DanceFloor Tragedy

Dancefloor Tragedy was a Rock influenced Hardcore band from Daytona formed January 1st 2004 by members Mike Wesley, Joe Rigano, Rusty Randall & James Hartsell. In this time frame they recorded a music video For the song "Guillotines Third Symphony" that appears in special features of the movie Automation Transfusion (also one of the main charters wears a DFT shirt & they are referenced to at times). They were also on the movie's soundtrack. Roughly a year later Troy Branham Joined the group as well. In 2006 Troy and James left and in May Danny Sanzhez & Carl Mastropolo joined taking over on drums & guitar. Shortly after this line up Carl left to pursue other projects (he does a pretty cool solo acoustic thing) and Josh Clark joined in his place. As a band DFT played all the southeast states from Mississippi to Virginia on multiple tours with a girl a gun a ghost, sleeping alone, in the ruins, the waking life, imperial and ambush. They recorded a 4 Song Demo (which no one has), a Self Released EP, and had worked on a 2nd EP that never got finished. The two songs that did get recorded "tip your bartender" and a cover of "take me home tonight" were both put on two limited comp CD's I made and gave out at shows to kids that came with a zine I used to make. They started to fall apart at the end of 2007 on tour that including the departure of Josh & Danny. Danny would still help out and fill in on drums the last few times they played shows in early 2008. They never had a real last show but the final ones they did play included Melody's birthday show in Palm Coast, at Island Oasis in Orlando & a Melbourne show. Featured members of: Halos For Hookers, Boy Meets Heart, Jurassic Shark, Every Waking Moment, Nightlights, Knife Your Neighbor, One X One, Pope Mobile, Grandview, & Clockwork Affiliate. Included with this download is the EP, both comp tracks, the original version of Guillotines 3rd symphony, & 2 live songs that were never recorded.

DFT was at different times:
Mike "Mikey Guns" Wesley - vocals
Joe Rigano - guitar
Rusty Randall - bass
James Hartsell - drums
Troy Branham - guitar
Josh Clark - guitar
Carl Mastropolo - guitar
Danny Sanchez - drums

Dancefloor Tragedy were always a local favorite and always put on fun memorable shows. The two I recall the most are one in 2006 on my birthday at the metal lounge (which was also Troy's last show) everyone was cram packed into that place jumping off the walls, and The 2nd one would be the Coffee Connection show that I'm sure everyone that was there can recall fondly, where they didn't even get half way through the 2nd song before the venue was torn apart and coffee connection refused putting on hardcore shows for almost a year. I also enjoyed when the guys would let me do vocals for Guillotines 3rd Symphony live sometimes.

DFT Collection.


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