Jukai are a 90's Metalcore influenced Hardcore band from Long Island, New York.  These guys have released this self titled demo on October 11th & it's filled with really soild and heavy jams to turn your bedroom into a 90's mosh pit. FFO Disembodied, Ringworm, All Out War

Matt Reed - Vocals
Kyle Beshaw - Guitar
Kyle Fee - Guitar
Zach Barnett - Bass
Steven Ramirez - Drums

S/T Demo

Мёртвая Хватка

Мертвая хватка are a Hardcore Punk band from Barnaul/Altai Krai Russia, I don't really know anything about the band but they play some really good Trash hardcore jams, & their band's name means "stranglehold" in Russian.

MX is:
Uyt Ruin
Maxim Miroshnikov
Denis Fedin
Ilya Popov



Mutant is a Hardcore band from Daytona Beach/Orlando Florida formed in 2012. originally called Skull Extractor and then quickly changed to Found Dead Hanging before finding out the name was already claimed by a past band, they settled on the name Mutant. They just released this demo (limited to 30 copies) on October 17th which was recorded in an abandoned Church; It's 6 songs of rough and raw hardcore with hints of Crust and powerviolence. They are currently planing on putting out an EP on Swamp Cabbage Records. Ex and Current Members Of: The Caffiends, Attention Seeker, Wartortle & SYM.

mutant is:
Brett R. - Vocals
Grady C. - Guitar
Connor D. - Bass
Andrew B. - Drums

Demo 2012

Hard To Breathe

Hard To Breathe are an Emotional Hardcore from Warsaw, Poland formed in 2007.
Currently HTB is the longest playing band In the Warsaw hardcore punk scene. Their music is a combination of melodic riffs with a little more aggressive sound. Music on "Grey sky above our eyes" 7" Ep can remind you of bands like Children of Fall, Modern Life Is War, Endstand, or early Verse and Afraid of That Dat as well.

HTB is:


Grey Sky Above Our Eyes

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In Tongues

In Tongues are a Hardcore band  from Glasgow, Scotland. These dudes play agressive and mosh heavy hardcore jams that gather inspiration from late 90's Metalcore, H8000, Integrity, & Slayer.

GHC 2012


from Minnesconsin Records:
Wisconsin’s premiere psychedelic hardcore outfit Poney is proud to announce the release of their first vinyl offering. Poney has been pounding the heavy underground since 2005 with their kinetic soup of stoner, punk, hardcore, and psychedelia; and in the two years since their expansive full length, "Seamyth," they haven't stopped working. The new single, "Octavius / Melt Trip," released in August and available only on cassette tape until now, is dropping on marbled red vinyl this October from the Minneapolis label, Minnesconsin Records. Packaged with hand screened sleeves in red and black, the single represents Poney's first 7" offering. While the sound of the band has changed, taking on spacey melodies along the lines of Cave-In and Failure paired with the band's familiar blown out battle shouts, the push remains the same: driving heaviness, with enough creativity to keep the most jaded music fan involved. The songs are built to provoke a head bobbing basement crowd into a fist pumping hurricane. "Octavius / Melt Trip" is a taste of the differences the band is bringing to the table on their upcoming LP 12", "Rorschach," which is already in the mixing process and is set for pressing in Winter 2012/2013. Poney is touting two new cassettes out this year, with a summer East Coast tour already behind them and two vinyl releases plus a Southwest tour on the way in the first quarter of 2013.

poney is:
Ben Brooks - Drums / Vocals
Brad Beilke - Guitar / Vocals
Pat Kohlbeck - Auxiliary Percussion
Tyler Spatz - Bass / Vocals
Josh Stanchik - Guitar

Octavius-Melt Trip

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Agitator are a straightedge hardcore band from Pennsylvania. This Is a live cassette tape that was a joint release by Shoe City Records & Where It Ends Records, and was limited to only 50 copies that sold out pretty quick. This recording is so/so due to being live so bare with it; takes place right before the Walls Closing In 7" came out. These dudes are one of my favorite curent hardcore bands so get down with the hate and grab their new album Bleak once it hits.

Agitator is:

Live In Buffalo

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Stand Alone Complex

Stand Alone Complex Is a one man lo-fi, noise, folkpunk project from Portsmouth UK formed in 2010. SAC Influences are drawn from surreal Japanese films, computer games, drugs, astronomy and an irrational fear of drowning. This album "Broken sleep in a minor key (re-records and other conforming)" is a collection of re-recorded older SAC tracks with some re-mixed newer stuff to tide people over while a new EP is being recorded. Started as a side project whilst sole member Damon was playing in other bands but SAC ended up being a full time band within itself which although remaining a solo affair does frequently feature his friends and other local musicians. Download it free/name your price on bandcamp and check out all his other releases as well.

SAC is:
Damon Marcus - Everything

Broken sleep in a minor key
(re-records and other conforming)



YOUWRETCH are a Hardcore/doom punk band from Minneapolis, MN Formed in 2009. The band began playing shows in summer 2010, released their first self titled EP in 2011, and currently have released their LP "Sympathy Of Wolves" for free download/name your price on bandcamp so check it out. heavy and aggressive metallic hardcore.

Jordan - Vocals
AJ - Guitar, Vocals
Notsch - Guitar
Joe - Drums
Dan - Bass

Sympathy of Wolves

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Meantime was a Heavy Hardcore band from Daytona Beach, FL formed in 2006. The band formed during the active time of members Mike & Alexx's other band Years From Now and went on to be a very noteworthy Florida hardcore band with their dark, angry and heavy as nails sound. As a band they played Eulogy Fest 08, This Is Hardcore 08, had two US tours, and they released two demos(06 & 07), a self titled EP 7" on Double Or Nothing records, a split 7" with Atlanta's Foundation on Ghetto Josh Records, and had a track on the We Are The Underground zine compilation. features members of Axis, Nightlights, Nervous Breakdown, Know The Score, We're Not Dead, Years From Now, Jurassic Shark, & Catalepsy.

meantime was at times:
Alexx Klepper - vocals
Michael Hawkins - guitar/bass
Jesse Spiker - drums
Matthew Selover - guitar
Patrick Chumley - guitar
Chris Tharp - bass
Josh Norton - bass
Josh Call - bass
Eddie Shearrow - guest/fill in vocals


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Altered Beast

Altered Beast were a short lived powerviolence band from Chicago Illinois formed in 2007. They only recorded this single demo, played a few shows and then disbanded. short and sweet with members of Tower of Rome, Grimsrud and Sea Of Shit. for fans of Spazz, crossed out, charles bronson, infest and others.

AB was:
gutierrez - vocals
snader -  guitar/vocals
serrano -  bass
seger - drums

Demo 07