Weed Steeler

Weed Steeler (also known as one word: Weedsteeler) were a fastcore band from ohio. Short and fast songs filled with samples and high pitched shrieked vocals. I found out about these dudes when I was picking up some vinyl online and the name definitely stuck out. They put out a split 7" with Nautical Hyperblast on Give Praise Records. for fans of Hatemail Killerz and Charles Bronson.

weesteeler was:
Platinum Plus - vocals
Air Bud - guitar
Big Shows aka Car Shows - drums

The Mo' Fiyah EP aka The Baller Block'n EP

As We Draw, Euglena, Hexis Split

New release from the label Throatruiner Records, these guys submit some good stuff to me. This time we have a three way split between As We Draw, Euglena, and Hexis. Descriptions straight from Throatruiner:

AS WE DRAW: Nearly one year after their first album "Lines Breaking Circles" which propel them into the rank of the biggest european outsiders of their style, the young princes of french post-metal are back to punish everybody once again with these two tracks, more muscular and tighter than never before. Five-stars songwriting, outrageous emotional power and contagious anxiety, this is caviar filled with cyanide. For fans of : Breach, Ken Mode, Old Man Gloom

AWD is:
Amaury - Drums/Backing Vocals/Artworks
Pierre - Bass/Backing Vocals/Lyrics
Quentin - Guitar/Vocals/lyrics

EUGLENA: They are coming from the red nation but could have come from the pink city; the hardcore from russians Euglena is as dissonant as buzzing, not so far from the know-how of toulousians I Pilot Daemon & Plebeian Grandstand. These three tracks are a good session of revigorating apnea, slower and dirtier continuation of their previous EP "An Anxious Surface". For fans of : Buried Inside, Plebeian Grandstand, Botch

Euglena is:
Noek - vocals & lyrics
Sanya - guitar
Ilyas - bass
Iga - drums

HEXIS: A Danish butchery - hardcore, black metal, sludge and blast beats thrown in the most epic and brutal way. If their first eponymous EP has already teared a strip off some people, "Crux" and "Nex" are following the going-over by stepping up their urgency and helped by a nauseous as-fuck sound. For fans of : Celeste, Crowpath, Blut Aus Nord

Hexis is:
Filip - Vocals
Christian - Guitar
Tobias - Bass
Simon - Drums

3way split

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Animal Skins

Animal Skins are a Hardcore band from Boise, Idaho. They've released two EP so far as a band and I gotta say it's pretty good. Don't know much about these dudes, but I know I dig what I hear.

AS is:


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Weight Of The World

My second post on this band. Weight Of The World is a hardcore band from Port St. Lucie Florida. I've got to see these dudes play a few times and they are fantastic, lots of energy and just a great stage presence. They just released their new EP "no promised land" which is for free so check it out. ex-members of Barriers now Bridges, & Know the Score. Check out my other post on them for the demo.

WOTW is:
Dillon Dente - Vocals
Eric Verporter - Guitar
Carl Penney - Bass
Jared Thomas - Drums

No Promised Land



Ultra//Negative are a fast hardcore influenced power violence band from New Hampshire. After being a band for about 6 months they have released their first release intitled "Finally, I'm at peace". The band is influenced and styled by bands like Low Threat Profile, The Endless Blockade, and Extortion. Features members of Hellhound and Ramlor

u//n is:

Finally, I'm At Peace EP


To An End

This is my 2nd post for To An End. They are a hardcore band from Lethbridge Canada, that formed in September of 2009. Since the last post they have released this Second EP and have been doing short tours and playing shows with bands sush as withdrawal, xibalba, trapped under ice, and others.

TAE is:
Jon E - Vocals
Keenan H - Vocals
Rob F - Guitar
Caden B - Guitar
Rob L - Bass
Nic B - Drums

Victims EP