Beneath These Words

Beneath These Words were a Post-Hardcore band from Orlando formed in 2004. These guys used to play Daytona all the time & were some of the nicest dudes I have ever met. Not much else to say they always put on really good live shows, I loved talking with them, & they would play with any bands that would want to play with them. The EP has long been out of print and I got the demo from their 1st Daytona show. Some bands the members went on to be in: fire at will, the almost, & hand to hand.

BTW was:
Alex Aponte - bass
Clif Wink -guitar/vocals
Jon Curry - vocals
Lee Russi - drums
Reinaldo Baquero -guitar/vocals
Danny Strong - drums(after ep & demo)

A 7th Story View EP + Demo



Khann is a heavy sludge vegan metal band from Orlando formed in 2006 (I think?) I could be totally wrong though. This demo was made during the earlier days of Khann for a tour with Republicorpse & given to me by ex-member Pat at one of the tour dates in Daytona. It was made way before the singer of Bodies in the Gears of the Apparatus (Josh) joined & left. After both Pat and Josh left they would form the hardcore band Axis.

Khann during this time was:
Pat Chumley - bass
Andrew LaCour - vocals/guitar
Josh Dulcie - drums

Republickhann Tour Demo


The Pillar Assault

The Pillar Assault was a short lived hardcore band from Daytona that formed around 2005 or 2006 I can't recall. They recorded one demo and only played a small amount of shows. The lyrics mostly dealt with video games mainly kingdom hearts & final fantasy. After breaking up some members went on to be in an even shorter lived project called The Feast & then the longer lasting band Flowers For Algernon. I have also included the 2 song demo of the Feast in this download.

TPA was:
Doug Zimmerman - vocals
Andrew Albatrosov - guitar
Shawn Spiker - drums
Chris Holt - bass
David Loyd - bass (during demo)

your heart is the mightiest weapon of all.

my copy of the demo.


Deers! from Sacramento California were formed in 2008 I believe. They are a chaotic/melodic screamo band that are known for their high pitched screams. All 3 members share vocal duties (I think the drummer sits out on this live though). Everything they have released so far is of very limited numbers. That's about all I know of the band, It's definitely for fans of that 90's style of emotional screamo.

Deers! are:
chris - drums/vocals
jeff - guitar/vocals
ryan - bass/vocals

split w/matsuri

summer 09

twothousandeight demo

Hammertime & Duckhunt



Duckhunt & Hammertime, both have had a place in my heart for along while. Both were joke bands from California formed in 2004. Duckhunt was a pissed off straight edge band with many duck references & Hammertime was a pissed off skate-core band. There's not a whole lot to say about both bands other than they were mostly just made for the members to just have fun. They only existed a very short time both only having a demo each that ended up with them both being on a split 7" put out in 2006 by Spiderghost press. fun fact: In 2009 on black Friday Hammertime had a reunion show with trapped under ice. The members of these two bands went on to form Ceremony, Life Long Tragedy, Allegiance, Dispute, For The Crown, Sabertooth Zombie, Steel Trap, These Days, and Jealous Again.


hammertime demo 2004

duckhunt demo 2004

DH lyrics

Over Population

*note: this post is more for personal friends, feel free to skip past this as its not very good.

Over Population was a 4 piece experimental-noise-dancecore synth band from Daytona that formed around 2007 that I was a member of. Our name is said as two words not one like it should be, because we liked it being two words haha. during the time the band was formed we all had solo projects and thought it would be cool to get together and make a "super group" of sorts and make weird noise music. We would play in chemical/paint jumpsuits and wear kabuki type masks when we played live (we only played once without outfits). I had a lot of fun doing Over Population, the shows were awesome & all our friends were real supportive of this nonsense for the short time we existed. During our time we put out a self titled demo that was released twice (once in a zip lock bag with toys & a condom, and then again in dvd cases) & a 3 song EP that didn't really get released until we broke up. Every time I talk to robert I try talking him into doing a reunion show, maybe one day he will finally crack. *long time friend/music collaborator kyle valery also did a guitar riff on one of our songs.

OP was:
robert diefendorf - synth/b.vocals
matt randall - vocals
john daly - synth/b.vocals
vince polizzi - laptop/b.synth.


