Struggle was an Political Hardcore band from San Diego formed in 1990. An angry & youthful band their aggressive sound was heavily influenced by the likes of Downcast and Rorschach. The Anthology Cd includes the s/t 7", the s/t 12", the split with undertow & a comp song. They broke up in 1993 and members went on to be in The Locust, Tarantula Hawk, Creepy Creeps, Swing Kids, Bread and Circuts, Yaphet Kotto, Baader Brains, All Leather, Crimson Curse, Holy Molar, Head Wound City, Ground Unicorn Horn, Unbroken, & Black heart Procession

struggle was:
Dylan Scharf - vocals
Jose Palafox - drums
Justin Pearson - bass
Eric Allen - guitar
Cliff Cunningham - guitar
Tobias Nathaniel - guitar

One Settler, One Bullet - An Anthology


Punishment Due

Punishment Due is a Hardcore band from Long Island New York. Check em out!

PD is:
Pete Judge
Christian Beale
Sean Corcoran
"Bad" Andy Laurino



happy holidays to all 5 of you guys that check my blog out from time to time!
I hope everyone has an awesome XXX-mas and a great new years. Hopefully some pretty good hardcore, black metal, crust, punk, goth, indie and whatever else comes out in 2011!
& as always sell me Ink & Dagger stuff.

Bernice Juach

Bernice Juach is a Christmas themed hardcore band from New Jersey. Bernice Juach is a side project of the band Settle For Less that was started to serve as a Christmas present for all their friends. For a "joke" band this is some pretty good short/fast stuff.

BJ is:
Alex - Guitar/Vocals/Production
Will - Drums/B.Vocals



Seeing Means More

Seeing Means More was a screamo band mixed with metalcore/hardcore influences San Francisco Bay Area formed in 2002. Formed by 5 high school kids, starting off as a more traditional screamo band in the vein of Indian Summer, JR Ewing, and Funeral Diner. They played multiple shows around the San Francisco Bay area with such bands as Takaru, Under a Dying Sun, atriata and heart cross love. The band then later lost their original bassist and keyboardist and broke up. Seeing Means More later reformed in the summer of 2003, adding new members. They began writing new material that explored the boundaries of traditional screamo fused with metal/hardcore. They played their last show on July 9 2006. some of the members later bands are Fight Fair and Stoppage Time!

-SMM was:
Evan H. - Guitar
Yuvi P. - Bass
Henry L. - Guitar
Mike B. - Drums
Alex B. Vocals
Eric - Bass
Kyle - Keyboards

Clouds Obscured To Hearts

Efra Split

Wax Phantom

WAX PHANTOM is a pop-punk rock band from Long Island, NY. This is their 1st release and they are soon to be releasing a split with criminal culture. Members of Iron Chic, Jonesin' and Small Arms Dealer.

WP is:
beaker, lubrano, mike,& gordon.

dont fool with a phantom EP

Red Roses For A Blue Lady

Red Roses For A Blue Lady was a "Chaotic" Emotional Metalcore band from Gainesville that formed in 1998 and broke up in 2001. During the bands time they made a demo called valentines & a self titled 7" before signing to Eulogy and releasing an LP called The Return to Melancholy. Really great Florida band, always been bummed that I've never been able to track down the valentines demo.

RRFABL was at times:
Kyle Borchgardt - lead vocals
Brian Sulak - lead guitar/vocals
Mark Mitchell - guitar
Chris Irving -bass
Joe Creasman - drums
Alex Vernon - drums
Bryan - bass
Josh Williams - drums
Dan Mazin - bass

The Return to Melancholy

s/t 7"



Asterisk* was hardcore/grind band from Umeå, Northern Sweden formed in 1999. The story is pretty much The members were tired with slow punk and metal bands and wanted to create something new in their area. These guys barely had any Live performances they were very rare and far between. Also the band never went on tour or played outside of the Northern region of Sweden. In 2002 the band slipped into hiatus and has never been herd from again. Features members of Demon System 13 and Female Anchor of Sade. Great band, buy their stuff from 31G.

A* was:
Jonas "Angel" - vocals
André "Beetle" - drums
Stefan "Rose" - guitar

Dogma Discography (includes Dogma I,II,III & comp tracks)

Dogma V (w/Masami Akita and Lasse Marhaug )


As everyone knows xfilesx was a Straight-Edge hardcore from New Bedford, MA. The band formed in 2000 as a "joke band" side project of The Awakened. The guys began playing fast hardcore songs with an aim to sound similar to Charles Bronson and MK Ultra. Soon they got their bassist and the line up was solidified for the bands entire existence. Until 2003 the band recorded, played extensively in the northeast and completed one full tour of the U.S. with fellow MA hardcore act Think I Care. Members other bands include: The Lovely Lads, Mind Eraser, Soul Swallower, Breathing Fire, Wolf Whistle, The Rival Mob and Sex Positions.

xfx was:
Edson DaSilva
Matt Vaughan
Brendan Radigan
Trevor Vaughan



Beaten Straight

NBC Mayhem

Self Defense split

Live in CT (12/12/02) & Live on WRIU


Guyver-One was a noisy screamo/hardcore "emo violence" band Formed in the mid 90’s in San Diego. Safe to say they are one of my favorite 90's hardcore bands. Guyver-One only had two releases and also appeared on a comp called "I Can't Live Without It". Their first release a self titled EP was and is some fantastic stuff. It's chaotic, fast, loud and just awesome. Their follow up the LP "obsessed with..." while being a really good album, just isn't at the same level as the EP. For fans of that Swing Kids, Antioch Arrow, Clikatat Ikatowi and Heroin style. Members other bands include: Transfer, The Crimson Curse, The Holy Kiss, The Album Leaf, Tristeza, Gemini Conspiracy, The Locust, Bastard Boy,& Cabrini

Guyver-One was at times:
Eddie Castro - Vocals
Michael Cooper - Drums
Matty Rue Morgue - Bass
Kory Ross - Guitar
James LaValle - Guitar
Steve Alexander - Guitar
Mike Posladek - Guitar

Self-titled EP

Obsessed With... LP