You And I

You and I were a Chaotic Screamo/Hardcore band from New Jersey formed in 1997. They had a heavy sound interlaced with noisy mosh parts, high pitched screams, clean vocals, singalongs, non-standard song structures & lots of melodic rhythm sections. These guys were really awesome, definitely for anyone into 90's screamo. In 1997 the band released their 1st 7" Hearts on Paper on Sage Records (which was later reissued by Trackstar Records. Also during the same year they released their 1st LP Saturday's Cab Ride Home on Spiritfall Records, which later saw the leaving of their drummer Charles who was soon replaced by Chris. The next year saw an EP called Within the Frame on Your Best Guest & Spiritfall. In 1999 they released their last release and LP entitled The Curtain Falls on Level Plane Records. You And I played their last show on May 8th 1999 with Saetia, Carlisle, Cable Car Theory and Stormshadow. In 2003 Alone Records put out a Discogprahy CD which contained everything recorded minus The Curtain Falls LP. Members were in or went on to be in the bands: Instil, Sky Falls Down, This Ship Will Sink, Neil Perry, The Assistant, Welcome The Plague Year, In First Person, Track Of Monarchs, We Are Empire & Hot Cross.

YOU AND I was:
Justin Hock - Vocals / Bass
Thomas Schlatter - Guitar / Vocals
Casey Bill Boland - Guitar / Vocals
Chris Boland - Drums / Vocals
Jon Marinari - Bass / Vocals
Charles Butera - Drums / Vocals (1st 7" & 1st LP)

The Curtain Falls LP


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