Shark Punch

Shark Punch is a one-man joke hardcore band from California formed in 2005 (or 04?) who writes mocking songs about the "tough guy" straightedge kids, all current hardcore bands sounding the same, being dinosaur brocore, breakdowns, 'two stepping', songs being too repetitive, eating burritos & hardcore dancing. In 2010 Shark Punch got back "together" To make a new parody song making fun of Lady GaGa & released a single called Nothing To Do. I believe Nothing To Do was actually a more unknown older song as that I have seen it listed on downloads of the EP as We've Got Nothing To Do & Jason yells 2004, unless the one on itunes is a revamped version I don't know.

Shark Punch was:
Jason Guthrie - vocals
Jason Guthrie - guitar
Jason Guthrie - drums
Jason Guthrie - bass
Dan - guitar(Jason as an alter-ego)

"I better see some 2-Steppin on this one!"

In the key of Disaster EP
(also known as In the key of Doom EP)

Nothing To Do/Brocore Face Single




Skyscraper - demo 09. Skyscraper is a up and coming Hardcore band from Missouri that formed in late 2009. Depression fuels this band. Be sure to keep an eye out for these guys they have a lot going on. which includes doing lots of touring, being featured on The Enough is Enough Compilation, putting out a limited edition version of the demo on Cassette and are working on a 7" to come out sometime down the line this year. I did some artwork for these guys that might see the light of day at some point on something.

skyscraper is:
Drew - Vocals
Sean - Guitar
James - Drums
Keith - Bass


The Pumpkin Patch:

love you james

Ink & Dagger

One of my all time favorite bands in the world, the almighty INK & DAGGER. I&D was a Vampire-themed punk hardcore band from Philadelphia that formed in 1996. The band was started by the only two permanent members throughout the band's ever changing line up, guitarist Don Devore and vocalist Sean Patrick McCabe after the break ups of their former bands Frail & Mandela Strike Force. Ink & Dagger was very influenced by vampires & they frequently incorporated references to them in their music. During 1996 to 1997 (Love Is Dead EP, & Drive this Seven-inch stake era) they would often paint their faces, play with fake blood, throw up on Christmas trees & have strobe lights on stage. In 1998 when The fine Art of Original Sin came out they stopped wearing the face paint and the music started to lean away from the punk hardcore roots and more towards experimental music, but of course they were still as crazy as ever. In 1999 after extensive touring & recording what was to be the band's final album Ink & Dagger (self titled) , Ink & Dagger formally announced that they were disbanding. In 2000 singer Sean McCabe (at age 27) was found dead in a motel room in Indiana after he had ingested to much alcohol. he had passed out due to the drinking, and choked on his own vomit. Some members were previously in or went on to be in Crud is a Cult, The Mandela Strike Force, Frail, Amazing Baby, Souls She Said, Lenola, Like A Fox, Elements of Need, Sola, The Icarus Line, Historics, Lilys, Mazarin, Ghost Note, Rain on The Parade, The Telephone Man, SnakeEater, Armbar, Guilt, Life Time, Kid Dynamite, I Am Heaven, 12 Tone System, ISO, The Series, The Interpreters, & Soundtrak. I've read in an old livewire records message board post that theirs also some unreleased stuff that includes some instrumentals and alternate takes but I've never been able to find them.

I&D was at different times:
Sean McCabe - vocals/programing
Don Devore - guitar/programing
Ashli State - bass
Terrance Yerves - drums
Eric Wareheim - bass
Jorge Gonzalez - guitar
David Wagenschutz - drums
Joshua Brown - bass/b.vocals
Ryan McLaughlin - drums
Jennifer Park - additional vocals
Chris Tropea - lights/roadie
Graham Williams?

*Note: yes Eric Wareheim, the co-creator and star of shows Tom Goes to the Mayor & Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! was a member of I&D during the Love Is Dead Days.

Drive This Seven-Inch Wooden Stake
(this includes the love is dead ep)

the fine art of original sin

self titled

Le Shok Split

Sensations EP

The Icarus Line Split

experiments in nocturnal sound and energy

*live recordings:
For all the fucked up children (original sin era)

At the first Unitarian church (seven-inch stake era)

my Fan Myspace

R.I.P. Sean 1972-2000
Devil Children Unite, Vampires On The Loose Tonight.

