcore. Make sure to check these dudes out this is some awesome stuff.

deathbeds are:
steve - guitars
chris - bass
mike - vocals
dave - drums

no funeral
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