Blessings is a swedish power trio based in Gothenburg, formed in 2011. The music ranges from short bursts of punk/crust to midtempo noise-rock dirges to long droney, repetitive pieces influenced by Breach, Black Flag, Swans, Unsane, & Darkthrone. In 2012 a 7-track cassette entitled Bittervatten was released via their our own label Dålig Stämning. For a short December tour with This Gift Is A Curse a limited t-shirt that came with the exclusive track Black Vestals was released. Both the tape and t-shirt/track are now sold out. A 7" of shorter material is in the works, as well as a longer 30+ min track which will be a separate release sometime in the fall of 2013. The download is up for free/name your price on their bandcamp. featuring members of Anchor, Painted Wolves, Scraps Of Tape, Tsukimono and Fä among others.

Bittervatten +Black Vestals


Harmony Set

Harmony Set was an extremely short lived Screamo band from Boston, Massachesetts, formed in the winter of 2001 that featured Gibby Miller of Panic, The Trouble & MakeOutClub fame. The band recorded four songs of which three went on to a Demo cassette limited to only 17 copies that were given to friends after their first and only show at "Fuck Fest" in New Bedford. The guys showed up wasted, & smashed the ceiliing during the set. They broke up soon after this only show. They were suppost to play a second show at Boston's College of Art  but instead members Gibby & Desmond along with Azy & Jason reformed as Panic instead and were later signed to Bridge 9 and Harmony Set fell into obscurity. Big thanks to Nick Bishop from the blog For All Masters for sending me the last song to the 3 song demo that I was missing. I wish the long lost 4th unreleased song would be found but I doubt that will happen. I really enjoy this stuff and wish they kind of did more...

"They made their dramatic entrance to the community center around 6pm approximately, minutes before their scheduled time-slot. A few of them were wearing fur coats, everyone had on some degree of mascara, eye shadow, lipstick. The kids were a little taken back. No one really knew what to expect at the time. People knew the face and the sleeves and the backstory, but the last thing they heard, musically, was thoroughly streetpunk. The default opening of extended feedback was noteworthy because during this intro the members of the band kissed each other on the lips before launching into their first song. If memory serves me correct (and I can't say this with 100% certainty after nearly 12 years) that first song was "Porcelain." Hear attached. One thing I remember vividly, was the overall "WTF" look on the faces of the kids in the crowd at the time. Besides the 10 or so devotees in the very front, the audience was genuinely perplexed. "The kids like us will be alooooonnneee foreverrrr (together)" in Edgar Allen Poe vocals, turned off more than a couple hardcore for hardcore's sake heads instantly. During the frantic 4th-generation Antioch Arrow derivative riffage that followed that emotional breakdown, Gibby hoisted the mic-stand up in the air and through the ceiling of our community's only all-ages venue. As if things couldn't get any more controversial. The song finished as it rained down debris of chalky particle board. This lovely girl, Katie, who was working the door and doing most of the leg-work to keep the show organized and running smoothly was driven to tears for the 2nd time in as many days. There was a brief pause in the proceedings as the owners of the place were made abreast of the development and for a moment we were certain the show was over "foreverrrrrr!" Of course, the space was packed to capacity like it had never been before in the 3 year history of having shows there. And since money talks, the show went on." - nick

HS was:
Desmond - Bass
Jessee - Drums
Gibby - lead Vocals/Melodica
James - Guitar/Vocals

3 Song Demo


Tradition formally known as "The Tradition"  was a hardcore band with some pop punk sensibility from Norwood, OH. that supported a positive drug free lifestyle. They had one LP released on keep it core records called “No Home". I really dug this band when I saw them live out here during a spring break themed show at the old venue Nicely's they were still using The in their name and were a lot of fun to watch. After they played I bought one of the two demos they had (the 2005 demo) and I'm still pissed at myself for not buying the second one to this day. Lead singer Jeremy went on to do vocals for the band Away Team, and I'm not sure what the other members were or are doing.



No Home + Demo '05


Hure is a noise band formed in early 2011 from Berlin, Germany. They  mostly play in small underground venues in Berlin. The band dresses up in duct tape and wear gimp masks when playing live, which also includes them playing so loud that sometimes people leave immediately when they start playing and they like it that way.  slow, heavy, repetitive noise from a drum machine, guitar, bass effects and vocals too. This is their self titled EP which came out on cassette from TrimTabTapes.

hure is:
igor - guitar, mouth
flo - bass effects

s/t EP

trimtabtapes label


Misfortune are a heavy Hardcore band formed in 2013 featuring my buddy keith of Alert/Use Your Head/Soul Train/Violence To Fade fame. it rules, so mosh & be angry my friends.

misfortune is:
Justin - Vocals
Kane - Guitar
Keith - Bass
Will - Drums

Pain Demo

Quiet Arcs

Quiet Arcs are a Hardcore Punk band from Philadelphia, PA in the United States. They just released their newest self-released seven-inch a few months ago.  This is my second post on these dudes. They self fund and self release all of their music through our band camp page so help them out check out the songs and if you dig pick up the 7" For Fans Of:  Ink & Dagger, Handsome, Unbroken, The Melvins and Nirvana.

Quiet Arcs is:
Larry Wiechecki - vocals
Donny Mutt - bass
Jude Miller - guitar
Kenny Madden - drums
Spencer Dorsey - guitar

I've Been Feeling Kind Of Temporary
bandcamp (stream)

buy stuff

Palm Desert

Palm Desert are a stoner rock band from Poland. Their new album comes out 04/01/2013
on BSFD Records. feel the chill vibes

PD is:
Kamil Ziółkowski - drums
Jan Rutka - bass
Piotr Łacny - guitar
Wojciech Gałuszka - vocals

Rotten Village Sessions