Make A Change... Kill Yourself

Make a Change… Kill Yourself is a fantastic one-man suicidal black metal band with Ambient elements formed in Denmark in 2004. It is a one-man band featuring Ynleborgaz who also plays in Angantyr, Holmgang, Tågefolket, Zahrim, Vardlokkur and Illuminous. This is for people who hate life or dig depressing stuff. get this!

make a change is:
Ynleborgaz (Jakob Zagrobelny) - everything

with help from:
Nattetale - lyrics
Demonica: female voice

Make a Change…Kill Yourself

Make a Change...Kill Yourself II

Eat A Bag Of Dicks


Eat A Bag Of Dicks - Discography. This includes their Kissing Croations EP & Tour EP. Eat A Bag Of Dicks were a punk grind band from New Orleans that lasted from 2001-2002. Their live shows consisted of anywhere from 8 to 20 members or so at a time, wild antics, "theme" shows that normally ended up with them and fans in weird costumes, self inflicted bodily harm, some male nudity & lots of broken mics. They never practiced, played a load of shows, shared and broke equipment & confused almost everyone they played in front of. Some of the themes for the shows consisted of catholic school girls, ghostbusters, smurfs, hair metal, the goonies, cowboys & indians, superheros & other random things. Eat a Bag of Dicks Featured members of Dear Diary I Seem To Be Dead, Path of Daggers Crown of Swords, Thou, & Chopsley.

Eat was a times:
Drew, Mike, Justin, Bryan, Eric, Chuck, Digby, Joey, Bashful Mike, Kara, Count Jeremy, Lando, Kevin, Fruity, Steve, Original Darin, Thom, Eustis, Big Darin, Eddie, xLittle Jamesx, Pat, Loyal, Kirk, Kate, Broadway Joe, Adam, Meshman, Billy, Jim, Karla, Jambo & Rob (roadie). *other help includes: Mary, Cherie, Katie,& Kerri (costumes), Mollie, Chris, Melanie, Allie, Rhea, Carl, Brittany, Jeffers, & Dan Fox.



xONE FIFTHx was an awesome Melodic Hardcore band from Tallahassee that formed around 2001, they were also known as just one-fifth before the split with Evergreen Terrace came out. They were around for a couple of years & played alot with A New Kind Of American Saint. Sometime during the life of the band member brandon went to jail and their friend sean had to fill in for awhile. Some of the highest points for them would be when they played the Pigs Is Pigs tour (with Evergreen Terrace & Strateia), & when they played Hellfest 2002. After breaking up Lars & Brandon formed Kids Like Us, & Scott went on with members of Strateia to form Slowdance. Forever one of my favorite bands, someone sell me a shirt.

xone fifthx was:
Lars Lundquist - Vocals
Scott Baker - Guitar
Danny Copa - Guitar
Brandon Hurst - Bass
Adam Reid - Drums
Sean - Bass (fill in for Brandon)

self titled EP

split with Evergreen Terrace

Iron Giant Demo

Myspace(fan site i made)

Burn Unit

Burn Unit was a short lived Aggressive Hardcore band from Orlando that only played roughly around 8-10 shows before the vocalist jack moved to philly. I got the chance to see Burn Unit live in Daytona before the break up & i loved them. I would have really liked to have seen more releases by them.

B.U. was:
Andrew - Guitar
Jack - Vocals
Josh - Drums
Pick - Bass

09 demo



Abomination is a heavy as fuck hardcore band from Boston that
is for fans of satan & that's all that really needs to be said.

Abomination is:
jesse, b-mac, mike, & zach

Dark Corner Of The Mind

Swine Fool Demo


Angels & Demons

One of my all time favorite local bands. A&D was a short lived chaotic melodic metalcore band from Edgewater/Daytona that lasted from 2004-2005. Despite only being active for roughly a years length of time they gathered a strong following around here & played a decent amount of shows (a lot of which was with follow Daytona bands Excarnation & Amongst The Fallen). Sometime before breaking up brett & jon left the band due to conflicts with the other members, after they departed A&D attempted to continue on as a 3 piece but it just wasn't meant to be. Members of Loving Lady Death, Of A Divergent Blood, Catalepsy, Hearts Evolved & Khann.

A&D was:
brett bortle - vocals
ben Sutton- bass
matt Sutton - guitar
jon ponder - guitar
cory chivers - drums

Also included in this download is the only Hearts Evolved song. H.E. was a Melodic Post-Hardcore band formed side by side with Angels & Demons that included both brett & jon. They were working on an EP but only ended up recording this one song and never played any shows. Mike & Micah went on to be in the band Allys.

