Radon Moon

Radon Moon is a Psychedelic Synth driven Indie rock band from the Daytona formed in 2004(?). Radon Moon was formed by members Matthew Wall, Daniel Wall & Johnny Stuliff after the collapse of their former band Wrestling Shadows. After some time they added two more members, Joshua Hartz who came up with the name Radon Moon: The name was conceived after a possible UFO sighting he and Matthew had & Later on came the addition of Shea Crawford. Radon Moon were known for always playing with any kind of band be it indie or hardcore. I've always had a lot of fun at their shows because they are really great guys and make good music. They used to always play an in-prov "hardcore" song for me and some of the other kids at the end of their set to have fun to, also sometimes they'd let me do vocals at the end of the song "for ten minutes" which is my favorite song by them. They haven't been playing out as much as they used to but I still try to catch them anytime I can. Also for a short time the band was a six piece but I don't recall the guys name, he was only in the band for like 2 shows.

RM is:
Matthew Wall - Lead Vocals/Guitars
Daniel Wall - Keyboards/Programming/Vocals
Shea Crawford - Guitars
Joshua Hartz - Bass Guitar
Johnny Sutliff - Drums/Percussion

She Was The Sun LP

I Have An Italian Past Demo & Black Magic Rainfall single


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