Eu, Sozinho

Eu, Sozinho or "I, Alone" in English are an indie screamo band from Uberlândia Brazil. These guys play melodic jams influenced by early screamo, & midwest emo and their demo is up for free download via bandcamp.

I, Alone is:
Herisson Borges - Vocal/Guitar
André Luis - Guitar
Leonardo Mendes - Bass

Demo 2014


Breaking Wheel

Breaking Wheel are a hardcore band from Fenton, Michigan. I don't know anything about these dudes but they released their ep "Power Struggle" for free download via bandcamp and it shreds with it's heavy no nonsense power. don't stuggle to get it and then download their other release "misanthropy". smash

Power Struggle

Deep Creeps

Deep Creeps are a Hardcore Punk band from Boise Idaho. I don't much about these garlic farmers but they play really rad weirdo punk music  & have released their full length 'Crown Gall' which is limied to 300 copies on sorry state records

DC is:
Luke Hayhurst - Guitar, Vocals.
Jeremy Martin - Bass.
Justin Moore - Drums, Vocals.

Crown Gall

buy it

Black Celebration

Black Celebration are a Hardcore band from Providence, RI. These dudes have put up their debut demo on their bandcamp for free download. 7 rough & tough as nails jams plus one Nirvana cover from Former members of Lowlife, Concrete Facelift, & Bones Brigade.

BC is:


Street Sects

Street Sects is a sample/noise/hardcore based duo from Austin, Texas. These guys play awesome  spaced out electronic punk noise with harsh vocals with heavy lo-fi(ish) distortion and drum programing. These guys have released part two of their five masterpiece "GENTRIFICATION: A SERIAL ALBUM". The band has the new volume up for free download via their bandcamp and the vinyl's are being pressed currently

broken windows,sunken ceilings

Clouds Taste Satanic

Clouds Taste Satanic are a Doom band Formed in 2013 in Brooklyn New York. Clouds Taste Satanic have carried with them the slowest, heaviest and evilest elements of their post-rock past to all out doom with their debut, To Sleep Beyond The Earth.  Influences?  From Dopesmoker era Sleep, a grinding tone, a grinding pace and one 45 minute song, divided only by the four parts listed in its’ title and the physical limits of a side of vinyl.  From ‘90’s era Earth, heavy distortion, the absence of vocals and a willingness to repeat a simple riff over and over to create a pummeling form of hypnosis.  The debut full-length was released on Vinyl & CD by Kinda Like Music.

CTS is:
Steve Scavuzzo - Guitar
Christy Davis - Drums
David Weintraub - Guitar
Sean Bay - Bass

To Sleep Beyond The Earth

Council of Rats

Council of Rats are a hardcore/punk band from Milan, Italy. The band is set to release their debut LP through Adagio830 called "Ill Weathers". You can also get the bands first EP for free via bandcamp as well. featuring members of La Crisi and Seesaw

Ill Weathers


Modern Love

Modern Love (formally known as Strike a Match) are an Anarcho-post punk band from Oslo, Norway. The band have released a new 7" called "Small Stone EP" which was released on Norwegian label Lilla Himmel records and is up for free download via their bandcamp. These guys also have a split with Bernays Propaganda which has two animal rights/liberation songs from both bands along with a 12 page booklet on Stonehenge records and is also up for download.

ML is:
Karl, Esben, Even & Erik Anarchy

Small Stone



Ernia is a hardcore/crust band fron Zarautz (Basque Country) formed in the summer of 2010. This is the bands first recording, seven songs of fast and raw hardcore crust with lyrics dealing about sexism, police brutality, & being against prisions, which is up for free download via their bandcamp.

Demo 2014



Norymberga are a Noise-Punk band from Wrocław, Poland. Their S/T album is up for free download via their bandcamp and was released on cassette tape by BDTA limited to a 100. chaotic noisy jams with rough as fuck vocals for fans of Drunkdriver and Bone Awl


buy it


Shroud Is a Grind band from Massachusetts. The band have released a Demo 'this is not for you' for free download via bandcamp.Unpleasant fucks Spreading filth and who listen to too much Enya, Dripping, and Disgorge. Be Ugly.

Shroud is:
Billy, Howie, Paul, and Chellow

This Is not for you