H.E. was:
micah zenda - vocals/guitar
brett bortle - bass/b.vocals
jon ponder - guitar
mike bortle - drums

Apocalypse of Nova (+HE)

A&D Purevolume
H.E. Myspace


Scourge was a Black Metal influenced Hardcore band from California. As I'm sure most know there are a ton of bands under the name Scourge, but this is my favorite of them (2nd would be that new up & coming hardcore band from NY). These guys only lasted for a brief amount of time and only recorded this one demo (only limited to 50 copies) which is a shame. feat. members of Gather, & What We have

scourge was:
andy - guitar
dustin - drums
frank - vocals
harjit - bass

5 Song Demo

Virginia Is For Lovers

Virginia Is For Lovers was an emotional screamo band from daytona that formed in October of 2002. They played their 1st show Jan of 2003 and broke up in June of the same year. They didn't play a huge amount of shows, & this is the only release by them. They got back together for one night in August (also 2003) for a surprise set at a Tribute show for their friend Sean Ladwig (of the band Runner Up) that passed away. Some members were also in Years From Now, Runner Up, A Game Of You & Some Others.

VIFL was:
Chad - vocals
Tom - guitar/b.vocals
Danny - drums
Shane - bass
Mikey - bass(before demo)

XOXO demo


Battle! was a Hardcore band from Gainesville. Here are some lost treasures from before they got signed and all that, which might be new to some of you Battle! fans out there.

1st: You're All Dead To Me (2005 Demo EP).
This is the very 1st recording by Battle! which I'm sure most have forgotten all about. None of these songs minus "You're all Dead To Me" as far as I know (haven't been real up to date as of late) have ever been re-recorded and most likely never will due to them never really being happy with the songs.

B! was:
Riley - guitar
James - vocals
Jim - drums
Kevin - bass

2nd: 2006 Demo.
This will always be my favorite thing Battle! has recorded, Because this demo was during what I think was the best line up (mostly due because I was friends with all of them at this time and that made the shows so much better seeing friends play awesome music) & because this also has my favorite song "burial" that they never re-recorded (like most of the old stuff) and never play live anymore. fun facts: sometime down the line Bill left and formed the band Finisher (he also played drums for 1 live show in one of my old bands Riley Mason) & Kevin moved to Japan.

B! was:
Bill - bass
Kevin - guitar
Riley - guitar
James - vocals
Jim - drums

3rd: Rough Demo (Chris Version).
I can't recall the real name of what this demo became because the real version was only available for a short time, but this is a rough version of that demo. the real version is what got them signed I beleive. These recordings have an old friend of mine Chris Williams Doing back-up vocals on all 3 songs, these versions were later scraped. Chris was cool enough to make me a copy of this lost version so thanks a lot Chris!. fun fact: Chris later Became the bass player for a short while.

B! was:
James - vocals
Riley - guitar
Jim - drums
Chris - back up vocals.

the old line up.

you're all dead to me

06 demo


The Autumn Offering

These are the original Autumn Offering recordings that have disappeared from the minds of most, I got these from when I was in High school with some of them and would go out to their local shows before they got signed. I really can't get into anything past these recordings (minus Revelations) because It's just not the same to me, not that any of the later stuff is bad check it all out.

Up In Arms - 4 Song Demo. They released only this one demo and after some touring they became The Autumn Offering. I would like to thank my buddy Gino Marasco for letting me make a copy of this demo which until now was lost and he is about the only person left that had it. Please pardon the quality this is very old and came from a cassette tape that is not of the best quality, there is some hissing, skips and such. *The release of this originates on this blog I've seen it pop up other places*

UIA was:
Sean Robbins - bass
Mike Bortle - drums
George Moore - guitar
Mike Foreman - vocals
Tony Cesaro - guitar


The Autumn Offering - 2001 demo. This is the very 1st recording under the name The Autumn Offering, this features the original line up of which none were in the band at the end of its life (some don't even get credit on the Autumn Offering Wikipedia page). This is personally my favorite thing they have ever recorded it's far more raw and leaning more towards the metalcore sound than later heavy metal stuff.

TAO was:
Sean Robbins - bass
Dennis Miller - vocals
George Moore - guitar
Tony Cesaro - guitars
Mike Bortle - drums


The Autumn Offering - 2003 demo. Sound wise this demo comes off a lot more along the lines of what their 1st LP sounds like than the first demo. This Demo is also the debut of member Matt Johnson who became the longest lasting member.

Sean Robbins - bass
Dennis Miller - vocals
George Moore - guitar
Matt Johnson - guitar
Nick Gelyon - drums